Classic Car Watch
65-68 Mustangs

January 1, 2006
By Scott Lewis

Last month I searched for bargains. To do that I looked into the past. That was a way of introducing you to a new way of looking for cars. From now on I am going to list the date I find a car for sale. This differs from my usual requirement that the car be for sale during the month I am searching.

The previous method was too limiting, particularly for less popular cars. For instance, I am thinking about dedicating one month to the Chevrolet Vega and the Ford Pinto. Well, there just aren't that many around, and that's to be expected. Unfortunately it makes for a short list that doesn't always inspire me.

I am going to start planning lists a few months in advanced. I am already working on the Vega/Pinto thing. The goal is to make it more like what I would do if I was looking for a specific car. If I really wanted a Vega I would have to spend many months trying to find that perfect car. It certainly won't show up the one month I decide to go looking for it.

So... I am looking for Vegas and Pintos. I have a few, but not many. I expect those that I have found to be long gone by the time I am ready to publish my findings. When I do show you my results I will be able to show you the car I really would have wanted. I will not list any car that was for sale more than six months ago. There is no point in that.

So what's the topic this month? Well, a few month's ago I did a search for 6 cylinder cars. That search turned up a lot of Pony Cars from the Ford corral. That's right... Mustangs. I am a Camaro fan first and Mustang second, but there are a lot of Mustangs out there. Why shouldn't there be. Ford sold over two million Mustangs from 1965-1968 (actually the number is pretty close to 2,078,082). Why 65-68? We'll get to that in a moment. In the sixties a lot of people thought the Mustang would never be collectible. Within standard optioned Mustangs, the 65-66 generally have the highest value (not counting the special editions) than any other years. Yet those two years saw over 1.2 million copies sold. It kind of goes against the grain of "limited" production. Normally models with the low production numbers are the most collectible.

Fastbacks and convertibles fetch the most money, while coupes are still relatively affordable. However, NADA puts all coupes at over $15K for high retail if they have a V-8. Here's a quick breakdown of NADA's high retail prices for 65-68 coupes with 6 or 8 cylinders. Notice that the 6 cylinder engine is the only option that lowers the value of a car on NADA's web site.

Year  6 cyl.  / 8 cyl.

----  -------   -------
64    $16,880 / $21,100
65    $16,400 / $20,500
66    $15,680 / $19,600
67    $13,360 / $16,700
68    $12,400 / $15,500

NADA defines high retail as, "This vehicle would be in excellent condition overall. It could be a completely restored or an extremely well maintained original vehicle showing very minimal wear. The exterior paint, trim, and mechanics are not in need of reconditioning. The interior would be in excellent condition." I also consider NADA's high retail price to be for cars with their original engines. "Numbers matching" is the term that gets thrown around, where the VIN number of the car matches the VIN number stamped on the engine (and other parts). NADA doesn't state that numbers matching is required, not outright anyway. However, they list all the engine options that cars were originally available with. Why bother if the original engine doesn't matter. It does!

Since the budget for this column is $15K, we will be hard pressed to find good condition fastbacks or convertible that we can afford. Coupes are the deal. Now, to answer an earlier question, why am I only looking at 65-68 Mustangs? Because those are the only years I like in the coupe body style. It's that simple. 69 and 70 just don't do it for me like the earlier ones do. By 69 they had lost their "small," sporty character. 70-73 is even worse. I like the aggressive looking fastbacks in the later years, but not the coupes.

Using my new search criteria, I have been looking for Mustangs for a few months. Since there are so many Mustangs out there I couldn't keep looking week after week. But I could look around once or twice a month and build a nice list. Most of these cars will be sold by the time you read this. The point is I would attempt buying the best cars from below if the stars and my wallet were aligned.

This month my goal is to find two preferred cars. The first will be an example of a Mustang that looks nice as-is and is ready to drive daily with minimal amounts of "personalization." This means the wheels and tires are acceptable, it already has air conditioning and power steering, etc. The items that would be personalized would be limited to things like a stereo, gauges or GT style fog lights. Nothing drastic. The second car will be an ideal project car. That's a loaded statement. By "ideal project car" I want a car that is presentable and I feel I can get very close to the way I want it while staying under my $15K budget. When I say "presentable" I want a car that does not need a paint job. We'll see.

