Classic Car Watch
Texas Cars

September 1, 2006
By Scott Lewis

This month I want to try something different. In fact, this will be the closest thing to a true market watch I have done with this column. Why? That's a slightly long story.

This column got started because I was always looking for cars, cars that I would at least call about if I was in the market for a classic myself. I hope to be in the market to buy a classic in the not do distant future. In the mean time I keep watching the market and looking at cars that I would consider kicking the tires if I had cash in hand.

Back in 2002 I actually was in the market for a classic. I bought a 67 Camaro RS Convertible for $13,000. At the time I had a budget of $12,000 (don't ever go over budget, it was a bad move). I looked at classic Pony Car convertibles all over. I had a few interesting cars from out of state. I had two cars lines up in New Hampshire. I determined the airport between them, and what it would take to rent a car to look at both cars on a single weekend jaunt. One of the cars sold, and the other sent me enough detailed pictures that a friend pointed out all the undercarriage rust to me. I never had to travel to look at them.

I never did make it out of state to actually see a car. I found the 67 Camaro in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, about 4 hours from my house. Although I sold that 67 Camaro to someone in California sight unseen (though he had 50 high resolutions pictures, so he knew what he was getting), I have heard enough horror stories that I would not buy a car without seeing it.

The question then becomes... would I really travel out of state to buy a car. To that end, this month I will look for cars from Texas. This will be hard. For starters I rarely look just in Texas, and usually don't always make note of cars I do find from Texas.

My gold was to spend one day a month over a few months looking at Collector Car Trader using its state search. I searched just my make, not model. So I looked at Buick (65-72), Pontiac (65-72), Oldsmobile (65-72), Plymouth (68-74), Dodge (68-74), Mercury (67-70), AMC (68-72), Ford (65-73) and of course Chevrolet (65-72). Other resources are not as flexible with state searches, so I stuck with Collector Car Trader for the searching for this article.

This "collection" of cars was going quite well... for the first three months. The the cars I found I really liked tapered off quite a bit. Although I was busy during the summer that is not enough of an excuse for why I couldn't find many cars durring the summer months. I did my final search in late August, but I really didn't see anything worth showing in June and July.

One last note... as I have unveiled that I bought a Mini Cooper S Convertible as my daily driver, this column will be taking a turn over the next few months. I have a number of lists that were already in the works, so I will be showing them... including a nice list of REAL Muscle Cars you will see next month. The changes coming really start this month since I plan on concentrating on Texan cars more in the future. This will make the search more realistic to what I expect to do when I have saved enough to by a classic.

In the mean time enjoy these cars. I have listed one "preferred" car for each month I did my search (except June and July).

February Cars

1966 Chevrolet Impala - $13,975 (Preferred February Car, and Preferred Car Overall)

66_impala_327_gold_on_gold_tx_1.jpg (296757 bytes) 66_impala_327_gold_on_gold_tx_2.jpg (298023 bytes) 66_impala_327_gold_on_gold_tx_3.jpg (585593 bytes) 66_impala_327_gold_on_gold_tx_4.jpg (572162 bytes)

Description: Originally sold new in dry climate Tyler Texas, and only three owners since. All of the history you are looking for including Protecto-Plate. Numbers matching 327 CID motor. Mechanically sound, well maintained and repaired as required It's entire life, not a speck of rust on this body! Call for further details, and you really must see to appreciate!

NADA: $15,190 - $24,500


Found: 2/17/2006

Comments: I have mentioned this before, but for these cars I believe the 327 engine on NADA's web site is for the more rare 275 hp 4 barrel engine. The two barrel engine is much more common and hardly deserves to boost the value by 30%. In this case, even though I don't know I gave him credit for the 275 hp motor... just to boost the value. I really like this car. The pictures are very nice. It even has air conditioning which I had already started writing this up before I knew. Hey.. I had to go to the second page of pictures to see the engine compartment.

For this month's Texas cars this one looks like it could be the best quality car. I like this body style, and am very impressed with the pictures. I could see this as the alternate to driving my Mini Cooper. Sort of an Anti-Mini. This is a car I feel confident in driving half way across Texas to see... and buy.

1968 Dodge Charger - $13,800

68_charger_318_plum_red_1.jpg (62367 bytes) 68_charger_318_plum_red_2.jpg (47510 bytes) 68_charger_318_plum_red_3.jpg (17779 bytes)

Description: Exceptionally nice. This is a true classic car. The car has a 318 engine the original motor. The motor has 100 miles on it since the rebuild. Rebuilt transmission. The car has all of its original interior seats. Straight body and painted to its original plum red. The transmission is the 727 torqueflite and 8.3/4" rearend with 3:55 gears.

NADA: $15,200 - $27,600

Source: Cars On Line

Found: 2/17/2006

Comments: Wow, a Charger in Texas I can afford. I must check this out. If the car is as clean as he says I would love it. I assume we need to add A/C. With the 318 it won't be fast, but I would definitely add headers a and a good dual exhaust so it sounds fast. I really like Mopars, but they are almost always out of my price range. I would definitely look at a car like this before taking the plunge on the car above. If this car is nice and rust free it could be enough to get me back into a Mopar.

1968 Ford Mustang - $9,500

68_mustang_gold_black_top_ac_1.jpg (51853 bytes)

Description: 302, original engine & trans., 4 barrel carburetor, A/C, heat, runs great.

