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July 1, 2006
By Scott Lewis

I stumbled upon two nice looking Monte Carlos within a couple of day of each other. This happened recently, and I wanted to include them in a listing. However, I didn't have any categories convenient at hand. So, I just threw a list together.

I could not find many cars that I felt like putting up against the Monte Carlos. Although I had a number of Montes on hand, I did not have man Grand Prixs. I though a curve ball with a Ranchero and a Revieria. Other than that this seemed as good a time as ever to show a bunch of Impalas. These cars a close to the Monte Carlo in weight and performance. Let's see this month's list of cars.

1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo - $15,000 (Preferred Car)

71_mc_green_on_black_no_rust_1.jpg (301638 bytes) 71_mc_green_on_black_no_rust_2.jpg (290382 bytes) 71_mc_green_on_black_no_rust_3.jpg (292453 bytes) 71_mc_green_on_black_no_rust_4.jpg (352185 bytes)

Description: This Chevrolet Monte Carlo is a straight, numbers matching, rust-free beauty! It is clean from the interior on out! Under the hood sports a rebuilt 350 with under 15,000 miles coupled to automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes! The engine is complemented well with new Headman headers (ceramic coated), and a new Edelbrock 600 carb. Other features include a new MSD distributor/8.5 mil wires/NGK spark plugs, new shocks & coil springs, one year old BF tires, a Kenwood stereo/CD Player, Sony Speakers, and an Amp! All of the original equipment comes with the car such as the interior, distributor, radio, and center caps.

NADA: $8,443 - $12,540

Source: Classic Auto Showplace Ltd.

Found: 5/10/2006

Comments: This is the first of two Monte Carlos I came across in a few days. The cars that inspired this list. I really like this car. I was fully expecting this car to have a green interior. The black vinyl roof and interior are a nice touch for a green car. The interior picture looks excellent. If it looks as clean in person as it does in the picture I am all over this car. I even like the aftermarket steering wheel. Having recently purchased a Mini Cooper for a daily driver this car would make a great Anti-Mini. A huge two door classic. If it had a big block it would be the perfect Anti-Mini.

1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS - $16,000

71_mc_ss_454_beige_1.jpg (580390 bytes) 71_mc_ss_454_beige_2.jpg (564692 bytes) 71_mc_ss_454_beige_3.jpg (516134 bytes)

Description: This is a great looking and awesome running Monte Carlo. The exterior is beige with a black top and a two tone brown interior. Engine is a 454 cubic inch with the 400 turbo transmission. This is a matching numbers car. Features are power steering, power windows, power door locks, power disc brakes, A/C, AM/FM/Cassette stereo, tilt wheel, and 20 inch wheels. Turnkey, this car is a true SS and a real value for the serious collector.

NADA: $20,405 - $30,975

Source: Classic Lady Motors

Found: 5/12/2006

Comments: And here is the other car that inspired this list... and it has a 454 big block to drive the Anti-Mini theme home. I love the power windows and locks. Too bad it doesn't have a console.

1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo - $7,950 (Runner Up - Best Project Car)

72_mc_blue_on_black_1.jpg (654555 bytes) 72_mc_blue_on_black_2.jpg (624374 bytes) 72_mc_blue_on_black_3.jpg (688426 bytes)

Description: This 1972 Monte Carlo is a mechanically sound car, recently having a tune up, transmission work, new brakes, and a new column installed. It is a Florida car with A/C and an AM/FM Stereo. Under the hood sports a powerful 350 CID V-8 engine coupled to automatic transmission, power steering and power brakes. The Body and overall aesthetics do need work however this car proves to be a good driver! Come in and take a look!

NADA: $6,958 - $13,503

Source: Classic Auto Showplace Ltd.

Found: 6/3/2006

Comments: Here's the bargain Monte of the bunch. At this price it should be worth getting a lot of high resolution pictures to start. It also depends on how much "work" it really needs.