I didn't expect to find many fastbacks or convertibles, and I was right. A couple did creep in, though. Let's see what I found:

1965 Ford Mustang - $14,995 (Preferred #1, Ready To Drive)

65_mustang_blue_white_pony_ac_ps_pb_1.jpg (89088 bytes) 65_mustang_blue_white_pony_ac_ps_pb_2.jpg (69856 bytes) 65_mustang_blue_white_pony_ac_ps_pb_3.jpg (105200 bytes) 65_mustang_blue_white_pony_ac_ps_pb_4.jpg (497005 bytes)

Description: Professionally restored as needed recently, engine rebuilt about 12k miles ago. New carb, shocks, coils, sway bar, dual exhaust, alarm. Always garaged and extremely well kept. Doors fit tight, hood and trunk are just like factory install. If you want the best one around here it is. Pictures just don't do this beauty justice! Power steering, power door locks, radio, alarm.

NADA: $15,188 - $23,250

Source: Specialty Sales

Found: 07/01/05

Comments: What's not to like. Looking around the car we see a super clean Mustang in a nice metallic blue with style steel wheels. We even have the valance for Trumpet exhaust. O.K. It doesn't have the correct tips to the exhaust, but we can fix that in time. Jump inside and we have a two-tone Pony interior with a console & wood steering wheel. We look under the hood and we have power steering, power brakes and air conditioning. I love it. I would like to see it with GT fog lights to complete the look. Other than that I would drive it just the way it is.

This car is pushing my 6 month limit, but at the time I found it I would have jumped at it.

1967 Ford Mustang - $6,995 (Preferred #2, Project Car)

67_mustang_original_paint_coupe_1.jpg (62153 bytes) 67_mustang_original_paint_coupe_2.jpg (53471 bytes) 67_mustang_original_paint_coupe_3.jpg (53228 bytes) 67_mustang_original_paint_coupe_4.jpg (62078 bytes)

Description: 289 V8, automatic, power steering, AM radio, bucket seats, good solid body, clean interior, original paint, runs & drives good.

NADA: $10,400 - $16,700

Source: Classic & Collectible Cars

Found: 10/4/05

Comments: If that really is the original paint we have a great blank canvas here. This could make the perfect project car. Rust free (I assume, but we would check) and straight, never cut up by anyone. I love it.

It needs some work to bring out the best, but at this price we have eight grand left in our budget to get this project moving. Air conditioning would be first. Next up would be some decent wheels and tires. Rebuild the suspension during the winter, and start adding some power under the hood.

When I found this car it was listed at $8,995, and I selected it as the best project car. I was checking on it in mid November and it was still for sale... for $2,000 less. This is why I tell people to track cars, and negotiate on price.

1966 Ford Mustang - $11,995

66_mustang_teal_on_teal_1.jpg (78711 bytes) 66_mustang_teal_on_teal_2.jpg (67896 bytes) 66_mustang_teal_on_teal_3.jpg (106114 bytes) 66_mustang_teal_on_teal_4.jpg (110635 bytes)

Description: Rare Teal metallic, garaged and pampered. Original California car, books and maintenance records, professionally maintained, NO RUST, solid, tight and ready to rock and roll. 289 V-8, automatic, air conditioning, power steering, CD player. 

NADA: $12,765 - $20,499

Source: Specialty Sales

Found: 6/22/05

Comments: I like this car. It looks really clean and I actually like the color. Mustangs came in a lot of unusual colors in the early days. I used to think they were not cool, but lately I am changing my mind on some of the less common colors. I like this teal. I like how clean the interior looks. I see a disc brake emblem on the brake pedal. They didn't mention it in the ad, so hopefully it does have disc brakes. I see Trumpet exhaust and a wood steering wheel. All we need is the GT fog lights and a console. If the A/C blows cold I am sold. Nice car!

This car is right at my new six month limit, but I put it in here to show you something. When I found it in June it was priced at $13,995. I later saw the price drop to $11,995 before it left the site. This is a good example of a car to spot and spend time working the price down. I would have bought this car at $11,995.