NADA: $13,250 - $20,875

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 2/17/2006

Comments: Now this is an excellent example of a clean, classic daily driver. I love it. I wish I had the money right now.

1970 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible - $13,900

70_442_conv_gold_white_455_sa_1.jpg (98353 bytes) 70_442_conv_gold_white_455_sa_2.jpg (88222 bytes) 70_442_conv_gold_white_455_sa_3.jpg (90133 bytes) 70_442_conv_gold_white_455_sa_4.jpg (96774 bytes)

Description: Big Block 455 (2000mi on engine), Turbo 400 transmission with Super Street stall converter. Edelbrock Performer intake with custom matched head ports. Holley TBI/ECM. Hooker Comp headers, custom high flow exhaust, Custom Hurst gate shifter with reverse lock out. Custom gold differential cover with matching sway bar, 3.73 gears, new T/A tires.

NADA: $24,236 - $37,778

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 2/17/2006

Comments: I have a lot of questions. Starting with 1) Power top? 2) Real 442? 3) Original engine? This car is located in San Antonio, making it very local. I would call in a heartbeat... as long as it is a real 442 and has a power top. I actually would not care that much if it was not the original engine.

1965 Ford Mustang GT - $14,950

65_mustang_gt_auto_red_on_tan_1.jpg (107543 bytes) 65_mustang_gt_auto_red_on_tan_2.jpg (83983 bytes) 65_mustang_gt_auto_red_on_tan_3.jpg (98370 bytes) 65_mustang_gt_auto_red_on_tan_4.jpg (102794 bytes)

Description: Stripes, 289 V-8 and an automatic transmission, Rangoon red, tan pony interior, have stock chrome steel wheels too and a $300.00 car cover brand new, super detailed, fun to drive.

NADA: $14,550 - $23,675

Source: Collectable Cars

Found: 2/17/2006

Comments: I am not thrilled with the interior color or the gauges. But it is a real GT (we would check that out). I would like to see it. We would need to talk them down in price to afford A/C.

1965 Chevy Impala SS - $18,500

65_impala_ss_blue_327_3spped_auto_1.jpg (40580 bytes) 65_impala_ss_blue_327_3spped_auto_2.jpg (21677 bytes) 65_impala_ss_blue_327_3spped_auto_3.jpg (28536 bytes)

Description: Original 327 engine, upgrade 3 speed automatic, front disc brakes, 750 Edelbrook Carb, 18" wheels with Goodyear tires, dual exhaust, chrome radiator, alternator, water pump. Well taken care of. More pics available for serious inquiry.

NADA: $19,240 - $36,790

Source: Cars On Line

Found: 2/17/2006

Comments: NADA gave this car a 30% boost in price for a 327 engine. I know there was a 2 barrel and 4 barrel 327 available in this car. I would assume the 4 barrel version really deserves the big boost in value. If this is originally a 2 barrel car we have room to start negotiating. This guy really needs to learn how to crop an image. Since it's in Texas we can take a look, but I don't have high hopes at the price he is asking. Since I need to add A/C I would prefer to offer around $13-14K so I could install a Vintage Air system.

1965 Chevrolet El Camino - $10,995

65_el_camino_white_plano_1.jpg (51474 bytes)

Description: All original, low miles, matching numbers, 283 engine, white, exc. condition, all original inside/out, chromed engine parts, beauty and functionality.

NADA: $15,200 - $18,600

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 2/17/2006

Comments: I would have passed this one over if it was out of state. Nothing about it is special enough to travel that far. But I like Elkys, so I would be willing to make it part of a weekend of visiting cars.

1966 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu - $10,500

66_chevelle_malibu_ac_sa_blue_1.jpg (20005 bytes) 66_chevelle_malibu_ac_sa_blue_2.jpg (10075 bytes) 66_chevelle_malibu_ac_sa_blue_3.jpg (9292 bytes)

Description: Marina blue. Rebuilt small block 350 with low miles, A/C, manual steering, drum brakes. A beautiful classic car.

NADA: $14,190 - $21,230 

Source: Cars On Line

Found: 2/17/2006

Comments: Right in my town. Why not take a look.

1967 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu - $15,000

67_chevelle_manual_column_needs_work_1.jpg (75595 bytes) 67_chevelle_manual_column_needs_work_2.jpg (70174 bytes) 67_chevelle_manual_column_needs_work_3.jpg (90053 bytes) 67_chevelle_manual_column_needs_work_4.jpg (97261 bytes)

Description: Original one owner 1967 Chevrolet Malibu. 2 door hard top, 3 speed on column, a/c, am radio, dash clock, all factory, engine 283, 185hp, 2 barrel, all numbers match, excellent condition, 154699 original miles, never has been wrecked or anything taken off or added to this vehicle, also have the original owners manual, no rust!

NADA: $14,300 - $24,200

Source: iTrust Motors

Found: 2/17/2006

Comments: Wow, three-on-a-tree and A/C... right here in San Antonio. I should call right now. Who really needs money to call. Some of the pictures show this car to need some work, so we would need to see it in person before deciding if it's worth it. I doubt it though.

