Scott's Column
Photography Business Takes a Turn For the Better

October 1, 2014
By Scott Lewis

I have been far too busy to put much time into this web site. I am sorry for that. The photography side business I am trying to start it moving faster than expected.

I did a photo shoot of a Porsche Cayman. This was a freebie. I did not get paid. The owner is a friend of a friend, a person I have played poker with quite a few times over the years. He bought a 2009 Cayman used with about 50K miles. He is not a car guy, but he did clean the car and let me take photos. The main photo came out poorly. I did not like it. But we were crunched for time, and the sun would not go away. However, we did get a lot of really nice detailed shots of the car in his very cluttered, very small garage. See the poster I made form that shoot in my Car Corner column for this month.

I also had the opportunity to photograph a Ferrari 599. This will be a paying job, though I have not been paid yet. The photo shoot was the before part of a before & after series of photos. I was expressly told by the owner I could not publish the main photos. However, there is nothing identifiable on the detail shots, so I put the "poster" on my Car Corner column as well.

The bigger news is that the person that detailed the Ferrari prior to the photo shoot wants me to photograph his other customer's cars. So this should provide a steady stream of work. And the owner of the Ferrari has at least two more cars he wants me to photograph.

So... the business is getting off the ground. I owe a lot to a friend that introduced me to the president of the Ferrari Club of America - San Antonio Chapter. The president got me the 599 gig, and I will likely be photographing his car soon too. And I have been invited to the Ferrari club meeting to show my photography to their members. My first meeting is Oct 4th.

That's really all I can say at this time.


I'll try to have more information next month, but due to the privacy of this groups of clients I may not be able to share too many details.