Classic Car Watch
Non-Muscle Cars

December 1, 2006
By Scott Lewis

Last month we looked at genuine Muscle Cars. By Muscle Cars we looked at intermediate two door sedans with big blocks. This was based on the original Muscle Car formula started by putting a 389 big block engine into a Tempest to create the GTO.

This month we are going to look at Non-Muscle Cars. From our simple definition of a Muscle car we could say that anything else is a non-muscle car. However, for the sake of this article we are going to look at the base model cars that made Muscle Cars. So, we will look at all the intermediates without big blocks, Tempest, Le Mans, Chevelle, Satellite, etc.

Some of the cars below I seriously considered slipping in last month. There were cars powered by Ford's 351 Cleveland which was mighty close to being a big block. Also, a couple of cars of vintage 1972 might be considered Muscle Cars. They have small blocks, but small blocks became standard equipment in 72. Then again, some believe that 1971 was the last year for real Muscle Cars. You be the judge. This is were we also get to slip in clones. There may be a few too many cars below. This was mainly to show how many "near" Muscle Cars are out there.

1968 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu - $13,900 (Preferred Car)

68_chevelle_327_ac_clean_blue_on_blue_3.jpg (151570 bytes) 68_chevelle_327_ac_clean_blue_on_blue_2.jpg (160726 bytes) 68_chevelle_327_ac_clean_blue_on_blue_4.jpg (143202 bytes) 68_chevelle_327_ac_clean_blue_on_blue_5.jpg (159345 bytes)

Description: # matching 327,at,ac,ps,75k original documented miles, Blue with blue interior, Excellent condition!

NADA: $16,510 - $25,480

Source: Just Muscle Cars

Found: 7/27/2006

Comments: This car looks super clean. I like the body style and the A/C was a real bonus in my price range. I just plain like this car. I could see driving this car as is for a long time before making it look more like a Muscle Car. This car was priced at $14,900 when I first found it. It is still for sale at a reduced $13,900.

1972 Plymouth Satellite - $16,900

72_satellite_rr_clone_orange_360_ac_1.jpg (74577 bytes) 72_satellite_rr_clone_orange_360_ac_2.jpg (80263 bytes) 72_satellite_rr_clone_orange_360_ac_3.jpg (45328 bytes) 72_satellite_rr_clone_orange_360_ac_4.jpg (101949 bytes)

Description: Rock Solid New Mexico car, beautiful Hemi orange paint, white vinyl interior, white tanks stripe, blacked-out hood, 360 ci. engine, 4 bbl, automatic transmission, manifolds, power steering, power disc brakes, working factory air conditioning, HEI ignition, bench seat, factory dash with gauges, original am radio, seat belts, dual exhaust, 8 3/4 rear end, new 245/45/ZR17 BF Goodrich tires, new 17" Cragar wheels, Go Wing, Beep! Beep! horn, Beautiful Road Runner recreation!

NADA: $6,438 - $10,813

Source: Southern Motors

Found: 5/18/2006

Comments: Here we have a clone... and a small block clone at that. But it does have the right look for a Muscle Car. I think the price is a bit high, but with working air we could just get in and drive this one.

1972 Dodge Charger - $19,900

72_charger_blue_340_1.jpg (163907 bytes) 72_charger_blue_340_2.jpg (215096 bytes) 72_charger_blue_340_3.jpg (177914 bytes) 72_charger_blue_340_4.jpg (225922 bytes)

Description: Rallye 340 in beautiful B5 Blue with a black bucket seat interior, factory blacked out hood, factory black GoWing, factory black half roof, and factory Magnum 500 wheels. Matching Numbers with original build sheet. Original factory HiPo 340 engine with only change a Holley 600cfm 4-barrel carburetor in place of the original Carter ThermoQuad. 727 TorqueFlite transmission and 3.23 SureGrip positraction rearend. Brand new YearOne seat coverings on the front buckets and a brand new full carpet kit. Factory 150 mph speedometer and full gauges. Factory center console with the factory SlapStik floor shifter. Factory AM/FM radio. Factory air-conditioning (all pieces are in place except one hose). Extremely nice body with no dents, no dings, no waves; and I cannot find any body filler anywhere. Gorgeous paint in the factory correct B5 Blue done in base/clear urethane enamel with a smooth finish and a deep luster.

