Scott's Column
No News is Good News

June 1, 2014
By Scott Lewis

I am sorry there is nothing special to report this month. Mainly because most of my spare time has been preparing to start a part time photography business.

I am not quite ready to publish the details of my business plan. I am waiting for an insurance settlement check to reimburse me for a sizable chunk of money I laid out. As soon as that check comes in I am going to move ahead.

Just so you don't feel like you wasted your time coming here... these are the key steps I need to take (the steps that require capital):

  1. Get an assumed name certificate (a DBA - Doing Business As certificate).
  2. Get a sales tax ID.
  3. Get my son to create a logo (for business cards, web site & to put on photos). OK, this one is free, but I am going to immediately use it for the next two steps.
  4. Get business cards.
  5. Build a SmugMug or Zenfolio eCommerce website.
  6. Find a place that does bulk printing (prints of some of my photographs).
  7. Get a Square (though I have heard the company is in financial trouble, so I may need to find an alternative).
  8. Get a Portfolio app for the iPad.
  9. Get miscellaneous supplies
    1. Receipt book
    2. Inexpensive laser printer (to print forms, contracts, etc)
    3. Frames & mats
    4. Resealable polypropylene or cellophane plastic bags
    5. Sand for sand bags
    6. 2x2 soft box
  10. Go on two scheduled photo shoots and produce prints from them (these are scheduled for later in June).

There are some more things not listed (such as insurance), but I have not ironed them out yet with my business plan.

I expect to get started on these steps in late June or July. I do not know how soon I will be able to report my progress. But I will do so when I have something more newsworthy.


Until next time (which may not be next month).