1967 Chevrolet Impala - $7,900

67_impala_327_275hp_fastback_1.jpg (70230 bytes) 67_impala_327_275hp_fastback_2.jpg (69321 bytes) 67_impala_327_275hp_fastback_3.jpg (70285 bytes) 67_impala_327_275hp_fastback_4.jpg (86424 bytes)

Description: Two door sport coupe. This is a very nice all original arrow straight totally rust free California car. It has its matching number original 327ci/275hp V8 engine, automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, AM radio, polished Torque Trust wheels and new steel belted radial tires. It runs, drives and stops like a new car. The trim tag is in place on the cowl and all the numbers decode as correct. The block stamping is also in place and decodes as correct. Original paint color is Gold (Trim code GG) and has had one repaint some time ago which at present is somewhat faded. Color sanding and polishing may restore the gloss or it may need a repaint. Stainless trim, bumpers and grille are in excellent shape. Glass has no scratches or cracks. Trunk is totally rust free with the original finish in place. Original spare wheel, bias-ply BF Goodrich tire, jack, lug wrench and hub caps are in the the trunk. The interior is original and in excellent overall condition. Interior color is Gold (trim code 888). All gauges work. Steering wheel has one crack in the rim. Original AM radio does not work. Engine compartment is all original including the original air pump.

NADA: $12,563 - $18,750

Source: Pat's Auto Sales

Found: 2/17/2006

Comments: These big Impalas sometimes can inspire me. I don't get that here, but I don't know why. The price is low enough we can consider painting it, changing the interior color and adding A/C. It looks like we have a real nice project car here. I could see treating it like a project car. Since it's in Texas I can make an in person visit to see if I can get inspired.

1969 Buick Gran Sport 350 - $14,000

69_gs_350_white_on_black_orig_owner_sa_1.jpg (14546 bytes)

Description: V8, everything new, excellent condition inside and out, no accidents, all records kept since 69, one owner, runs great, one of a kind, low mileage, new ac, power steering, black/white, original paint job.

NADA: $13,475 - $23,320

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 2/17/2006

Comments: I almost passed this one up. Three things caught my attention. 1) One owner, 2) original paint, and 3) its in San Antonio. Otherwise I think I would have passed. But with it being local I could at least take a look.

1970 Pontiac Grand Prix - $7,500

70_gp_gold_tx_1.jpg (22077 bytes)

Description: Very rare, hard top, auto, rebuilt V8 engine, new paint & interior, must see.

NADA: $8,750 - $14,600

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 2/17/2006

Comments: I am not impressed. However, if I was looking and thought I would like a Grand Prix I would call. Since it is in Texas I would be willing to take a look. But first I want some better pictures and a little info. Does it have A/C, and what engine? The reasonable price and local status make it something I might consider.

1971 Chevrolet El Camino SS - $18,500

71_el_camino_ss_350_ac_1.jpg (39139 bytes) 71_el_camino_ss_350_ac_2.jpg (23443 bytes) 71_el_camino_ss_350_ac_3.jpg (29619 bytes)

Description: Matching number 350cu in./270hp engine, automatic, bucket seats with center console, cowl hood, power steering, power disc brakes, cold air conditioning, tilt wheel, factory cruise control, factory SS wheels with new BFG T/A tires, nice aftermarket stereo (original am/fm is included) and SS spare wheel, new tire and jack correctly mounted behind the passenger seat with factory cover. Truck has just completed a full restoration. Body is arrow straight and completely rust free. Paint is perfect black with white hood stripes. Interior is brand new. Color is black. Engine compartment looks factory. Truck is perfect. No apologies! Call for more pics.

NADA: $17,875 - $21,580

Source: Cars On Line

Found: 2/17/2006

Comments: What are the odds this guy will come down $3,500 in price so I can fit it in my $15K budget. I love it. A/C, console, tilt and cruise. Wow! It better be a real SS.

1972 Buick GS - $16,900

72_gs_455_orange_austin_1.jpg (83909 bytes) 72_gs_455_orange_austin_2.jpg (71190 bytes) 72_gs_455_orange_austin_3.jpg (117301 bytes)

Description: 455 V-8 engine, automatic transmission, power steering, dual exhausts, Flame Orange paint, tan/saddle interior, power front disc brakes, factory a/c (not currently operating), and AM/FM/cassette and CD changer with remote. This beautiful car is located in our Austin showroom.

NADA: $24,255 - $41,160

Source: Automania

Found: 2/17/06

Comments: That front spoiler looks dorky, we will remove it. I love those wheels and the car almost looks bronze in some of the pictures. I need to see the color in person, easy to do located in Austin. I would definitely try and talk it down on the non-functional A/C. Is this a numbers matching car? Is it a factory GS455. It's worth a look.

March Cars

1971 Mercury Cyclone GT - $15,000 (Preferred March Car)

71_cyclone_gt_dallas_1.jpg (83633 bytes) 71_cyclone_gt_dallas_2.jpg (20175 bytes) 71_cyclone_gt_dallas_3.jpg (38451 bytes) 71_cyclone_gt_dallas_4.jpg (51044 bytes)

Description: Excellent original example with lots of documentation back to the original owner, 65K miles, 351 Cleveland, auto, power steering, power front disc brakes, air conditioner.

NADA: $10,075 - $14,430

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 3/31/2006

Comments: This guy built a web site to sell this car. It had a lot of detailed images. He also detailed the car and its history very well. This is the kind of attention to detail that I do, and it really impresses me when others do it.

Now... he is asking top dollar for a car that is not very popular. He has priced it above what NADA thinks a dealer should get for it. So I would try hard to negotiate on the sale. If I went to look at this car I would bring $13,000 in cash. No more. The idea being that even if I could pay more, I would have to come back from the Dallas area and come another day. That might be enough incentive for him to lower the price.