NADA: $14,783 - $25,245

Source: Sports Car Gallery of Beaver Falls

Found: 2/1/06

Comments: Let me start by saying... I don't like the 71 and up Chargers. I think they were ugly compared to the 68-70 model. I thought this when I was in high school looking for my first car. I only discovered while looking at a 71 Charger in the paper that is was this ugly body style. And I thought this before Dukes of Hazzard came on TV.

Now, with that said... I like this car. And it is not the first one. My Classic Car showed a 71 Charger Super Bee (a one year only when they put the Super Bee on the Charger instead of the Coronet). I don't know why I started to like these, but I only like them when they are done right... in true factory Muscle Car style. The blackout hood is required, and this is one of the few cars with a half black vinyl roof that actually looks good. I like this car.

This is a small block car. My definition of a Muscle Car was a big block in an intermediate car. Oops. I came very close to including this car last month. Keep in mind a few points: 1) This is a 72 model. 72 was the first year that the Muscle Car really changes. Yes, 71 saw the drop in compression ratios that signified the beginning of the end of the era. But 72 saw the biggest drop in power. You couldn't get a Hemi in any car in 72. The LS6 was dropped from the Chevelle... arguably the pique of the Muscle Car era. In fact, Chevrolet allowed the 350 small block to be part of the Chevelle SS package. From 68-71 all SS equipped Chevelles were big block cars. 2) The lack of power steering and power brakes are a hint toward maximum performance in a changing world. The fact this car has air conditioning to provide comfort as power dropped is kind of cool. 3) I like it. I already said that, but it bares repeating. Sometimes you just have to go for it, and this car inspires me to want to buy it or look for other 71-72 Chargers. That's an impressive feat for a car I would never have considered a year ago.

We just have to get the price down on this one.

1971 Mercury Cyclone GT - $15,000

71_cyclone_gt_dallas_1.jpg (83633 bytes) 71_cyclone_gt_dallas_2.jpg (20175 bytes) 71_cyclone_gt_dallas_3.jpg (38451 bytes) 71_cyclone_gt_dallas_4.jpg (51044 bytes)

Description: Excellent original example with lots of documentation back to the original owner, 65K miles, 351 Cleveland, auto, power steering, power front disc brakes, air conditioning.

NADA: $9,688 - $13,875

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 3/31/2006

Comments: This guy built a web site to sell this car. It had a lot of detailed images. He also detailed the car and its history very well. This is the kind of attention to detail that I do, and it really impresses me when others do it.

Now... he is asking top dollar for a car that is not very popular. He has priced it above what NADA thinks a dealer should get for it. So I would try hard to negotiate on the sale. If I went to look at this car I would bring $13,000 in cash. No more. The idea being that even if I could pay more, I would have to come back from the Dallas area and come another day. That might be enough incentive for him to lower the price.

I love the car. I would seriously consider this if I wanted an occasional driver/show car. I don't know if I would put this into daily driver duty. If we put too much wear and tear on it its value will fall. We don't want that, especially when paying top dollar.

I really like it though.

1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS350 - $13,900

72_chevelle_ss_350_red_on_black_console_1.jpg (157283 bytes) 72_chevelle_ss_350_red_on_black_console_2.jpg (147616 bytes) 72_chevelle_ss_350_red_on_black_console_3.jpg (155212 bytes) 72_chevelle_ss_350_red_on_black_console_4.jpg (156994 bytes)

Description: at, ac, ps, pb, buckets/console, 12bolt, Red with black strips and interior. Great shape!

NADA: $23,200 - $38,600

Source: Just Muscle Cars

Found: 4/5/2006

Comments: If this is a real SS350 then we have a serious bargain on our hands. 

1971 Chevrolet Chevelle - $12,900

71_chevelle_ss_clone_350_silver_on_black_4.jpg (154031 bytes) 71_chevelle_ss_clone_350_silver_on_black_1.jpg (153296 bytes) 71_chevelle_ss_clone_350_silver_on_black_2.jpg (140636 bytes) 71_chevelle_ss_clone_350_silver_on_black_3.jpg (157117 bytes)

Description: SS trim, 350, at, ac, ps, buckets/console, rally wheels, Cortez silver with Black interior, Great Shape!