1968 Ford Mustang GT California Special - $14,995

68_mustang_gt_cs_red_white_1.jpg (41549 bytes) 68_mustang_gt_cs_red_white_2.jpg (42914 bytes) 68_mustang_gt_cs_red_white_3.jpg (39311 bytes) 68_mustang_gt_cs_red_white_4.jpg (46591 bytes)

Description: This is an original California Special. Color combo is candy apple red with parchment interior. Engine/trans are completely rebuilt. New brakes, disc front, new tires & exhaust. Car is totally rust free and drives great! This vehicle will only appreciate in value.. Only 4100 were built.

NADA: $13,650 - $26,000

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 12/07/05

Comments: I love these. Yea, I know... it is because it has the sequential taillights from the Thunderbird & Shelby Mustang. This one just needs air conditioning, and if it had A/C I would have put it first this month. The ad looks like a private seller ad, but the pictures look like they are at a dealer. Hmmm. Oh well, we can still try to negotiate it down a little to cover the cost of adding cold air.

1965 Ford Mustang - $13,995

65_mustang_coupe_pony_int_blue_1.jpg (154551 bytes) 65_mustang_coupe_pony_int_blue_2.jpg (119635 bytes) 65_mustang_coupe_pony_int_blue_3.jpg (135258 bytes) 65_mustang_coupe_pony_int_blue_4.jpg (129258 bytes)

Description: 289 2V, auto, power steering, factory air, factory AM radio, Rallye pack, Pony interior, buckets/console, correct Caspian blue, wire wheels, Southern car, very nice original coupe! Great driver!

NADA: $16,575 - $26,650

Source: Fast Lane Classic Cars

Found: 6/9/05

Comments: Another car at the edge of the 6 month limit. I thought I would put it in here to show you how I started looking at Mustangs for this article. I liked this one a lot, and it got me hooked on looking for Mustangs coupes.

1965 Ford Mustang Fastback - $12,900

65_mustang_fastback_6_cyl_blue_on_blue_1.jpg (154733 bytes) 65_mustang_fastback_6_cyl_blue_on_blue_2.jpg (152288 bytes) 65_mustang_fastback_6_cyl_blue_on_blue_3.jpg (153946 bytes) 65_mustang_fastback_6_cyl_blue_on_blue_4.jpg (152843 bytes)

Description: 6 cyl, at, Blue with blue int. Show condition throughout! Drives excellent! Same owner for over 20 years. Must see to appreciate!

NADA: $13,840 - $25,440

Source: Just Muscle Cars

Found: 09/21/05

Comments: Are we ready to bite the bullet and get a wussy 6 cylinder Mustang. Too bad it doesn't have the Pony interior. This is a very plain car, but fastbacks are worth a lot of money, especially according to NADA. Even deducting a whopping 20% for having a six banger NADA pretty much puts it out of my budget.

To use this car for a daily driver we need to add air conditioning. When I first found this car it was listed at $13,900. They had it for sale for a couple of months before it finally sold in late November. I really liked it, and if I had the money in November 2005 I would have bought this car. I liked it that much.

1966 Ford Mustang GT - $11,995

66_mustang_gt_maroon_a_code_4speed_1.jpg (71451 bytes) 66_mustang_gt_maroon_a_code_4speed_2.jpg (64996 bytes) 66_mustang_gt_maroon_a_code_4speed_3.jpg (77301 bytes) 66_mustang_gt_maroon_a_code_4speed_4.jpg (75524 bytes)

Description: This car features a strong running 289 motor with a factory 4-speed. Nice body and paint. Good black interior. Stock AM radio. Factory A code. Clean little pony in and out.

NADA: $15,613 - $26,075

Source: Premium Motors

Found: 12/06/05

Comments: Buy it! O.K., check to make sure it is a real GT and has the original engine. Then make sure it is rust free. Then BUY IT!

1968 Ford Mustang - $13,995

68_mustang_coupe_silver_on_black_1.jpg (153323 bytes) 68_mustang_coupe_silver_on_black_2.jpg (138076 bytes) 68_mustang_coupe_silver_on_black_3.jpg (139256 bytes) 68_mustang_coupe_silver_on_black_4.jpg (134525 bytes)

Description: 302 4BBL V8, automatic (C-4), power steering, AM/FM-cassette, factory A/C car (missing some parts), in hood signal indicators, fresh paint & GT stripes, new styled steel wheels & tires, new bumpers, approx 20,000 miles on rebuilt engine, new dual exhaust, nice Pony coupe!

