Scott's Column
New Domain Name

June 2, 2017
By Scott Lewis


If you are reading this you may have gotten here through my new domain name. However, I still have my old domain name, so you might have arrived that way. Both domains are pointed to the same location.

The new domain name is ( The old domain name is (

Why do I have a new domain name. In a nutshell my old domain name has found its way onto some spam list. I have no idea how or why. If you browse around my web site you will see it is completely free of ANY ads, or links to bad sites. It is purely an outlet for myself. Yet when I send an email that contains a link to my old domain it never arrives at its destination.

I have tested this as many ways as possible, logged onto the Internet from multiple places. Send an email with a link to the old site, and it won't arrive. I can send it from my work, from Gmail, from my ISP's Email and Web based email... the email never arrives if there is any link to my old domain.

So clearly my web site, one of the most benign sites on the Internet, has fallen on a spam list... at the ISP levels or higher. Most likely higher. I have no way to know. Clearly the testing I have done shows a minimum of 3 ISPs are blocking emails with links to my site. I suspect the ISPs are subscribing to a spam filter service from somewhere.

I held off on this for a few months on the hopes that maybe it would go away. When that did not happen I waiting until May (2017) when my domain name registration was due to renew, and bought a new domain name. Alas, my memory is getting old because the old domain registration does not renew until next year (2018).

So both domain names are working. I will turn off the old domain in a month or so. I would just leave it running until it expired, but I would be concerned that whatever put it onto a spam list might see the two domains matching and put the new one on the spam list. If that happened I would shut the site down.

I thought about shutting the site down when I discovered this issue. However, I am only 7 months away from paying off the debt consolidation loan I took out when I left my wife. Once paid off I will be looking for a classic car (or at least a newer car). I want to be able to tell that story as it unfolds.


That is really all I have. I am still actively looking for classic cars. I am also looking at modern cars. I am still waiting for Canon to announce the 6D Mark II camera.

Oh yea... and I am planning a trip to Hopkinsville, Kentucky for Aug 21st... the day of the Total Solar Eclipse. Link. I am meeting my best friend there and we will be spending the weekend before hanging out enjoying all the Eclipse activities in the area. I already have a filter for my camera to take photos of the eclipse. I will be ordering filters for my binoculars soon, as well as special glass to look at the sun during the partial eclipse. It should be a fun weekend.