NADA: $7,906 - $12,375

Source: Just Muscle Cars

Found: 4/5/2006

Comments: Now here's a nice Chevelle that is not being priced way out there because it looks like an SS. They have it priced at the top of its value, but if the condition warrants it that's fine. And it fits our $15K budget easily. 

1971 Chevrolet Chevelle - $14,900

 71_chevelle_ss_trim_350_ac_3.jpg (157198 bytes) 71_chevelle_ss_trim_350_ac_2.jpg (161604 bytes) 71_chevelle_ss_trim_350_ac_5.jpg (142274 bytes) 71_chevelle_ss_trim_350_ac_6.jpg (151351 bytes)

Description: SS Trim, 350, at, ac, power disc, ps, cowl hood, rally wheels, CD player, Rust free! Excellent Condition! 

NADA: $7,906 - $12,375

Source: Just Muscle Cars

Found: 7/27/2006

Comments: Same as above... however I must admit I like this exterior color better. This car is priced higher, but I think its appearance in the pictures is better. Yet it doesn't have buckets and a console. See what color can do. I like them both, but would have a really hard time picking between them if they were on the lot at the same time. But is goes to show there are some reasonably priced cars out there if you look around.

1972 Chevrolet Chevelle - $11,900

72_chevelle_350_ss_clone_ac_removed_1.jpg (810488 bytes) 72_chevelle_350_ss_clone_ac_removed_2.jpg (793185 bytes) 72_chevelle_350_ss_clone_ac_removed_3.jpg (705421 bytes) 72_chevelle_350_ss_clone_ac_removed_4.jpg (710228 bytes) 72_chevelle_350_ss_clone_ac_removed_5.jpg (767225 bytes)

Description: Chevelle SS clone. This is an SS clone that has a 350 engine complete with headers, aluminum intake and Holley carb. Very good running car. Car has a 400 Turbo transmission and 12 bolt posi rear with 3:08 gears. Solid body that looks straight down the sides. Paint is 5 years old and is of good driver quality. Very solid undercarriage with original floor pans and trunk. Interior is original and in excellent condition. This is a bucket seat console car. All instrumentation works with the exception of the radio. Excellent chrome and glass. Car has 15" rally wheels and tires, dual exhaust, power steering and power disc brakes. Car also comes with original owners manual, certi card, delivery report, warranty book. Car has all SS badging, cowl hood. This is an original A/C car but the compressor has since been removed.

NADA: $6,700 - $10,200

Source: Muscle City Inc.

Found: 2/3/2006

Comments: Here is where a clone is done right. Well, right enough that they put in an SS dash. And they priced is not too far above a regular Chevelle. This is where you decide to pay a little more for the time and money to make it a clone... as apposed to those that price this at or near a real Chevelle SS.

1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass - $13,900

65_cutlass_conv_blue_on_blue_330_1.jpg (411996 bytes) 65_cutlass_conv_blue_on_blue_330_2.jpg (300622 bytes) 65_cutlass_conv_blue_on_blue_330_3.jpg (402741 bytes) 65_cutlass_conv_blue_on_blue_330_4.jpg (359689 bytes)

Description: This 1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible is a very classy ride. It both rides and sounds great! Being a convertible with a power top makes things that much better! Under the hood sports a 330 CID V8 coupled to automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. The car is in overall good shape from the paint on in. Other features in this Cutlass include an AM/FM Stereo and CD Player! Come in and take a look!

NADA: $16,115 - $27,390

Source: Classic Auto Showplace Ltd.

Found: 01/11/06

Comments: The Cutlass is the "non Muscle car" version of the 442. I wasn't looking for convertibles, but the power top got me hooked.

1968 Dodge Charger - $13,800

68_charger_318_plum_red_1.jpg (62367 bytes) 68_charger_318_plum_red_2.jpg (47510 bytes) 68_charger_318_plum_red_3.jpg (17779 bytes)

Description: Exceptionally nice. This is a true classic car. The car has a 318 engine the original motor. The motor has 100 miles on it since the rebuild. Rebuilt transmission. The car has all of its original interior seats. Straight body and painted to its original plum red. The transmission is the 727 Torqueflite and 8.3/4" rear-end with 3:55 gears.

NADA: $18,200 - $33,700

Source: Cars On Line

Found: 2/17/2006

Comments: Wow, a Charger in Texas I can afford. I must check this out. If the car is as clean as he says I would love it. I assume we need to add A/C. With the 318 it won't be fast, but I would definitely add headers and a good dual exhaust so it sounds fast.