NADA: $12,400 - $15,500

Source: Fast Lane Classic Cars

Found: 7/6/05

Comments: Since the A/C is missing some parts we might have been able to negotiate the price down some. I priced it on NADA's site without the A/C since it is not working. I don't know if that's fair, but it's my web site. Do what you want on yours. This car was worth considering, but in the end other cars came along that were better buys.

1966 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback - $13,900

66_mustang_fastback_289_red_1.jpg (155406 bytes) 

Description: C code 289, at, ps, ac, red with black interior. Great shape!

NADA: $18,000 - $32,700

Source: Just Muscle Cars

Found: 7/1/05

Comments: What's wrong with this car? We can only guess since they only had one picture on their web site. This car seems way under priced. Have I ever used that term before? Unless this car is in need of a major restoration or has rust, I think it is a great Mustang. Look at the NADA price for it. We could spend a few thousand to lightly restore it and flip it over for a profit. Even if the car needs a paint job we could do that and still not be losing money.

Although long gone, this is a car that should have been called about when it was first found.

1966 Ford Mustang Coupe - $8,995

66_mustang_coupe_red_on_tan_1.jpg (59267 bytes) 66_mustang_coupe_red_on_tan_3.jpg (46224 bytes) 66_mustang_coupe_red_on_tan_4.jpg (68480 bytes)

Description: 289 V8, automatic, power steering, air conditioning, bucket seats, console, Pony seats, solid & straight body, clean interior, runs good.

NADA: $12,815 - $21,560

Source: Classic & Collectible Cars

Found: 10/4/05

Comments: The interior is not the colors I would choose. However, the car looks real nice overall. Plus it has air conditioning. I would definitely change the interior color. I would do some research, and I might go with a proper two tone red and white, or black and white. Hard to say. I would want to get pictures of what was correct, and at least get close to correct, if not original. Other than the interior color we just need it to be rust free. The price was right for a project car had we been serious when we found this car.

1968 Ford Mustang - $11,500

68_mustang_coupe_6_cyl_gold_1.jpg (82540 bytes) 68_mustang_coupe_6_cyl_gold_2.jpg (78562 bytes) 68_mustang_coupe_6_cyl_gold_3.jpg (91266 bytes)

Description: This is a rust free Southern car. The sunlit gold paint is in excellent condition. The nugget gold upholstery is new. The interior is in very nice overall condition. K.A.R. has stripped and repainted the metal dash and installed a new instrument cluster. We have also stripped and refinished the metal door surfaces and metal interior quarter trim panels. New door panels and new arm rest pads have been added. The steering wheel pad was refinished with all new trim items. A dome light bezel and lens were added. We have just completed the cleaning and detailing of the engine compartment and repainting the underside of the hood. We also repaired the air conditioning system and it now works properly and blows cold. The automatic transmission has been recently rebuilt. Body panel alignment is unusually nice. We replaced the chrome on the trunk lid and quarter panel extensions. We also repainted the trunk gutters and replaced the trunk weatherstrip. The grill was stripped and refinished. The understructure is all original and completely rust free. This is really a straight car. 77,001 original miles, originally a 3 speed manual car.

NADA: $9,500 - $14,725

Source: K.A.R. Auto Group

Found: 10/11/05

Comments: I really hate that the manual transmission was replaced with an automatic. How cruel! I shortened the description for space, but they detailed the car the right way. They painted items that needed it and replaced trim as appropriate... Things many other people should do. This car was cleaned up and would make a great weekend driver. It's clean enough to take to the local cruise in and car show, but not more than that. Just what you want in an affordable classic that you will drive once in a while.

Myself... I am thinking daily driver here. The A/C is the perfect chance to drive this car every day. The six cylinder will get pretty decent gas mileage. At the asking price we have money left over in our budget to put in a stereo and add some nice wheels and tires.

For some reason I really like this car.

