Classic Car Watch
Four Door Sedans

April 1, 2006
By Scott Lewis

Last month I had a long article on Pony Cars. This month will be both shorter and longer. Shorter, because there will not be anyway near as many cars. Longer... because the cars are, well... longer. Four doors. I know, this is hardly a topic for classic Muscle Car era vehicles.

Every now and then I come across a decent looking four door sedan. What better car for a daily driver than a sedan.

The actual beauty in these cars is their price. Almost always a sedan from the Muscle Car era is far cheaper than a coupe. And even farther in price from a true Muscle Car.

I did not search for any of these cars. Over the last few months I have saved these cars as I came across them. Nothing special, they just caught my eye. There's even a couple of station wagons. Yikes!

Let's see what we come across when there are just some sedans sitting around on a classic car lot:

1970 Dodge Dart Custom - $4,850 (Preferred Car - BMW Killer Project)

70_dart_custom_four_door_brown_1.jpg (605334 bytes) 70_dart_custom_four_door_brown_2.jpg (580649 bytes) 70_dart_custom_four_door_brown_3.jpg (1439534 bytes) 70_dart_custom_four_door_brown_4.jpg (1536517 bytes)

Description: Extra solid and original example, 318 CID, power steering, power brakes, air conditioning and more. Always a Texas car and the build sheet is included. Here is the original driver you were looking for with all of the right options. Call for further details!

NADA: $4,345 - $6,353


Found: 2/17/2006

Comments: O.K. If you really just want to drive an old car, but one in really nice shape... this is the car for you. Leave modern technology behind. Auto up and down power windows. Who needs them. Fuel injection. Nah... carburetors can flow fuel just fine. Anti-lock brakes, traction control, dynamic stability control. That's like autopilot, it detracts from the driving experience. Who needs them. Get back to basics and drive an old car with the minimal power requirements.

You are going to think I am crazy, but I see this car and it inspires me to make a really nice handling sedan. We should be able to make this car into a BMW killer. Upgrade the suspension and interior. The price is low enough we have plenty left over in our budget to build a nice dash with full instrumentation. Put the right sound deadening material and it could be as pleasant a place to be as a BMW. Well, maybe not that nice, but that would be my target.

1968 Dodge Dart 270 - $11,250

68_dart_4door_4speed_1.jpg (40803 bytes) 68_dart_4door_4speed_2.jpg (42417 bytes) 68_dart_4door_4speed_3.jpg (43902 bytes) 68_dart_4door_4speed_4.jpg (55652 bytes)

Description: 318 V8, ultra rare factory 4 speed, only 23 built. This is the rarest Dodge built in 1968, it compares to only 80 Hemi cars. Yes, I know it has an extra set of doors, but if your a collector that wants an odd ball, maybe this will work for you. No PS, reverse light, AM radio, poverty caps, dual exhaust with mellow tone mufflers. The car has been repainted in it's original U code light blue metallic, a very nice job was done, the engine was out of the vehicle and the fire wall and side trays were also finished. The bumpers were also replated. The interior has been redone in cloth from it's original vinyl. The engine is a 318-230hp 9.2 compression and it has been rebuilt to stock. The body and floors are solid rust free, as is the trunk pan. Jack and spare are included. Runs and drives fine.

NADA: $3,960 - $5,748

Source: Ultra Automotive

Found: 11/22/05

Comments: Someone needs to tell this guy there is a difference between rare and valuable. So what if there were only 23 built. This car has a lower value than the 70 Dart above, but he is asking more than twice as much for it. Granted, this is a cool way to go for a four door. I would seriously low ball an offer to try and get this car for $6,000-$8,000. The four speed would make a great start toward that BMW killer plan.

1963 Chevrolet Impala - $7,495

63_impala_4dr_32k_miles_1.jpg (20372 bytes) 63_impala_4dr_32k_miles_2.jpg (27303 bytes) 63_impala_4dr_32k_miles_3.jpg (27760 bytes) 63_impala_4dr_32k_miles_4.jpg (28814 bytes)

Description: Sport sedan 4-door hardtop, only 31,993 actual miles, 327/V-8, automatic, PS, PB, nice interior, smooth driver, take it anywhere!