1968 Chevrolet Chevelle - $17,900

68_chevelle_307_low_miles_blue_ac_1.jpg (107570 bytes) 68_chevelle_307_low_miles_blue_ac_2.jpg (103743 bytes) 68_chevelle_307_low_miles_blue_ac_3.jpg (108263 bytes) 68_chevelle_307_low_miles_blue_ac_4.jpg (118934 bytes)

Description: 38,000 actual miles documented by over 60 service and maintenance receipts since new. Original purchase order, Protect-o-plate, owner's manual etc. Sold new in Walnut Creek California. Been in Washington since 1988. Matching # 307 cu in V8, automatic, power steering, working factory air conditioning. Untouched and unrestored engine, interior and trunk including original spare and mat. Repainted bright metallic blue apprx. 15 years ago. No rust anywhere, ever. Original cloth seats, carpet, door panels and dash are excellent. Dual exhaust and 15" rally wheels were added by most recent owner. Runs, drives, sounds and smells like new.

NADA: $13,970 - $21,560

Source: Memory Lane Motors

Found: 5/9/2006

Comments: This car is much like our preferred car above, except for smaller engine and a higher price.

1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible - $15,950

68_cutlass_conv_green_loaded_1.jpg (66291 bytes) 68_cutlass_conv_green_loaded_2.jpg (52330 bytes) 68_cutlass_conv_green_loaded_3.jpg (50316 bytes) 68_cutlass_conv_green_loaded_4.jpg (54654 bytes)

Description: Same family since new! Loaded! 350ci v8, automatic, p/top, p/s & p/b, p/windows, bucket seats & console, dual exhaust, excellent paint & nice original interior. Crisp dependable car! Drive it anywhere!

NADA: $11,328 - $17,365

Source: Brockers Beautys

Found: 2/2/2006

Comments: I wasn't looking for a convertible as part of this month's non Muscle Cars. This car is a little over my budget, but it seems to have everything. They said "loaded" and I see A/C in the picture, though it was not mentioned specifically in the ad. We'll assume it is working. I like it. This would be a great cruiser.

1969 Buick Gran Sport 350 - $11,995

69_gs_350_blue_on_blue_bench_1.jpg (80514 bytes) 69_gs_350_blue_on_blue_bench_2.jpg (58380 bytes) 69_gs_350_blue_on_blue_bench_3.jpg (64486 bytes) 69_gs_350_blue_on_blue_bench_4.jpg (59998 bytes)

Description: This car is absolutely gorgeous in and out. It features the numbers matching 350 motor. Power steering. Very low original miles. Beautiful body and paint. The interior is in excellent condition. It runs and drives perfect. Show or drive.

NADA: $12,750 - $22,500

Source: Premium Motors

Found: 1/27/2006

Comments: Although this is a Gran Sport, Buick's Muscle Car, though this one is only a 350. I believe a real Muscle Car should have a big block. In my mind a Big Block starts at about 383 c.i., the size of Chrysler's big block. So this car ending up on the list of Non Muscle Cars. It seems clean and should make a good driver with air conditioning added.

1969 Buick Gran Sport 350 - $14,000

69_gs_350_white_on_black_orig_owner_sa_1.jpg (14546 bytes)

Description: V8, everything new, excellent condition inside and out, no accidents, all records kept since 69, one owner, runs great, one of a kind, low mileage, new ac, power steering, black/white, original paint job.

NADA: $14,025 - $24,750

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 2/17/2006

Comments: I almost passed this one up. Three things caught my attention. 1) One owner, 2) original paint, and 3) its in San Antonio. Otherwise I think I would have passed. But with it being local I could at least take a look.

1969 Chevelle Malibu - $14,500

69_chevelle_triple_green_32k_1.jpg (217453 bytes) 69_chevelle_triple_green_32k_2.jpg (159509 bytes) 69_chevelle_triple_green_32k_3.jpg (505422 bytes) 69_chevelle_triple_green_32k_4.jpg (506291 bytes)

Description: This Ultra-Clean little 1969 Chevelle Malibu has only 32,900 Miles! Mostly original, you won't believe how nice this car is. Painted Frost Green with a Mountain Green Vinyl Top. Powered with the Original 307 V8 and Automatic Transmission. Immaculate Green Cloth Interior. Also equipped with Power Steering, AM Radio.