1968 Ford Mustang Convertible - $14,900

68_mustang_conv_4speed_blue_on_blue_1.jpg (87146 bytes) 68_mustang_conv_4speed_blue_on_blue_2.jpg (85548 bytes) 68_mustang_conv_4speed_blue_on_blue_3.jpg (88932 bytes) 68_mustang_conv_4speed_blue_on_blue_4.jpg (81077 bytes)

Description: Pretty bright blue metallic exterior. Mostly original two tone blue interior in excellent condition. 302 cubic inch V-8 with hard to find 4 speed transmission. Black power top like new. Power steering. Gorgeous chrome bumpers. Very clean throughout. Very stock except for stereo and Cragar mag wheels. Spare even has a Cragar on it. Runs and drives great.

NADA: $18,370 - $30,030

Source: Gentle Touch Motor Cars

Found: 10/12/05

Comments: I didn't expect to find an affordable convertible. This would be perfect if it had air conditioning. The four speed and power top makes up for it. If I was in the market for a convertible this car would certainly be at or near the top of my list.

1965 Ford Mustang - $11,900

65_mustang_289_3speed_turquoise_ac_1.jpg (86667 bytes) 65_mustang_289_3speed_turquoise_ac_2.jpg (83720 bytes) 65_mustang_289_3speed_turquoise_ac_3.jpg (90354 bytes) 65_mustang_289_3speed_turquoise_ac_4.jpg (117842 bytes)

Description: True Texas car, 2 owners, 69,000 original miles. 10,000 miles on rebuilt 289 V-8, factory 3 speed, Twilight Turquoise exterior, black vinyl interior with a white headliner. Factory A/C, bucket seats, Custom Audio am/fm cassette player. Original owners manual and ID plate. Super clean well cared for Pony Car. Drive it and show it anywhere.

NADA: $15,300 - $24,600

Source: Automania

Found: 11/03/05

Comments: This car doesn't look special but it has one quality that all these others don't. It is located at a dealer I pass on my way to work every day. OK, it also has the all important manual transmission and air conditioning. How can I refuse. In fact, I think I need to stop buy on my way home from work.

I noticed the price dropped on this car $2,000 less than three weeks from my finding it. I don't know how long it was for sale, but my guess is that we have a consignment sale and the actual seller is getting desperate. So... with the new price I have to say this... plain car, V-8, manual trans, air condition. Perfect blank canvas. I did notice one problem, it has the bar style speedometer, not the round one. I would have to change that.

1966 Ford Mustang - $9,000

66_mustang_coupe_289_3_ac_nice_1.jpg (80758 bytes)

Description: 289/200hp, 3-spd. 103K actual miles, daily driver, new carpet, a/c, rust free CA car, have all original parts + new parts, clean car, clear title.

NADA: $13,398 - $22,540

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 11/03/05

Comments: For a low resolution picture it looks really good. I really want to see more pictures. This car is located in Arizona, so it should be rust free. Of course the manual transmission and a/c don't hurt. Love the price if it is in good condition.

1966 Ford Mustang - $7,900

66_mustang_emberglo_with_tan_ac_1.jpg (86129 bytes)

Description: Emberglo with Tan vinyl top, Pony interior in Parchment & Emberglo with console & wood grain steering wheel, AM/FM cassette, 289-4V, automatic, power steering, air conditioning, wire wheel covers.

NADA: $16,310 - $27,440

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 11/03/05

Comments: What's wrong with this car? Why is it priced so low? Except for the funky tan vinyl roof it looks fine to me. We should call. This could be a bargain ripe for the picking.

1967 Ford Mustang - $15,900

67_mustang_white_fresh_restoration_1.jpg (457794 bytes) 67_mustang_white_fresh_restoration_2.jpg (438823 bytes) 67_mustang_white_fresh_restoration_3.jpg (453245 bytes) 67_mustang_white_fresh_restoration_4.jpg (442781 bytes)

Description: Fresh high end restoration. Beautiful, high optioned car. Factory 'A' code 289, automatic, power steering/brakes and air conditioning. Deluxe interior with center console. Stereo cassette. New tires on Torque Thrust wheels. Dual exhausts. New interior. It does not get any better. Rust free car that really stands out. You can't build one this cheap.

NADA: $13,520 - $21,710

Source: West Coast Car Connection

Found: 11/03/05

Comments: If this really is a fresh restoration then it seems like a bargain... according to NADA. Fully restored NADA thinks this car is worth over twenty grand. But it does not inspire me enough to justify going over budget. We would need to talk this guy down in price.