1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo - $16,995

72_mc_454_not_ss_but_original_1.jpg (112763 bytes) 72_mc_454_not_ss_but_original_2.jpg (126767 bytes) 72_mc_454_not_ss_but_original_3.jpg (149686 bytes) 72_mc_454_not_ss_but_original_4.jpg (162380 bytes) 72_mc_454_not_ss_but_original_5.jpg (159024 bytes)

Description: 454 Big Block engine with a console shifted 3 speed Turbo-Hydramatic automatic transmission. Newer Sequoia green exterior with a matching green Strato bucket seat interior with no rips, tears or cracks! Pure stock and all original 33,855 Actual miles! Air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, power windows and factory in-dash tach! This is the final year for the first-generation design. Only 1,268 454s were built! The SS was dropped, but a new Monte Carlo Custom option appeared as a one-year only, offering that included a special suspension and other items previously included with the SS option.

NADA: $8,855 - $17,185

Source: Muscle Garage

Found: 4/14/2006

Comments: Wow! A factory 454 Monte with console, A/C and power windows. What's not to like. Well, how about that ugly vinyl roof. I wonder how hard it would be to "dye" the roof dark green or black. Other than that this car is a perfect cruiser. Another Anti-Mini. I love it, and would seriously consider it if I had cash in hand, but the price is a bit steep.

1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo - $13,900

72_mc_tuxedo_black_pw_350_1.jpg (81062 bytes) 72_mc_tuxedo_black_pw_350_2.jpg (83124 bytes) 72_mc_tuxedo_black_pw_350_3.jpg (73510 bytes) 72_mc_tuxedo_black_pw_350_4.jpg (86899 bytes)

Description: Rock solid body! Factory (19) Tuxedo black, black netted vinyl interior, black vinyl top, 350 ci. engine, 3 speed automatic transmission, Holley 4 bbl, Edelbrock aluminum intake, power steering, power disc brakes, factory air conditioning (comes with), manifolds, chrome breather, bench seat, power windows, tilt wheel, factory dash, original am-fm radio, seat belts, remote drivers mirror, dual exhaust, 12 bolt rear end, factory jack with spare, 215/75/15 Firestone tires, rally wheels with disc brake flat caps, original owner manuals, Beautiful Car! Runs & Drives Excellent!

NADA: $6,958 - $13,503

Source: Southern Motors

Found: 6/10/05

Comments: Here's where NADA is our friend. I priced this car with air conditioning since they say it comes with it, though it is not hooked up in the engine compartment picture. We should definitely low ball an offer enough to cover the cost of fixing the A/C. However, NADA says this car is overpriced. I have tracked this car for a while, and I saw it go from $15,900 to $14,900 and down to $13,900. It has been on sale for over six months that I know of.

This is a car to low ball an offer. You should bring an NADA book with you when you look at it. Also, have cash ready. It can even help get a dealer to move a car that has been sitting for too long. If the car is on consignment they will have to take a cash offer to the seller. I would start at $10,000 if the condition matches the pictures. I would not go over $12K for this car.

1972 Ford Ranchero GT - $14,995

72_ranchero_351c_ac_33K_miles_1.jpg (130771 bytes) 72_ranchero_351c_ac_33K_miles_2.jpg (117153 bytes) 72_ranchero_351c_ac_33K_miles_3.jpg (126565 bytes) 72_ranchero_351c_ac_33K_miles_4.jpg (129829 bytes)

Description: This is a 2 owner 1972 Ford Ranchero GT with only 33,000 actual miles that is painted in Gold Metallic with black leather interior. Powered by an original, numbers matching 351ci Cleveland engine with automatic transmission. Optioned with air conditioning, power brakes, power steering, bench seat, factory gauges, GT option, AM stereo, and Magnum 500 chrome wheels with brand new BFG T/A tires. This is truly an original Ranchero that has been very well preserved!

NADA: $14,205 - $19,055

Source: Holt Auto Sales

Found: 2/3/2006

Comments: Now this is a "vehicle" that doesn't fit into an easy category. I could lump it in with El Caminos, but I haven't seen enough Elkys lately to make a list from.

