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NOTE: This column displays cars I have found on the Internet. I am not selling them. Please follow the links if you are interest in a car. Be mindful of the date this article was published. For an explanation why I do this read the original column here.

July 1, 2017
By Scott Lewis

I am hopefully less than a year away from buying a classic car. This month I wanted to take a look at cars that are NOT on my short list. The short list being 1st Gen Monte Carlo, Mustangs, Camaros & Corvettes.

One car in particular got this idea started. Below you will see a nice 67 Olds Toronado. When I saw this car I was blown away. If you want to be different at the next classic car show, or at Cars & Coffee... show up in this Toronado.

The first two cars below were mine... in the past. There is a 76 Grand Prix and a 73 Road Runner. I owed one of each of them back in my teenage days. So there is serious nostalgia factor going on there.

There rest just seem to fall in line with this list. BTW... all of these cars were still listed for sale the day I posted this, so feel free to follow the links. Just don't email about them. I am not selling them, I am interested in buying them.


1976 Pontiac Grand Prix - $15,000 (link)

1976 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ

Short Description: Black over Black, 400 #'s Match, Auto, Console, A/C, 54k miles.

Found: 6/21/2017

Source: Cars On-Line

Comments: WOW! I love this car. I really wish I had the money for it. This is almost exactly like the Grand Prix I drove from the age of 16-22. The two differences are that the car I drove (my mother's that she eventually signed over to me so I would lend my brother money to buy a car instead of buying myself a car) had the halve vinyl roof, and it had a gutless 350, 2 barrel engine. It was a dog. This car has the 400 engine, so it should be better. And you can always bolt on some extra horsepower.

I would take this to the auto restoration shop I know and ask if they think they could modify the bumpers so they resemble the thin bumpers form the 72 Grand Prix. Other than that this car is all about nostalgia.

1973 Plymouth Road Runner - $19,995 (link)

Short Description: Red over Black, 318 #'s Match, Auto, Bench, A/C, 32K miles.

Found: 6/12/2017

Source: Hemmings

Comments: WOW! Again! I bought a 73 Road Runner/GTX from the original owner back in 1984 (I think). It was a rust bucket. But it had a 440 and a great interior. A sleeper. I fondly remember that car. The story is too long to tell here, so read this if you want to know all about it.

This car only has a 318 or I likely sell my left leg to buy this car. I know what you are thinking.. a rip off of Starsky & Hutch. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but the red Torino debuted in 1975. This is a 1973 car. So Starsky used this car for inspiration.

Image result for 73 road runner exhaust tipsI want more power... and I would convert this to buckets and a console with the awesome Slap Stick Shifter. Oh yea... and find some restoration replacement exhaust tips. If you have never seen the exhaust tips these came with you are missing out. Otherwise I just want to cruise in this car forever.

1967 Toronado, Blue over Blue, 425 (Original?), Auto, A/C - $18,900 (link)

Short Description: Blue over Blue, 425 (Original?), Auto, A/C.

Found: 6/16/2017

Source: Hemmings

Comments: I have been thinking the last month or so... maybe I should not be a cliché and get a Mustang or Camaro. I should get something different. And then I saw this. Holy Cow!!! I love this car. I want to take it to classic car shows, and Oldsmobile car shows, and Cars & Coffee. And I want to cruise it on Hot Rod Power Tour!!!

Fun Fact: This car has 385 horsepower going to the front wheels. For decades the auto industry has been saying you can't put over 300 hp in a front wheel drive car. Well, check the history books because it was done 50 years ago.

I would do front wheel burnouts in this car and buy new tires every other month. Oh, and check out that vertical scrolling speedo!

1973 Mercury Cougar XR-7 Convertible - $21,900 (link)

Short Description: Black over Saddle, 351C, Auto, A/C.

Found: 6/12/2017

Source: Hemmings

Comments: I have a like/hate relationship with the 71-73 Mustang. They kind of look cool, equipped right. But they gained so much weight it makes their engines seem labored to move them (coincidentally the power was dropping off as they were gaining weight, not a good combination. The Cougar of the same years was even worse. They rarely look cool. This is the exception. But is is so over sided. And these are supposed to be cheap. They were cheap forever. What happened.

I really like how this car looks car, I just don't know why. But it fits in perfectly with this months outliers.

1971 Buick Gran Sport, Red with Black over Black - $19,900 (link)

Short Description: Red with Black over Black, 350, 4 speed, Bench, A/C, San Antonio.

Found: 4/12/2017

Source: Hemmings

Comments: This is not too much of an outlier. I like the GS as an alternative to a Chevelle. This gets special treatment for being a 4 speed and located in San Antonio. I should call.

1970 Chevy Monte Carlo - $21,500 (link)

1970 Chevy Monte Carlo 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo

Short Description: Green on Black, 400, Auto with Console, A/C (broken), 79K miles, Georgetown, TX.

Found: 5/25/2017

Source: Cars On Line

Comments: I know, the Monte Carlo is not an outlier, it is on my short list. But this one looks very clean and is located in Texas. Should be easy to go see on a Saturday.

1970 Chevrolet El Camino SS - $24,995

Short Description: Red over Black, 454 CID V8 TH400 3-Speed Automatic, A/C.

Found: 4/17/2017

Source: Gateway Classic Cars

Comments: This car came down $5,000 in the asking price since the time I found it on their site. Sweet... and that's why it's here. I am not looking for a El Camino, but how could I pass up a 454 Muscle Car with air conditioning.

1970 Chrysler 300 Convertible - $29,900 (link)

Short Description: White over Black, 440, Auto, A/C, Power Top, 42K miles.

Found: 6/12/2017

Source: Hemmings

Comments: I love these ginormous Fuselage cars, especially with the hide-a-way headlights... and a big honkin' 440 under the hood. Bad gas mileage, but big smiles. However, I would not pay this much for this car. But I had to list it because you don't see these often.