1967 Ford Mustang - $12,500

67_mustang_390_4speed_green_1.jpg (45447 bytes)

Description: 390 V8, 4spd, Toploader, new 411 Posi, 390 completely reworked, no rust car, Flowmaster exh/headers, 400 plus HP, new tires/rims, new paint, many new parts, 95% restored.

NADA: $13,000 - $20,875

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 11/03/05

Comments: I am not too impressed but I would have to call about a rust free Mustang with a big block and 4 speed.

1965 Ford Mustang T5 - $15,000

65_mustang_fastback_t5_green_1.jpg (57457 bytes)

Description: Very rare T-5 (export model), 1 of 26 known to exist in the world, almost no rust, 3spd manual, ice cold ac, am/fm/cass, exceptional cond, beautiful in & our!

NADA: $17,940 - $30,015

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 11/03/05

Comments: It's a fastback with a manual transmission and air conditioning. T5 or not, I like it. Looks like it needs some TLC. "Almost no rust" is still rust... how bad is it... really?

1966 Ford Mustang - $11,495

66_mustang_6_cyl_3_speed_ac_emberglo_1.jpg (68751 bytes) 

Description: Motoexotica is offering a fantastic 1966 Ford Mustang that has benefited from a recent frame on restoration and motor rebuild! This Mustang is in great condition and is very clean equipped with a manual transmission and working air conditioning! The inline 6 cylinder engine runs great and has plenty of grunt and power, the engine bay is fully detailed and the previous owner informed us the motor was rebuilt. The newer paint is in very good overall condition. The top shows no fading or rips and is in great condition. The white vinyl is in near perfect condition and shows no major imperfections. The carpet and headliner are both in excellent shape and have no major imperfections. The dash is solid with no tears or rips. All gauges are in good working order as well as the wipers, lights, blinkers and horn. The car does have a dealer installed under dash cold air box which blows cold and works with no problems!

NADA: $11,068 - $18,620


Found: 11/03/05

Comments: Wow, an Emberglo Mustang with a manual transmission and air condition. I like it, but need better pictures.

1966 Ford Mustang GT - $15,000

66_mustang_champagne_gt_auto_1.jpg (418604 bytes) 66_mustang_champagne_gt_auto_2.jpg (371229 bytes) 66_mustang_champagne_gt_auto_3.jpg (499944 bytes) 66_mustang_champagne_gt_auto_4.jpg (437501 bytes)

Description: PS, PB, factory air, black & white interior, console, automatic. Original AM 8 Track tape radio. Restored, beautiful auto.

NADA: $14,448 - $24,115

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 12/06/05

Comments: A Mustang GT with all the right accessories. The pictures weren't that good, but I think we have a nice GT here. Top dollar for me. Too bad it doesn't have a 4 speed.

1966 Mustang Convertible - $15,000

66_mustang_conv_red_black_ac_1.jpg (198255 bytes) 66_mustang_conv_red_black_ac_2.jpg (176965 bytes)

Description: A/C, A/T, 289ci, sound system, all original parts on vehicle or in my possession. This is a driver - not a show car - and is in very good condition. It has some problem areas that we can discuss, but runs and looks very good. A real head-turner.

NADA: $28,980 - $40,135

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 12/06/05

Comments: I was not looking for convertibles, but this one popped up. I have two questions. Does it have a power top? What are the problems? Since we want a driver it sounds like this is perfect... assuming the power top. NADA thinks this is a screaming bargain, so I included it this month.

1966 Ford Mustang - $13,900

66_mustang_fastback_6_auto_was_manual_1.jpg (73009 bytes) 66_mustang_fastback_6_auto_was_manual_2.jpg (88206 bytes) 66_mustang_fastback_6_auto_was_manual_3.jpg (73655 bytes)

Description: Beautiful 1966 Mustang Fastback 2+2 "T" code 6 cyl. Restored, covered and garage kept, lightly driven, rebuilt C4 auto tranny. I've owned this car for 18 years since I was in high school. It was a daily driver back then until I got married (1992) and it has followed me everywhere since then. Restored by Kentucky Mustang in 1998 and covered and kept in the garage ever since. The only thing missing are the seat belts and a small piece of the console around the shifter as I converted the transmission to automatic from the 3-sp manual. I have the good 3-sp and clutch assembly if the buyer wants it, as well as another working C4 and a couple of other spare parts. The engine has always been rock solid but has never been rebuilt to my knowledge. It has not been driven regularly for the last year, it's been in storage, so I can't guarantee reliability with confidence. This is a rust free car, straight lines, always a head-turner.

