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NOTE: This column displays cars I have found on the Internet. I am not selling them. Please follow the links if you are interest in a car. Be mindful of the date this article was published. For an explanation why I do this read the original column here.

January 1, 2012
By Scott Lewis

I had a couple of cars lined up for this months column. But I was surfing around during some down time from Christmas shopping and came across the three cars below.

All three have something in common. You won't be able to tell by looking at them. If you have been a die hard reader of this web site you might be able to figure out the common thread here.

These three cars are all car I have owned... kind of. I owned a 73 Road Runner, check! I owned a 76 Grand Prix, check (sort of)! And I owned a 93 Camaro Z28, check-mate!

So this is a trip down memory lane, the ones that got away, the cars of my youth. Name your cliché... these cars represent that for me.

1993 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 - $8,995

Description: 5.7L V8, 4 speed automatic with overdrive, 92,320 Actual Miles, factory A/C, power steering, power brakes, power locks, power windows, power driver seat, tilt wheel, cruise control, rear window defroster, remote side mirrors, Bose A/FM with single CD, alarm. New paint – purchased new at Crest Chevrolet, San Bernardino, CA – Very Well Maintained!

Source: Play Toys

Found: 12/22/2011

Comments: My wife and I bought a 93 Camaro Z28 brand new. I drove that car for 13 years and 160,000 miles. When it got stuck and had to be towed twice my wife told me to get the Mini Cooper I wanted. I did and let the car sit for a year. Then I sold it not running for $1500 to use for Christmas. I regret that. I wish I was more sure of my mechanical ability to get the car running... and kept it.

That was then, this is now. When I saw this car at a classic car site I was blown away. This price does not seem out of line to me. The pictures are high enough in resolution for you to see the car is in good condition. Better than mine was when I parked it.

NOW... I decided to look at AutoTrader (not the classic version) for 93 Camaros. I found quite a few... including a red one like this with only 5,225 miles for $12,000. I want it!!! I left this one here. I saw a couple that looked about as nice as this with varying mileage and price. The lowest price I saw that was nice enough was $5,900 with 84,000 miles.

I am going to do it... some day. Knowing I was able to put 160K miles on mine, and that it could have been fixed for a reasonable some, I want to do it again. I will be looking for a red 93 Camaro Z28. Preferably with with a cloth interior, automatic transmission and no t-tops. That is what I had before. I am going to pretend in my mind that I still have the car I bought in 1993. I am thinking of trading in my Mini Cooper for a four door sedan... and letting my son drive that. Then buying one of these for for myself.

1973 Plymouth Road Runner - $14,900

Description: 1973 Plymouth Road Runner, Built 318, Auto, power steering, power disc brakes, Buckets/console, Real Road Runner vin RM21, Cd Player in glove box with remote, Excellent Condition!

Source: Just Muscle Cars

Found: 12/22/2011

Comments: I was the second owner of a 73 Road Runner. Mine was a 440 powered Road Runner GTX. 1973 was the only year they combined the Road Runner and GTX. I remember buying replacement GTX emblems for the hood. In the black section of the hood bulge (see the pic) it had a GTX emblem above the engine size. It varied, but the 440 cars were supposed to have the 440 as cut outs... meaning the black would have 440 cut out of them so the body color showed through. Others had the engine size in white or black.. depending on the color of the stripe.

I wish this car did not have the Go Wing. Mine didn't have it. I have a fondness for these cars. I would like to put like to put a 383 in a car like this... and make the hood functional. With lead times what they are... you know when they designed this hood those openings were supposed to be functional and route air directly to the air cleaner. I would make that a reality. Sort of build it like the factory would have built it if the government had not added the emissions controls and such that squashed the Muscle Cars.

1973 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ - $12,500

Description: am offering you an original beautiful 1973 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ Big Block that is super straight and in magnificent condition. This Grand Prix is an all original, numbers matching classic that is truly in turn-key condition and will definitely drive you anyplace. This car has been garaged its whole life and has ONLY 49,000 actual original miles on it. Absolutely no dings, dents, rust, rips or tears anywhere. It comes equipped with the original big block 455 cu. in. engine fully stock, 4-barrel carb, factory air conditioning, power steering, power disc brakes, power windows, tilt wheel, AM/FM Radio w/Cassette Player, Automatic transmission.

Source: Cactus Classics

Found: 12/22/2011

Comments: I drove my mother's 76 triple black Grand Prix for more miles that I can remember. She even signed it over to me in exchange for me lending my brother the money I was using to shop for a car.

The 76 was a mess. It had a little rust, but mostly it was abused by my older sister, me and my younger brother. The A/C stopped working... but the heater was always on... and the lowest setting. In the day... you could have installed a block off valve for the coolant that ran to the heater core. I did not know that back then. So for the last couple of summers (1985 & 1986) I drove around sweating my ass off because there was heat coming into the car even when it was 90+ degrees. The 76 I drove had a 350, with a 2 barrel carb. The slowest version of the Grand Prix. But I still have some fond memories of that car.

The things we remember when we go down memory lane. Here is something I remember... a friend bought a 73 Grand Prix and let me take it for a quick spin. So me and another friend jumped in it and we headed around the block. I was going driving down the street when a man ran a stop sign right in front of us. I swerved and put the 73 GP into a driveway and onto the sidewalk. It was a very close cal.. No damage what-se-ever. The friend sitting next to me was stunned. He was amazed how well I maneuvered the car out of the way (so was I). I told him the only reason I could do that was because it drove exactly like my 76. Only the 73 have a 400 cu. in. engine with a 4 barrel. So it was a good deal faster than my 76.

This car is even better... having a 455. If I had this car I would research whether you could install the earlier 1972 bumpers on it. The big 5 mph bumper upset the look. Purists would disagree, but I am not a purist.