NADA: $5,150 - $7,950

Source: Classic Auto Showplace Ltd.

Found: 4/5/2006

Comments: Wow, NADA reamed this car. I could not find a Malibu listed for 69, like the two 68s above which are much higher valued. I also like blue over green any day of the week and twice on Sunday. The vinyl roof doesn't work so well on this year car either. But if you like the color and can live without A/C it can't hurt to take a closer look.

1969 Chevrolet Chevelle - $12,900

69_chevelle_350_white_on_black_ac_1.jpg (153588 bytes) 69_chevelle_350_white_on_black_ac_2.jpg (145617 bytes) 69_chevelle_350_white_on_black_ac_3.jpg (145408 bytes) 69_chevelle_350_white_on_black_ac_4.jpg (149774 bytes)

Description: 350, automatic transmission, ice cold air, ps, 12 bolt, CD player, white with black int, rock solid, great shape!

NADA: $6,438 - $9,938

Source: Just Muscle Cars

Found: 4/5/2006

Comments: White on black is an easy color combination. I used to always want white because it would make a great canvas. I don't know anymore for a Muscle Car. Black is the universal interior color, so we can feel safe leaving it black forever. This might be a worthwhile car to start with. Make sure it is numbers matching at this price. I don't know why NADA prices this so low. Maybe the 68 is that much more popular.

1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass - $7,400

70_442_clone_sa_1.jpg (24919 bytes)

Description: 4-4-2 clone, strong 350, auto, ac, nice driver, needs minor cosmetics.

NADA: $6,589 - $10,973

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 3/31/2006

Comments: A San Antonio car. This is the hood I like on these cars. Since it has A/C it can't hurt to take a quick look.

1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass S - $12,500

70_cutlass_s_350_ac_1.jpg (1265929 bytes) 70_cutlass_s_350_ac_2.jpg (828000 bytes) 70_cutlass_s_350_ac_3.jpg (966374 bytes) 70_cutlass_s_350_ac_4.jpg (1094701 bytes)

Description: 1 owner, 54K, 350 rocket, 2-barrel, power steering, a/c, vinyl top, white leather interior, am radio, beautiful gold exterior, bench seats, 2 door coupe, new tires, 12 bolt rear end, original paint, new clear coat, perfect dash, all original.

NADA: $7,271 - $12,285

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 4/27/2006

Comments: He is asking an awful lot for this car. It should be in true show car condition. I would seriously low ball an offer... showing the NADA book as justification.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu - $10,000

70_chevelle_green_az_clean_1.jpg (43971 bytes)

Description: Green, 350 engine, 350 transmission, A/C, new Edelbrock carburetor, new 15 Rallye wheels & tires, new interior, new dual exhaust, straight body, no rust, Flowmaster exhaust, new Hooker headers, AZ car.

NADA: $10,043 - $15,275

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 2/17/2006

Comments: An affordable Phoenix car with a nice picture. Worth getting more pictures and info on. NADA seems to like the 70 model better than 69... even though they still don't list the Malibu.

1970 Chevelle Malibu - $12,900

70_chevelle_malibu_silver_on_blue_ac_1.jpg (234213 bytes) 70_chevelle_malibu_silver_on_blue_ac_2.jpg (209204 bytes) 70_chevelle_malibu_silver_on_blue_ac_3.jpg (235972 bytes)

Description: Silver 2 door hardtop with blue vinyl top and blue interior. 350 with automatic trans and factory air. Nice driver car.

NADA: $10,043 - $15,275

Source: Ohio Corvette & Muscle Cars

Found: 4/5/2006

Comments: Need better pictures for this one.

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle - $15,900

70_chevelle_blue_on_tan_396_1.jpg (509444 bytes) 70_chevelle_blue_on_tan_396_2.jpg (598951 bytes) 70_chevelle_blue_on_tan_396_3.jpg (464954 bytes) 70_chevelle_blue_on_tan_396_4.jpg (605205 bytes)

Description: This Blue 1970 Chevy Chevelle is quite the looker! From the gorgeous paint to the interior, this car is in good shape. Under the hood sports a powerful 1969 - 396 CID (425HP) engine coupled to automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. Some of the added comforts include Tilt wheel, CD Player, and an AM/FM Stereo. The v-8 Engine sounds great and makes this car a blast to drive! Come in and take a look!