1973 Plymouth Road Runner - $16,500

73_rr_gray_340_no_ac_1.jpg (764713 bytes) 73_rr_gray_340_no_ac_2.jpg (771621 bytes) 73_rr_gray_340_no_ac_3.jpg (735765 bytes) 73_rr_gray_340_no_ac_4.jpg (703243 bytes) 73_rr_gray_340_no_ac_5.jpg (720413 bytes)

Description: This is an original H code car. This was a give away car at the Mopar show in Carlisle, PA in 2002. This is a very low mileage car. The car is in outstanding condition. The original 340 was replaced in the car with the correct date code 340 engine. It does have a 600 Holley carb installed. Car still maintains its original transmission and rear end. Perfect body lines and excellent paint. Original Grey car and still has its original body panels and original floors and trunk. Interior is outstanding as well as all the chrome and glass. You can drive this car anywhere. Options include power steering, power disc brakes, fender mounted turn signals, rear window defogger, driver side remote mirror, 340 engine, Pianola AM/FM radio, hood pins, dual sport mirrors. Car still maintains its original fender tag.

NADA: $14,800 - $29,300

Source: Muscle City Inc.

Found: 5/16/2006

Comments: I thought for sure that when I went to look this up on NADA I would find that it was way overpriced. What is going on here. Now, I do not have many detailed records of the value of the 73-74 Road Runners, but the very first edition of this column had a 73 Road Runner. At that time I was using CPI's Value Guide. Unfortunately, they stopped posting their prices online, so I can't make any direct comparisons anymore. I know CPI's prices were generally lower than NADA's prices, but they couldn't be that far off. In July 2004 CPI put a Road Runner at $7,975 - $10,850 for a good to excellent car, respectively. At that time I noted that the value of the Road Runner had risen 27% since June 2002, the last printed copy of CPI's guide I had. NADA nearly doubles that for the average retail price and almost triples CPI's top number from just two years ago. Are these cars really going up in value that much? Having done just this little bit of research it seems it would be hard to justify low balling an offer. But they did say this was a give-away car, and it is not a numbers matching car (and never will be again). If they are selling it on consignment maybe the guy will be flexible.

Enough with price and value. This is MY CAR! I had a GRAY 73 Road Runner. O.K., so mine was actually a Road Runner/GTX with a 440 and it had black stripes and a black vinyl roof. It also had air conditioning which will be tough to live without. I love this car. That hood bulge looks so cool when your looking out over it when driving. I'll bet Plymouth planned to make it a functional air grabber hood when they first drew this car. Since the Muscle Car crazy was going out and emissions were coming in I expect that's why the hood was all form and no function. We'll have to try and fix that.

I would try to talk them down to the $13-14K range. I don't know if I would go over budget on this car, but it is tempting especially if it is going to continue to rise in value. I would definitely try to install air conditioning to make it a comfortable cruiser.

This month gave me a chance to show this car. I have wanted to show it since I first saw it. This is the true nostalgia car for me.

1971 Buick Riviera - $4,995

71_riviera_gray_1.jpg (64444 bytes) 71_riviera_gray_2.jpg (56823 bytes) 71_riviera_gray_3.jpg (51909 bytes) 71_riviera_gray_4.jpg (66985 bytes)

Description: 455 V8, automatic, air conditioning, power steering, power brakes, power windows, power seats, cruise control, AM-FM stereo, good straight original driver, runs & drives great, nice solid body.

NADA: $11,880 - $19,800

Source: Classic & Collectible Cars

Found: 4/6/2006

Comments: Here's another car that doesn't fit in any convenient category. I love that boat tail rear end. Too bad it doesn't have a factory console. At this price we should be able to scrounge that up. I wonder how bad the gas mileage is with this boat. Talk about an Anti-Mini.

1966 Chevrolet Impala - $13,975

66_impala_327_gold_on_gold_tx_1.jpg (296757 bytes) 66_impala_327_gold_on_gold_tx_2.jpg (298023 bytes) 66_impala_327_gold_on_gold_tx_3.jpg (585593 bytes) 66_impala_327_gold_on_gold_tx_4.jpg (572162 bytes)

Description: Originally sold new in dry climate Tyler Texas, and only three owners since. All of the history you are looking for including Protect-o-Plate. Numbers matching 327 CID motor. Mechanically sound, well maintained and repaired as required it's entire life, not a speck of rust on this body! Call for further details, and you really must see to appreciate!