I love the car. I would seriously consider this if I wanted an occasional driver/show car. I don't know if I would put this into daily driver use. If we put too much wear and tear on it its value might fall. We don't want that, especially when paying top dollar.

I really like it. I should call right now.

1971 Chevrolet Camaro - $7,900

71_camaro_blue_sa_needs_ac_work_1.jpg (129179 bytes) 71_camaro_blue_sa_needs_ac_work_2.jpg (123508 bytes) 71_camaro_blue_sa_needs_ac_work_3.jpg (129628 bytes)

Description: A beautiful 1971 Camaro for sale by second owner (since 1972). 148K original miles. Body and paint in excellent condition. The interior is original and in fair condition. It has a 350 V8 with a new 2 barrel carb. new coil, Pb, Ps, auto, AC (needs work). Newer AM/FM Cassette player. Starts right up and runs good.

NADA: $10,065 - $16,445

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 3/31/2006

Comments: A clean Camaro in San Antonio. It must be worth a look. I would think of this as a project car with teh interior and A/C work ahead.

1966 Ford Mustang - $7,900

66_mustang_coupe_turquoise_6_two_tone_1.jpg (75921 bytes) 66_mustang_coupe_turquoise_6_two_tone_2.jpg (74755 bytes) 66_mustang_coupe_turquoise_6_two_tone_3.jpg (91828 bytes) 66_mustang_coupe_turquoise_6_two_tone_4.jpg (109150 bytes)

Description: Two door hardtop with the 200 c.i.d. six cylinder engine, C-4 automatic transmission, Pony interior, wood steering wheel, full wheel covers with center spinners, and JVC AM/FM/CD player. A very nice little driver.

NADA: $11,115 - $19,080

Source: Automania

Found: 3/31/2006

Comments: I love the Pony interior. This could make a nice project car if you want to stuff a V-8 in it. As it is it might make a nice driver. The only issue as a driver is getting A/C in it. Do they make aftermarket A/C systems for the straight six? A nice, clean car at a dealer I pass every night on my way home from work.

1966 Ford Mustang - $12,500

66_mustang_springtime_on_black_need_ac_1.jpg (545858 bytes) 66_mustang_springtime_on_black_need_ac_2.jpg (99864 bytes)

Description: Original Springtime Yellow enamel paint w/factory black vinyl top & black int. 289-2bbl. Auto. Power steering. 99,300 orig. mi. Runs excellent.

NADA: $12,350 - $21,200

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 3/31/2006

Comments: Hey, this is a really nice looking Mustang. Just add A/C and cruise. I would definitely want to take a closer look at this car.

1967 Mercury Cougar - $12,500

67_cougar_red_helotes_1.jpg (61883 bytes)

Description: Red, California car, excellent condition, auto, V8, 302, ac, am/fm/cd, power steering, power brakes.

NADA: $11,110 - $17,490

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 3/31/2006

Comments: Another local car, this time in Helotes which is technically just along side San Antonio. Heck, its the same area code. Can't hurt to take a look.

1967 Chevrolet Malibu - $10,000

67_chevelle_malibu_283_ac_tx_1.jpg (18729 bytes)

Description: 2-door hardtop, 283 original V8, auto trans., AC, power steering, radio, American Racing rims, extra set of rims included.

NADA: $17,550 - $29,700

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 3/31/2006

Comments: This is a car I would definitely check out. The picture is very low resolution, but it looks decent. I could easily drive to Houston to see this car. And why not. It even has A/C. At the price I could even treat it as a project car.

1968 Chevrolet Impala - $9,500

68_impala_conv_white_on_white_1.jpg (37937 bytes)

Description: Convertible, 327, 2-door, auto, white on white, a/c car, exc. condition inside/out, must see to appreciate.

NADA: $17,030 - $28,210

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 3/31/2006

Comments: Notice it says $10,500 in the picture, but the ad says $9,500. A white on white convertible in San Antonio. Cool! I love white interiors on convertibles. If Mini offered white interiors I would have ordered mine that way.

1969 Pontiac Firebird - $6,000

69_firebird_red_400_sa_1.jpg (55671 bytes)

Description: Newly rebuilt 400 motor w/rebuilt TH400 trans, new int, parts & paint.

NADA: $14,900 - $27,800

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 3/31/2006

Comments: This is truly local being in San Antonio. The price is great. We just need to check super close for rust. If that is new paint is could be covering problems or bad body work. Check it out carefully.

1970 Pontiac LeMans Sport - $13,500

70_lemans_sport_conv_red_400_nom_1.jpg (44038 bytes)

Description: LeMans Sport, Convertible, 400/400T, red 90K mi., power everything, Ram Air III heads, zero rust.

NADA: $10,100 - $19,000

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 3/31/2006

Comments: Though I am not really looking for a convertible this one showed up. I have a feeling this is not a numbers matching car, so I priced it as such on NADA. If it is a numbers matching car you can expect the vale to be more. "Power everything" doesn't say enough. Does it have A/C? Since it is in Texas I can easily call or see for myself.

1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass - $7,400

70_442_clone_sa_1.jpg (24919 bytes)

Description: 4-4-2 clone, strong 350, auto, ac, nice driver, needs minor cosmetics.

NADA: $6,300 - $10,133

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 3/31/2006

Comments: Another San Antonio car. This is the hood I like on these cars. Since it has A/C it can't hurt to take a quick look.