NADA: $7,725 - $11,750

Source: Classic Auto Showplace Ltd.

Found: 1/26/06

Comments: I priced this without an engine since it is not the original. This is a case where you have to decide if it is worth paying extra for a bigger (hopefully better) engine even though this will never be a numbers matching car again.

1972 Chevrolet Chevelle - $12,500

72_chevelle_454_not_ss_cortez_silver_1.jpg (90543 bytes) 72_chevelle_454_not_ss_cortez_silver_2.jpg (63599 bytes) 72_chevelle_454_not_ss_cortez_silver_3.jpg (62058 bytes) 72_chevelle_454_not_ss_cortez_silver_4.jpg (61398 bytes)

Description: Malibu with SS badges. Cortez silver / black SS stripes, big block 454, auto, p/s, p/b, black interior, buckets, center console with horseshoe shifter, cowl hood, stereo cassette, aluminum mag wheels, dual exhaust. Good driver quality Chevelle that won't break the bank.

NADA: $6,700 - $10,200

Source: Klemme Klassic Kar Museum and Sales

Found: 2/1/06

Comments: I don't really know how to price this one on NADA. I decided to look up a basic Chevelle since this is not a numbers matching car. In any event, here is a "clone" if you will. This car should be a blast to drive... shredding tires and eating gas at a constant rate.

1972 Chevrolet Chevelle - $14,500

72_chevelle_ss_clone_w_396_red_1.jpg (770875 bytes) 72_chevelle_ss_clone_w_396_red_2.jpg (768463 bytes) 72_chevelle_ss_clone_w_396_red_3.jpg (699571 bytes) 72_chevelle_ss_clone_w_396_red_4.jpg (765004 bytes) 72_chevelle_ss_clone_w_396_red_5.jpg (753647 bytes)

Description: Chevelle SS clone. This is a North Carolina car that started its life as a Malibu. The car has a N.O.M 396 engine complete with headers, aluminum intake, and Holley carb. Very nicely detailed engine compartment. The transmission is a turbo 350. Both engine and transmission have 12,000 miles since rebuild. The rear is a 10 bolt with 3:08 gears. Body is very straight down the side and the paint has been wet sanded and buffed. Excellent shine to the paint. The interior is in excellent condition. Car has new bumpers, door handles, weatherstripping, door sill plates, tires and Flowmaster exhaust. Car also has SS badging & cowl hood. This is an original A/C car but the components have been removed. Options include power steering, power brakes, A/C. Motor sounds awesome and car runs out great. Very solid undercarriage and trunk.

NADA: $7,370 - $11,220

Source: Muscle City Inc.

Found: 2/3/2006

Comments: Yuck on the interior... and they didn't even put in an SS dash when making this "clone." Oops!

1972 Pontiac Lemans - $11,900

72_lemans_orange_350_1.jpg (147800 bytes) 72_lemans_orange_350_2.jpg (156669 bytes) 72_lemans_orange_350_3.jpg (146537 bytes) 72_lemans_orange_350_4.jpg (148611 bytes)

Description: 350, at, ac, ps, Burnt Orange with tan int. Rust free Carolina car, Fully restored, Excellent condition!

NADA: $5,363 - $7,673

Source: Just Muscle Cars

Found: 4/5/2006

Comments: Where's the A/C? Kind of overpriced too. Why is this here? Oh yea, I needed a Pontiac.

1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu - $12,900

72_chevelle_green_white_black_mint_62k_1.jpg (150245 bytes) 72_chevelle_green_white_black_mint_62k_2.jpg (151914 bytes) 72_chevelle_green_white_black_mint_62k_3.jpg (154373 bytes) 72_chevelle_green_white_black_mint_62k_4.jpg (148164 bytes)

Description: # matching 307, at, ac, ps, pb, documented 62k original miles, must see to believe! Mint condition!

NADA: $7,370 - $11,220

Source: Just Muscle Cars

Found: 4/5/2006

Comments: It better be mint condition at this price. A 307! For this price? I am curious to see it up close.

1972 Chevrolet Malibu 350 - $13,500

72_chevelle_malibu_red_black_black_63K_1.jpg (151972 bytes) 72_chevelle_malibu_red_black_black_63K_2.jpg (144020 bytes) 72_chevelle_malibu_red_black_black_63K_3.jpg (152042 bytes)

Description: at, ac, ps, power disc, 63k original documented miles, red with black int. Excellent condition!

