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Affordable Project Cars in Texas

NOTE: This column displays cars I have found on the Internet. I am not selling them. Please follow the links if you are interest in a car. Be mindful of the date this article was published. For an explanation why I do this read the original column here.

March 1, 2008
By Scott Lewis

I was running very late with this month's list. So late in fact that I did this the day after it was due. Oops! I wanted to do something very realistic. I did a quick search on Collector Car Trader for 65-68 Mustangs priced between $2000 and $10000 located in Texas. I wanted to find some decent project cars at a reasonable price. I only found one car that impressed me enough that I would consider calling.

Next month I will explain why I did this, and a possible shift in the direction of this column. IN the mean time here is this month's one and only car:

1965 Ford Mustang - $4,500

Description: 200 Straight 6, runs very well. Body panels in pretty good shape needing only minor alignments. Paint job is in good shape with minimal rust spots. Interior is clean. Buyer might consider new headliner, but nothing is wrong with current one. Engine replaced within last 4 years. New starter and alternator. Minor electrical problems. Great for a classic cruiser or a V8 conversion!

NADA: $12,960 - $21,680

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 3/2/2008

Comments: At this price I guess we have to deal with some issues. This is clearly a project car. I wouldn't mind driving this part time while fixing it up here and there as a father son project. Then when my son is old enough to drive we can share driving duties.