1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 - $14,500

70_mustang_mach_1_sa_red_1.jpg (57873 bytes)

Description: 351 w/auto, runs & drives good, red & black, disc brakes, decent paint & interior.

NADA: $22,000 - $38,400

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 3/31/2006

Comments: Wow! A nice looking Mack 1 right here in San Antone. I should go look at it right now. I will need to talk him down to cover the cost of installing A/C.

1970 Chevrolet Nova - $8,900

70_nova_silver_nb_1.jpg (73385 bytes) 70_nova_silver_nb_2.jpg (66883 bytes) 70_nova_silver_nb_3.jpg (78476 bytes) 70_nova_silver_nb_4.jpg (110527 bytes)

Description: Two door sedan with a 350 V-8 engine, dual exhausts, headers, Turbo Sonic mufflers, TH350 automatic transmission, 3.73-1 posi rear end, and power front disc brakes. This Nova is a good driver condition car.

NADA: $8,070 - $15,660

Source: Automania

Found: 3/31/2006

Comments: Again, at the dealer I pass every night. Why not take a closer look while checking out the 6 cylinder Mustang above.

1970 Chevrolet Mont Carlo - $9,300

70_mc_silver_black_350_austin_1.jpg (40722 bytes)

Description: 350 Eng., 8 cylinders, auto, clean, chrome wheels, runs and looks excellent, must see to appreciate!

NADA: $7,375 - $10,900

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 3/31/2006

Comments: Here's another car I would definitely check out if I was really in the market to buy. I like this body style and this car is located in Austin, about an hour away. These cars are BIG, and truly represent the Anti-Mini.

1973 Ford Maverick - $6,500

73_maverick_green_6_1.jpg (59646 bytes)

Description: 2 dr, auto, air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, 28K miles, green, green interior, completely original, runs perfect, 6 cylinders.

NADA: $2,750 - $4,345 * Price is for a Mercury Comet

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 3/31/2006

Comments: I love finding super clean, original, low mileage cars that are unwanted. I would prefer the small bumper version before 73, but I like the idea here. I would still low ball an offer. This is a project car in my mind. Do we want to be different. BTW... I could not find a Maverick on NADA's web site, so I priced the similar Comet.

April Cars

1967 Ford Galaxy 500 - $7,500 (Preferred April Car)

67_galaxy_390_red_on_red_tx_1.jpg (751593 bytes) 67_galaxy_390_red_on_red_tx_2.jpg (766137 bytes)

Description: 390, new paint, new interior, new exhaust, Holley 850 cfm. double pump, MSD ignition. Runs and drives great.

NADA: $7,216 - $12,305

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 4/27/2006

Comments: Wow... a nice, clean, big block powered car. Just add A/C, buckets and a console. Oh, and don't forget some cool looking wheels. The bargain price (for our hypothetical $15K budget) for a big block car that looks clean was too hard to pass up, so this car became the April preferred car.

1969 Chevrolet Impala - $10,500

69_impala_green_21k_miles_1.jpg (1202629 bytes) 69_impala_green_21k_miles_2.jpg (1488104 bytes) 69_impala_green_21k_miles_3.jpg (1431812 bytes)

Description: 2 door coupe w/ 21K actual miles. 327 V8. All original car which has been garage kept. Cold A/C. All matching numbers.

NADA: $7,233 - $11,055

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 4/27/2006

Comments: Can they prove the 21K miles? Is it rust free? If the answer to both of those question is yes then this is a really cool car. I would love to drive a super low mileage 1969 car. It would be like driving a time capsule. The air conditioning almost got this car to the top spot for the April cars, but the high price without confirming its condition for a super low mileage car is a tough pill to swallow.

1968 Plymouth Barracuda - $12,500

68_barracuda_318_original_blue_1.jpg (32879 bytes) 68_barracuda_318_original_blue_2.jpg (32486 bytes) 68_barracuda_318_original_blue_3.jpg (33010 bytes) 68_barracuda_318_original_blue_4.jpg (40576 bytes)

Description: Original 318 and trans. Has 69k original miles. The motor was rebuilt a few years ago and has been driven maybe a few hundred miles since. I have many receipts (over 8K in receipts). The car has only been painted once, about 6 months ago. The car was painted the original color PPG clear coat/base coat (frost blue). The only thing on this car that is not original is the front seat covers, headliner, and battery tray. The car is extremely straight and is rust free. It has been garaged since the beginning. I am the 3rd owner of this car. All chrome and trim is very nice with no pitting. All glass is original. Still has the original jack, spare tire, owners manual, and hubcaps. Radio turns on and this car came with the light package (glove box, trunk, interior lights all of which work). All undercoating is original as well. Very nice car, you won't find one as nice. Drives great and is a very nice daily driver. This is one hell of an original Barracuda. Don't let this fish get away!

NADA: $10,350 - $19,400

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 4/27/2006

Comments: I really prefer the notchback coupe in this era Barracuda, however, I just could not pass this one up. I would really like to take a closer look at this car.