NADA: $7,370 - $11,220

Source: Just Muscle Cars

Found: 4/5/2006

Comments: Still overpriced, but that's a trend. Hey, it gives you a chance to work on your negotiating skills.

1972 Chevrolet Chevelle - $17,500

72_chevelle_hugger_orange_ss_clone_1.jpg (764600 bytes) 72_chevelle_hugger_orange_ss_clone_2.jpg (730463 bytes) 72_chevelle_hugger_orange_ss_clone_3.jpg (695612 bytes) 72_chevelle_hugger_orange_ss_clone_4.jpg (672289 bytes)

Description: SS clone. This is a beautiful car! This is a lazor straight car with beautiful Hugger Orange paint. The car has been wet sanded and buffed to a mirror finish. The stripes are painted on as well. All correct SS badging. The interior is in excellent condition as well. Car has bucket seats and console and is black in color. Car is powered by a 350 engine and the carb is a new Edelbrock. The transmission is a Turbo 350. The rearend is a 10 bolt with 3:08 gears. This car is a blast to drive and looks outstanding. Rock solid underside and trunk. Does not appear to have had any rust repair performed. This is also a factory A/C car. Options on this car include power steering, power disc brakes, and A/C. You can drive this anywhere and enjoy. All new weatherstripping, tires, wheels, and new Flowmaster exhaust.

NADA: $7,370 - $11,220

Source: Muscle City Inc.

Found: 5/16/2006

Comments: Now this is definitely overpriced because it is a clone. And it is not even a good clone. It doesn't have the SS dash. Anyone can put $200 worth of Year One badges on a car. But the paint is the kicker here. The pictures look very nice. If this really is a quality base coat/clear coat paint job properly wet sanded then that is worth something. But worth six grand over its NADA high retail price? The engine compartment needs serious detailing, and I suspect it will not be the greatest running car. Plus the interior needs to be finished. It has a console, so that helps. Overall I think this might be a mild project car. Clearly the exterior should be done, we just have to finish under the hood, chassis and interior. I would try offering the $11K NADA says this is worth. I would be willing to go up to $13-14K. I need a little left over to start finishing it.

1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass - $14,900

72_custlass_green_442_trim_1.jpg (150675 bytes) 72_custlass_green_442_trim_2.jpg (156768 bytes) 72_custlass_green_442_trim_3.jpg (149232 bytes)

Description: 442 trim, 350, at, ps, pb, Ice cold A/C, 89k, Rust free! Excellent Condition throughout!

NADA: $6,589 - $11,078

Source: Just Muscle Cars

Found: 7/27/2006

Comments: We just need to add the Ram Air hood with some white stripes. This price is too high though, so get out those negotiating skills.

1972 Buick Skylark - $9,999

72_skylark_350_bronze_auto_1.jpg (201592 bytes) 72_skylark_350_bronze_auto_2.jpg (241964 bytes)

Description: Beautiful rust-free Skylark with the original 350 motor with automatic transmission. Only 79K actual miles. Burnt orange with saddle bench seat interior. Factory air cond. Power steering, Power brakes, brand new dual exhaust, Rallye wheels with RWL Goodyear tires. New Vinyl top. Super clean rust-free southern body. Runs and drives excellent. 

NADA: $5,276 - $8,111

Source: Ohio Corvette & Muscle Cars

Found: 4/5/2006

Comments: Here's a basic non Muscle Car. Wow.. its over priced.

1973 Ford Gran Torino Sport - $9,975

73_torino_sport_yellow_1.jpg (152289 bytes) 73_torino_sport_yellow_2.jpg (143274 bytes) 73_torino_sport_yellow_3.jpg (153330 bytes) 73_torino_sport_yellow_4.jpg (154809 bytes)

Description: 351 Cleveland, at, ac, power disc, ps, Factory Tach/Gauges, Buckets/console, Original Color, Bright Yellow with Black interior. Excellent condition!

NADA: $10,220 - $17,360

Source: Just Muscle Cars

Found: 4/5/2006

Comments: Hey, my first car was a 73 Gran Torino with a 351 Cleveland. But mine was not a fastback. I don't like the color, but the price is reasonable for a project car we could paint down the road.