NADA: $12,640 - $24,000

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 12/07/05

Comments: It sounds good, but some of the close-up pictures leave me to believe this car still need a fair amount of TLC. I like it, so I would try and talk this guy down on price. I would emphasize that I wanted a manual, and would have to hope that everything is present to get it running with the manual again. Of course, we also need to add A/C to make this a daily driver. This might be a great project car for around $11-12K.

1967 Ford Mustang - $14,900

67_mustang_coupe_green_new_ac_1.jpg (238644 bytes) 67_mustang_coupe_green_new_ac_2.jpg (220869 bytes) 67_mustang_coupe_green_new_ac_3.jpg (174087 bytes) 67_mustang_coupe_green_new_ac_4.jpg (180343 bytes)

Description: Documented with build sheet, this Georgia car is powered by a 289 engine, automatic transmission with floor shift, power steering, power brakes, new air conditioning, radio with CD player, new exhaust, new carburetor, new heater core, brakes, suspension & battery - done in dark moss green metallic with saddle bucket seat interior!

NADA: $11,960 - $19,205

Source: Midwest Car Exchange

Found: 12/06/05

Comments: I like the car... except for that stupid looking hood scoop. I like that he used the kick panels for the speakers. Nice. I just think this is a little pricey. Try talking him down some, and try to remove that dorky hood scoop.

1967 Ford Mustang - $13,900

67_mustang_eleanor_clone_black_1.jpg (1101986 bytes) 67_mustang_eleanor_clone_black_2.jpg (1047506 bytes) 67_mustang_eleanor_clone_black_3.jpg (988128 bytes) 67_mustang_eleanor_clone_black_4.jpg (71077 bytes)

Description: Mustang Eleanor clone coupe. Brand new paint, new interior, new 17 inch wheels. Engine runs good and sounds good, just got a full tune up. Car just needs a little more detail work on it and it will be perfect. Have not had it long, but has been garage kept. It is a CA and AZ car. Major head turner where ever I go. Car is very nice and I would not sell but I have a family on the way and need the money.

NADA: $10,400 - $16,700

Source: Collector Car Trader

Found: 12/06/05

Comments: I like it! The proper Shelby style hood for a 67. I like it a lot better than the crappy thing they used in the movie, and for the bulk of the Eleanor clones I see. We have the rear "spoiler" in place, but does he have the Thunderbird style sequential taillights? I hope so. Overall it looks good. I would talk him down for the lack of A/C in a black car from the Southwest.

1968 Ford Mustang - $8,999

68_mustang_coupe_silver_289_auto_ac_1.jpg (36519 bytes) 68_mustang_coupe_silver_289_auto_ac_2.jpg (36710 bytes) 68_mustang_coupe_silver_289_auto_ac_3.jpg (44603 bytes) 68_mustang_coupe_silver_289_auto_ac_4.jpg (51573 bytes)

Description: Hardtop with a 289 V8 C-code motor, auto trans, power steering, power brakes, factory air, very straight body with one paint job, very clean black interior, upgraded CD player, stock hubcaps, new white wall radials and a very nice driver.

NADA: $11,500 - $17,825

Source: Kompact Kar Korner

Found: 12/06/05

Comments: Hey, a nice, simple Mustang with A/C. This could be a really nice project car. The pictures are way too low resolution, so we need to call and get better ones.

1965 Ford Mustang - $8,995

65_mustang_red_on_black_single_exhaust_1.jpg (92843 bytes) 65_mustang_red_on_black_single_exhaust_2.jpg (92605 bytes) 65_mustang_red_on_black_single_exhaust_3.jpg (103755 bytes) 65_mustang_red_on_black_single_exhaust_4.jpg (112415 bytes)

Description: 289 V8, automatic transmission, front disc brakes. Bright red exterior with immaculate black bucket seat interior. Well preserved, unmodified car with stock carb, air cleaner, single exhaust, hubcaps and am radio. Runs strong and drives great.