1966 Ford Mustang - $12,500

65_mustang_red_crate_engine_austin_1.jpg (94375 bytes) 65_mustang_red_crate_engine_austin_2.jpg (102807 bytes) 65_mustang_red_crate_engine_austin_3.jpg (132027 bytes)

Description: Enjoy the smiles and waves you will get and the smile you will wear when you drive this landmark sports car! This 289ci V-8 powered Mustang is a 3rd owner car with 51,000 showing on the odometer. The crate engine was installed 500 miles ago, as was the new automatic transmission. The car features factory AC, power steering, power brakes (rebuilt several years ago), Mustang Red paint, and has been owned by the current owner for the past 6 years. The owner does have receipts for the majority of the work done on this, the first of the factory Hot Rods. Get a piece of history and a great running car (as well as a great investment).

NADA: $16,200 - $26,520

Source: Street Rods Forever

Found: 4/27/2006

Comments: The crate engine is a problem... for value. For driving it is perfect. This will never be a numbers matching car. Make sure you use that when negotiating.

1966 Ford Mustang - $7,500

66_mustang_white_stripes_needs_brakes_1.jpg (422209 bytes) 66_mustang_white_stripes_needs_brakes_2.jpg (409049 bytes)

Description: 2 dr hardtop coupe. Red w/ white Shelby LeMans stripes, 289 V-8, automatic transmission, power steering, bucket seats, vinyl interior. Full wheel covers with center spinners. Needs brake work.

NADA: $14,150 - $24,700

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 4/27/2006

Comments: Seems reasonably priced for a nice looking Mustang. Worth a look since it is in my state.

1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass S - $12,500

70_cutlass_s_350_ac_1.jpg (1265929 bytes) 70_cutlass_s_350_ac_2.jpg (828000 bytes) 70_cutlass_s_350_ac_3.jpg (966374 bytes) 70_cutlass_s_350_ac_4.jpg (1094701 bytes)

Description: 1 owner, 54K, 350 rocket, 2-barrel, power steering, a/c, vinyl top, white leather interior, am radio, beautiful gold exterior, bench seats, 2 door coupe, new tires, 12 bolt rear end, original paint, new clear coat, perfect dash, all original.

NADA: $6,746 - $11,183

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 4/27/2006

Comments: He is asking an awful lot for this car. It should be in true show car condition. I would serious low ball an offer... showing the NADA book as justification.

1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu - $7,000

72_chevelle_blue_lots_of_motor_1.jpg (797606 bytes)

Description: Less than 10,000 miles on rebuilt 350, rated at ~450 h.p. High Stall Speed Torque Converter. Edelbrock Performer Series Carburetor and RPM Hydraulic Camshaft. MSD Ignition. Edelbrock Air-Gap Manifold and Victor Series Water Pump. Hooker Headers. World Heads, Sportsman II - Cast Iron Heads. Engine balanced and blueprinted. Cylinders bored 0.030 over. Engine rebuilt by certified master technician. Clarion AM/FM/CD with Alpine (front) and MTX (rear) speakers. White Vinyl Top.

NADA: $5,600 - $8,350

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 4/27/2006

Comments: Sounds like he has a lot of motor in this car. Otherwise it looks like a plain, but clean Chevelle. I need more pictures then we need to assess the engine and whether it is worth it.

1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS - $15,000

72_chevelle_ss_manual_blue_1.jpg (23298 bytes)

Description: 1 year old Bahamas Blue paint, 1 year old vinyl top, 3 year old engine, custom trunk w/sound system, 2 month old clutch assembly, A/C, 4.11 rear end, IT'S A BEAUTY!

NADA: $26,570 - $43,785

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 4/27/2006

Comments: The description is vague. But he mentioned a clutch, so I assume this car has a 4 speed. This is the first year the 350 small block was standard on the SS package. Let's assume for one minute that this is an original SS 350 with a 4 speed and air conditioning. We should definitely check it out.

May Cars

1966 Ford Mustang Fastback - $13,000 (Preferred May Car... Barely)

66_mustang_fastback_green_6cyl_tx_1.jpg (54787 bytes)

Description: All original, daily driver, 6 cyl, auto, good interior upholstery, GT Green with black interior, many new parts.

NADA: $15,280 - $30,240

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 5/18/2006

Comments: Fastbacks are hard to come by at this price. Even NADA puts a decent value on it even with teh 6 cylinder engine. I would like to see it up close and drive it to see how slow the 6 cylinder is. This could be a nice cruiser once we add air conditioning.

I really wasn't too thrilled with the cars I found during May. A fastback Mustang would be cool, even with a six. But it better be rust free. I came very close to not even picking a preferred car for the May cars.

1966 Ford Mustang - $14,750

66_mustang_black_on_black_as_tx_1.jpg (113170 bytes) 66_mustang_black_on_black_as_tx_2.jpg (120508 bytes) 66_mustang_black_on_black_as_tx_3.jpg (76336 bytes) 66_mustang_black_on_black_as_tx_4.jpg (87867 bytes)

Description: Rust free, fresh .030 289, 510 lift roller cam, HD 4 speed, aluminum radiator, Cold A/C, PS, DISC brakes, new Torque Thrust wheels and low profile tires, 9" with a 3.25 gear, dual exhaust, never rusted, tuxedo black paint and black interior, very dependable and ready to cruise.

NADA: $17,688 - $30,875

Source: Collectable Cars

Found: 5/18/2006

Comments: Another "all engine" car. That 510 lift cam could be a problem for steetability. Since it is local it can't hurt to check it out. We can always make a weekend project swapping in a milder camshaft. I would like to see it in person.