NADA: $15,190 - $24,500


Found: 2/17/2006

Comments: I had a few Impalas in my "archive," so I figured now was as good a time as ever to use them. Can a really nice Impala sway me away from a nice Monte Carlo. This car looks very impressive on the outside. I have mentioned this before, but for these cars I believe the 327 engine on NADA's web site is for the more rare 275 hp 4 barrel engine. The two barrel engine is much more common and hardly deserves to boost the value by 30%. In this case, even though I don't know, I gave him credit for the 275 hp motor... just to increase the value. I really like this car. It even has air conditioning, which is more rare on these cars than the Montes. This is a car I feel confident in driving half way across Texas to see... and buy.

1966 Chevrolet Impala 396 - $15,900

66_impala_396_tuxedo_black_1.jpg (76235 bytes) 66_impala_396_tuxedo_black_2.jpg (73358 bytes) 66_impala_396_tuxedo_black_3.jpg (66585 bytes) 66_impala_396_tuxedo_black_4.jpg (80788 bytes)

Description: Rock Solid North Carolina car, Tuxedo black, black vinyl interior, 396 co. engine, Holley 4 bbl, Edelbrock Performer Z intake, headers, factory chrome breather & valve covers, power steering, bench seat, factory dash, am-fm-cassette, gauges, dual exhaust, Coker Classic Radial redlines, Corvette Rally wheels w/ disc brake flat caps, Must See!

NADA: $14,648 - $23,625

Source: Souther Motors

Found: 8/12/05

Comments: This car looks nice, but black is so unforgiving. Also it is pricey for me with no air conditioing.

1966 Chevrolet Impala - $10,957

66_impala_clean_283_blue_1.jpg (230112 bytes) 66_impala_clean_283_blue_2.jpg (227666 bytes) 66_impala_clean_283_blue_3.jpg (238830 bytes) 66_impala_clean_283_blue_4.jpg (225030 bytes)

Description: WOW!! Neat crisp and clean little 66 Impala!! Small block V8 runs great!! Engine pad# ‘GF’ designates 283, automatic, Power Steering, headers, aluminum pulleys, Edelbrock intake valve covers and breather, Am radio as well as Remote Pioneer CD system, rallies w/flat cap spinners, dome lamp as well as floor lamps work!! Cold start lamp still works!! Absolutely a great driver w/solid floors and nicely done trunk, clean blue paint approx 5 years old looks great, not many cars this clean under $11K anywhere in the country, previous owner stated he drove this car everywhere daily!! Starts/runs/drives/steers/handles like a dream!! There is not a cleaner, nicer 66 Impala anywhere for the same money.

NADA: $10,850 - $17,500

Source: Jake's Forgotten Past

Found: 11:35 PM 5/11/2006

Comments: This might be a clean enough project car. I am weary, but a good inspection could prove worthwhile.

1966 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport 396 - $15,900

66_impala_ss_396_willow_green_1.jpg (82998 bytes) 66_impala_ss_396_willow_green_2.jpg (79050 bytes) 66_impala_ss_396_willow_green_3.jpg (73533 bytes) 66_impala_ss_396_willow_green_4.jpg (80954 bytes)

Description: Gorgeous original, true SS Impala. Matching numbers 396 cubic inch engine with Turbo 400 transmission. Beautiful, correct Willow green with two tone green interior. Power steering and power brakes. Tilt wheel. Bucket seats and console. Very clean throughout. Wider whites and correct SS wheel covers. Runs and drives excellent. 

NADA: $21,465 - $35,505

Source: Gentle Touch Motor Cars

Found: 11/01/05

Source: Where's the air conditioning? I like this body style. I have since I saw a really nice two tone silver and black car back in the early eighties. Add A/C and a nice set of wheels and cruise until the tires fall off. This car is over my budget, but look at the NADA value. If it is rust free this is a bargain. I am not thrilled with the color combination, but that is probably what is keeping me from putting this at the top of the Impalas.