NADA: $12,750 - $20,500

Source: Memory Lane Motors

Found: 10/27/05

Comments: I was ready to blow this one off. But then I read the "unmodified car with stock carb, air cleaner, single exhaust." That really is stock. This is a perfect project car candidate. We can do simple bolt-ons to the engine like the old days, but with modern technology. I can see adding a nice 4 barrel carb, headers and a dual exhaust, nice cam & even a cylinder head swap. All on the stock short block. It would be fun. Next up would be to upgrade the interior to a Pony interior. Then we upgrade the looks with wheels and tires and GT fog lights and trumpet exhaust.

1966 Ford Mustang - $14,900

66_mustang_4speed_blue_on_blue_no_ac_1.jpg (120254 bytes) 66_mustang_4speed_blue_on_blue_no_ac_2.jpg (120009 bytes) 66_mustang_4speed_blue_on_blue_no_ac_3.jpg (116481 bytes)

Description: What a gem. Purchased from the son of the original owner. Black plate 66 Mustang, with 'C' code 289 and factory 4 speed. Stunning body and paint on totally rust free body. Never any accidents. This car runs like new. Documentation from the day the car was purchased for everything right down to light bulbs, oil changes, etc. None better.

NADA: $12,815 - $21,560

Source: West Coast Car Connection

Found: 11/03/05

Comments: I love it. It's just to pricey for me. Since we need to add A/C we need to get the price down. I love that 4 speed, plus it has the preferred round gauges. We just need to add the rallye pac gauges, console, wood steering wheel, trumpet exhaust, fog lights and upgrade to a two tone Pony interior. Then we can start adding power under the hood and swapping in a 5 speed. Man, I see this as a great project car. It's just too expensive for a project car.

1966 Ford Mustang GT - $12,900

66_mustang_gt_maroon_black_vinyl_top_1.jpg (240388 bytes) 66_mustang_gt_maroon_black_vinyl_top_2.jpg (220977 bytes) 66_mustang_gt_maroon_black_vinyl_top_3.jpg (165622 bytes)

Description: Very nice burgundy Mustang GT hardtop with very nice original deluxe interior and a black vinyl top. Very strong running 289 engine with an automatic transmission.

NADA: $12,700 - $21,175

Source: American Dream Machines

Found: 10/25/05

Comments: Without an engine compartment picture I have to assume this car needs A/C. That's alright at 13 grand for a real GT, so it better be real. I like it! I recently saw they raised the price on this car $2,000. Oops! At $14,900 without A/C is has to be mighty special. I don't think it is that special. 

1968 Ford Mustang - $15,900

68_mustang_s_390_red_fl_1.jpg (2288494 bytes)

Description: All original Mustang S-code. 43,000 original miles, original 390 has been rebuilt with high compression parts, original three speed tranny has been rebuilt with shift kit, original interior has never been modified, original floor pans with no rust, 17x8 American Racing Torque Thrust 2 wheels on the front and 17x9 on the rear, brand new cooling system, radiator, fan, fan shroud. It has been painted within the last year. Beautiful car and runs great.

NADA: $11,500 - $17,825

SourceCollector Car Trader

Found: 11/03/05

Comments: A very high resolution photo of a low mileage Mustang with a factory 390 engine. How could I not look at it. Unfortunately it is too expensive and needs air conditioning. Maybe we can negotiate it down to the $13K range.

1967 Ford Mustang - $9,995

67_mustang_black_white_black_289_1.jpg (102381 bytes) 67_mustang_black_white_black_289_2.jpg (106425 bytes) 67_mustang_black_white_black_289_3.jpg (106926 bytes) 67_mustang_black_white_black_289_4.jpg (121502 bytes)

Description: Beautiful factory black car with immaculate black bucket seat interior. Excellent white vinyl top. 289 V8, automatic, power steering, AM radio, blinker hood, 69 Mach 1 chrome wheels including spare. Lifelong Seattle car. Straight, rust free body with very nice older repaint. Runs and drives exceptionally well. Serviced and ready to enjoy.

NADA: $10,400 - $16,700

Source: Memory Lane Motors

Found: 12/12/05

Comments: This one came up while I was finishing up the list. I like it. Nothing special, but clean and priced right. Just add A/C and I think we have a nice driver.