1967 Chevrolet Camaro - $13,000

67_camaro_327_hot_rod_blue_1.jpg (164274 bytes) 67_camaro_327_hot_rod_blue_2.jpg (128411 bytes) 67_camaro_327_hot_rod_blue_3.jpg (176259 bytes) 67_camaro_327_hot_rod_blue_4.jpg (168351 bytes)

Description: LeMans Blue with white stripes. Garage kept. Sounds great and runs better. Never dyno'd but should be pushing 400HP. Only 1,500 babied miles, over 4 years, on freshly built 1967 327 with ported and polished double hump 202 heads. Oversized HO competition cam, Roller tip rockers, screw-in rocker studs, valve guides, flat top pistons, Edlebrock dual plane intake and Holley 670 Street Avenger carb. New MSD distributor with High Fire 6AL box and blaster 2 coil. Billet pulley system with electric fan. Rebuilt, solid TH-350 trans with strong shift kit. 10 bolt posi rearend. New dual exhaust with turbos and 3" pipes. Needs minor cosmetics and new weather striping. Solid floor boards and spatter painted trunk. Clean, No-Tear interior. This car is great shape for the money and is looking for someone to put the finishing touches on it. Come see for yourself.

NADA: $19,875 - $33,625

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 5/18/2006

Comments: I am getting a strange vibe with this one. But maybe we really just need to do some detailing and add A/C. Since it's in Texas we should be able to visit it and determine if it is worth the money. I was feeling generous and gave him credit for the 327. If this is not a matching numbers car that drops the NADA value by $4,000-7,000 (notice the price on the Camaro below for the non-327 value).

1967 Chevrolet Camaro - $15,000

68_camaro_ss_clone_blue_sa_1.jpg (53758 bytes)

Description: SS clone, blue, rebuilt motor, transmission, auto, new interior, new paint, weld wheels, B&W rebuilt shifter, 100W stereo, great classic car.

NADA: $15,900 - $26,900

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 5/18/2006

Comments: I almost passed this one up, but it is located in San Antonio. Why not at least take a look.

1969 Pontiac Firebird - $12,900

69_firebird_chevy_350_blue_1.jpg (50155 bytes)

Description: 350 Chevy engine, auto, disc brakes, console, immaculate inside & out.

NADA: $14,900 - $27,800

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 5/18/2006

Comments: Here's another car I would probably pass on if it were not local. I could look at this one on my way home from work. We need to be careful he swapped in a Chevy motor the right way. The engine is a bolt-in, but check the wiring carefully.

1972 Chevrolet Chevelle - $10,500

72_chevelle_307_th_tranny_lt_green_1.jpg (46294 bytes)

Description: Malibu, 307 engine, Turbo-Hydrmatic, all original car, one owner history, always a Texas car, garaged, 101k miles, solid car, no rust, needs paint job and vinyl roof.

NADA: $6,700 - $10,200

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 5/18/2006

Comments: I immediately looked this one up on NADA. As expected he is asking way too much for this car. I would show him the NADA book on the car showing that a high retail value is less than he is asking. It needs paint and he is asking top dollar for the car. Only a fool would pay this much... a fool that doesn't bother to look up the value of it. This is a perfect chance to negotiate. I would confirm that it is a rust free car and see how much work it would need to get it into a decent driver state... including the paint job. Then I would offer him $5,000. I might go as high as $7,500, but it better be in great shape for that. This would be a perfect project car if the price were right.

August Cars

1968 Mercury Cougar - $7,000 (Preferred August Car)

68_cougar_plain_clean_houston_1.jpg (43137 bytes)

Description: Auto, power steering, A/C, am/fm, All Original! 302 V8, 79K miles, garage kept, interior & vinyl roof perfect, body straight. Great Car!

NADA: $15,950 - $25,850

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 8/23/2006

Comments: Nice, clean, well kept car. This is a great alternative to a Mustang. And it is clearly the bargain champ this month.

1971 Chevy Camaro - $8,900

71_camaro_orange_454_project_1.jpg (84899 bytes) 71_camaro_orange_454_project_2.jpg (77213 bytes) 71_camaro_orange_454_project_3.jpg (84469 bytes) 71_camaro_orange_454_project_4.jpg (119285 bytes)

Description: 454 V-8 engine, headers, cowl induction hood, Griffin aluminum radiator, 700R4 automatic transmission, power front disc brakes, power steering, Weld wheels. An original A/C car that is not currently hooked up.

NADA: $9,500 - $15,800

Source: Automania

Found: 8/23/2006

Comments: Only because this car is local... and in a list of cars from Texas local means so close I can see it after work on my way home... would I consider looking at this car. I like the idea of a big block Camaro, but this one needs work. Is it worth it? I would have to see it in person to make that decision. BTW... I priced it without A/C (not working) and with no engine option since this is not a numbers matching car.

1971 Chevy Camaro SS - $12,900

71_camaro_ss396_nom_350_1.jpg (154585 bytes) 71_camaro_ss396_nom_350_2.jpg (154488 bytes) 71_camaro_ss396_nom_350_3.jpg (215778 bytes) 71_camaro_ss396_nom_350_4.jpg (227868 bytes)

Description: SS396 car with a 350 V-8 engine, headers, Edelbrock intake and valve covers, Rochester 4 bbl carb dual exhausts, Muncie M-21 four speed manual transmission, front disc brakes, bucket seats, big block hood, full gauge package, 7k tachometer, factory a/c (not hooked up) and great paint!