1966 Chevrolet Impala - $13,900

66_impala_teal_283_1.jpg (849366 bytes) 66_impala_teal_283_2.jpg (865360 bytes) 66_impala_teal_283_3.jpg (821658 bytes) 66_impala_teal_283_4.jpg (864580 bytes)

Description: This 1966 Chevrolet Impala is one of those cars that has such a straight body and great paint that it brings out the "nitpicker," in anyone trying to find something wrong with it. Having only three owners, this Chevy has been taking great care of and you can tell! The interior is very "fresh". Under the hood sports a powerful 283 CID V-8 coupled to automatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. This Impala also features power seats, a tilt wheel, AM/FM Stereo, and a CD Player.

NADA: $10,850 - $17,500

Source: Classic Auto Showplace Ltd.

Found: 5/10/2006

Comments: Power seats! What about air conditioning? We could negotiate the price down just a touch to cover installing A/C. We need a closer look at this car to decide. I am unsure of the color combination.

1967 Chevrolet Impala - $7,900

67_impala_327_275hp_fastback_1.jpg (70230 bytes) 67_impala_327_275hp_fastback_2.jpg (69321 bytes) 67_impala_327_275hp_fastback_3.jpg (70285 bytes) 67_impala_327_275hp_fastback_4.jpg (86424 bytes)

Description: Two door sport coupe. This is a very nice all original arrow straight totally rust free California car. It has its matching number original 327ci/275hp V8 engine, automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, AM radio, polished Torque Trust wheels and new steel belted radial tires. It runs, drives and stops like a new car. The trim tag is in place on the cowl and all the numbers decode as correct. The block stamping is also in place and decodes as correct. Original paint color is Gold (Trim code GG) and has had one repaint some time ago which at present is somewhat faded. Color sanding and polishing may restore the gloss or it may need a repaint. Stainless trim, bumpers and grille are in excellent shape. Glass has no scratches or cracks. Trunk is totally rust free with the original finish in place. Original spare wheel, bias-ply BF Goodrich tire, jack, lug wrench and hub caps are in the the trunk. The interior is original and in excellent overall condition. Interior color is Gold (trim code 888). All gauges work. Steering wheel has one crack in the rim. Original AM radio does not work. Engine compartment is all original including the original air pump.

NADA: $12,563 - $18,750

Source: Pat's Auto Sales

Found: 2/17/2006

Comments: These big Impalas sometimes can inspire me. I don't get that here, but I don't know why. The price is low enough we can consider painting it, changing the interior color and adding A/C. It looks like we have a real nice project car here. I could see treating it like a project car. Since it's in Texas I can make an in person visit to see if I can get inspired.

1967 Chevrolet Impala - $6,750

67_impala_fastback_gold_1.jpg (82666 bytes) 67_impala_fastback_gold_2.jpg (953857 bytes) 67_impala_fastback_gold_3.jpg (121639 bytes) 67_impala_fastback_gold_4.jpg (127303 bytes)

Description: Totally original, cold A/C, 289 engine, gold in color. 84,000 original miles. Unmolested car.

NADA: $11,055 - $16,500

Source: Jackson Classics & Autos

Found: 10/20/05

Comments: I hope that is not really a 289 engine... from Ford. It should be a 283. This is perfect. I love this body style. The price is totally reasonable for an unmolested numbers matching car. A perfect blank canvas. Now I just have to stretch my imagination and think what Chip Foose would do with this car.

1969 Chevrolet Impala - $10,500

69_impala_green_21k_miles_1.jpg (1202629 bytes) 69_impala_green_21k_miles_2.jpg (1488104 bytes) 69_impala_green_21k_miles_3.jpg (1431812 bytes)

Description: 2 door coupe w/ 21K actual miles. 327 V8. All original car which has been garage kept. Cold A/C. All matching numbers.

NADA: $7,233 - $11,055

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 4/30/2006

Comments: Can they prove the 21K miles? Is it rust free? If the answer to both of those question is yes then this is a really cool car. I would love to drive a super low mileage 1969 car. It would be like driving a time capsule.