NADA: $8,760 - $15,600

Source: Classic Connection

Found: 10/06/05

Comments: This looks like the Impala Tom Cruise drove in A Few Good Men. Add some nice wheels and air conditioning and start cruising. Just make sure it is rust free.

I was stunned to see what NADA priced this car at. I looked at the "4 Door Hardtop Sport Sedan." They claimed a hardtop in the ad, and the picture shows doors with no window frames. So I guess I got it right. But this much for a 4 door? Can it be right?

1973 Chevrolet Laguna - $10,500

73_laguna_wagon_454_1.jpg (69282 bytes) 73_laguna_wagon_454_2.jpg (80974 bytes) 73_laguna_wagon_454_3.jpg (59786 bytes) 73_laguna_wagon_454_4.jpg (78847 bytes)

Description: Arizona car, 454, auto, a/c, ps, pb, new paint, new weather stripping.

NADA: $5,333 - $9,821

Source: Hooked on Classics

Found: 10/3/05

Comments: This one was too late for the October 2005 edition where I covered cars from Popular Hot Rodding's article of 9 Cars You Must Build. They list the Laguna, but I don't think they had the wagon in mind. Wagons are getting a little bit of a following in the hot rodding world. This one is nice, and I thought it was going to be way overpriced. Apparently it is just a little overpriced. I would still try to get the price down to cover "customizing" it a little. Overall this would be an unusual project car. I wonder how hard it would be to mold the rear bumper into the car the way the front is.

1964 Pontiac Bonneville - $6,500

64_bonneville_white_1.jpg (95554 bytes) 64_bonneville_white_2.jpg (84872 bytes) 64_bonneville_white_3.jpg (123007 bytes)

Description: 389 engine totally rebuilt. Better than showroom condition. Everything new, a/c.

NADA: $8,375 - $12,125

Source: Jackson Classics & Autos

Found: 10/20/05

Comments: This is just a big, old car. But it fits this month's topic. Not something I would really consider though.

1964 Oldsmobile F-85 Deluxe - $13,900

64_f85_wagon_1.jpg (108874 bytes) 64_f85_wagon_2.jpg (117633 bytes) 64_f85_wagon_3.jpg (135508 bytes) 64_f85_wagon_4.jpg (153393 bytes)

Description: Original 330 V-8 engine, automatic transmission with over drive, power steering, power brakes and best of all COLD factory Air Conditioning. Professionally lowered, new 16" American Racing Wheels. New carpet, new aluminized dual exhaust. This car runs, rides and drives like a dream. Go cruising with the whole family - in style!

NADA: $8,500 - $15,125

Source: Cole Classics

Found: 12/14/05

Comments: It's a wagon, and doesn't look too bad. Plus it has cold A/C. The price is a tough pill for me to swallow. I would low ball and offer if I wanted this custom cruiser.

1968 Lincoln Continental - $12,900

68_continental_blue_1.jpg (210770 bytes) 68_continental_blue_2.jpg (234942 bytes) 68_continental_blue_3.jpg (204829 bytes) 68_continental_blue_4.jpg (192984 bytes) 68_continental_blue_5.jpg (182809 bytes)

Description: 1968 Lincoln Continental Suicide Door 4-Door Sedan in lovely Presidential Blue with a white vinyl top, blue leather interior, deluxe factory wheel covers, and correct whitewall tires. Absolutely beautiful show quality suicide door Continental with only 59,176 actual miles! Beautiful leather interior in medium blue with the power 6-way front seat with fold down center armrest. Power steering, power disc brakes, power windows, power vent windows, power door locks, and climate control air conditioning. Super straight body with no dents, no dings, no waves. Show-quality paint in the correct Presidential Blue done in modern urethane enamel with a smooth glossy finish and a deep rich luster.

NADA: $4,255 - $9,545

Source: Sports Car Gallery of Beaver Falls

Found: 2/1/06

Comments: When I saw this car I just knew it had to go in this month's list. How can you not include a mint Continental with the rear suicide doors in a list of four door cars. If it were black it would be Animal House.