NADA: $9,500 - $15,800

Source: Automania

Found: 8/23/2006

Comments: If this can be proven to be a true SS396 car it might be worth looking for a date correct 396 engine to put into it. Okay, it will never be a numbers matching car again, but we can be close. Plus the 4 speed and A/C would be great in a factory big block Camaro. I didn't have any idea how to price something like this on NADA, so I just priced it as a base Camaro. Note: Gotta love that upside-down air cleaner lid!

1973 Dodge Dart Swinger - $11,900

73_dart_swinger_360_nom_1.jpg (78810 bytes) 73_dart_swinger_360_nom_2.jpg (75235 bytes) 73_dart_swinger_360_nom_3.jpg (88069 bytes) 73_dart_swinger_360_nom_4.jpg (122253 bytes)

Description: 360 V-8 engine (NOM), Keith Black pistons, 4 bbl Edelbrock carb, electric fuel pump, dual exhausts with headers, 727 automatic transmission, console, bucket seats, front and rear sway bars, and the original AM radio. This is a FAST Swinger and it is located in our New Braunfels showroom.

NADA: $5,975 - $9,750

Source: Automania

Found: 8/23/2006

Comments: Kind of different... even for a Dart. I pass this dealer every day on my way home, so it would be an easy look at the same time as the two Camaros above.

1964 Chevrolet Chevy II - $10,500

64_nova_low_miles_tx_1.jpg (633207 bytes) 64_nova_low_miles_tx_2.jpg (640402 bytes) 64_nova_low_miles_tx_3.jpg (650669 bytes)

Description: Basic. All original. 194 6cyl, automatic. Extremely clean. 18,364 org. miles. Ready to drive away.

NADA: $4,500 - $7,100

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 8/23/2006

Comments: Nice, low mileage original. Worth a look. Could be a cool project car. I would build this as a sleeper. Just some nice, but not large wheels, then I would work on the interior so it could be a comfortable cruiser. Then we decide between paint or a V-8 swap.

1972 Pontiac Firebird - $7,800

72_firebird_katy_1.jpg (45093 bytes)

Description: Formula ram air hood, fresh.

NADA: $9,350 - $16,850

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 8/23/2006

Comments: Looks clean enough to visit my friend in Houston and stop by for a closer look.

1969 Pontiac Grand Prix - $12,500

69_gp_j_428_gold_1.jpg (26781 bytes)

Description: Model J, original, 2nd owner, gold, 428 HO 390HP motor, auto, climate control AC, professionally rebuilt motor & paint restoration, all #'s match, garage kept, very nice.

NADA: $11,440 - $19,045

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 8/23/2006

Comments: I would prefer a Monte Carlo, but I used to drive a Grand Prix so I would take a look. I'm not thrilled with the color, so it will have to look real nice in person.

1966 Ford Mustang Coupe - $8,000

66_mustang_viper_blue_6_ac_austin_1.jpg (794201 bytes)

Description: Dodge Viper GTS Blue with Pearl White lemans stripes 200 Cubic Inch Inline Six 3 spd manual transmission Front Disc Brakes with V8 Spindles -capable of 4 lug or 5 lug for different wheel types 7 inch rear end - Also have 8 inch rear end to give away with car Fiberglass Street Style Front Apron that accepts front bumper Working A/C....blows cold air Working Heater Grant 15" Mustang Steering Wheel New Carpet - new sound deadener - new insulation New Headliner New Door Panels All new chrome on inside Procar Rally Seats with Headrests and side support 3 point seatbelts in front New full floor pans and seat risers No cowl rust Manual Steering Manual Brakes Centerline Scorpion wheels Fairly New BFGoodrich Radial T/A tires New Waterpump Great sounding exhaust 1966 Original liscence plates.

NADA: $13,443 - $23,465

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 8/23/2006

Comments: Unusual! But worth taking a quick trip to Austin to see it in person.

1965 Ford Mustang - $12,500

65_mustang_302_nom_blue_tx_1.jpg (57306 bytes)

Description: Garage kept, new 302 motor, new 4-speed transmission, new 9 rear end w/3.73 gear, new disc brake, all 4 wheels, too many extras to list!

NADA: $15,400 - $25,800

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 8/23/2006

Comments: Wow! It looks really nice. I love the color. I would ditch those traction bars pretty quick. Love the 4 speed, too. Definitely a car to call on. Just add A/C and drive.

1967 Ford Mustang - $8,500

67_mustang_red_white_vinyl_top_sa_1.jpg (45049 bytes)

Description: V8/AT, power steering, floor console, vinyl top, new dual exhaust, tires, wheels, upholstery. Excellent driving vehicle, clean, maintenance records, chrome engine parts, below CPI.

NADA: $12,600 - $21,000

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 8/23/2006

Comments: I don't really like the white top, but this one is in my own town, so it is super easy to look at. I tend to like the 67 Mustang in coupe format. There make the most dramatic change when given the Shelby look. Sequential rear taillights, Shelby hood, Shelby wheels and stripes. We would probably have to paint the car in the long run because that vinyl roof will have to go to complete the Shelby look. But there is plenty of time to do that as we drive this car. 

1967 Ford Mustang - $7,900

67_mustang_coupe_low_miles_tx_1.jpg (23224 bytes)

Description: Coupe, original, very very low mileage.

NADA: $12,600 - $21,000

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 8/23/2006

Comments: The picture sucks, but the car looks reasonable. At least it is worth a phone call and maybe a visit in person. This could make a nice project car.