Scott's Column
New Business Opportunity

November 3, 2013
By Scott Lewis

I mentioned a month or two ago I did not want to put too much photography in this column. Unfortunately it is consuming my spare time more and more. To the point I have decided to do photography on the side as a business.

I have an idea (that I stole... with permission), and I am going to try an run with it.

Taking Photos of Bikers

Here is the deal... for the biker. When they buy a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle they get a free picture of them on their bike. Simple.

So how do I make money. Well, I partner with a Harley dealership and get the dealer to pay for it... as a significantly discounted price.

Why would the dealer agree to this? Glad you asked, because that leads to the two catches to this entire endeavor.

1) The bike owner cannot have his picture taken on the day he buys his bike. He must return on a day when I am their.

2) I deliver the final print to the dealer. I do not send it to the bike owner. So the bike owner must come back to the dealer to pick it up.

What does this do? Quite simply, it gets the Harley bike owner to come back to the dealer, where the dealership gets two chances to sell them accessories. Harley owners love to personalize their bikes. And the dealer's best chance to sell them anything is with them at the dealership. Win-Win-Win. Everyone wins.

That takes care of the first photo. Of course, after the bike owner gets his free picture, I email him a link where he can see all the pictures, included ones that were given special attention in Photoshop to make them look better. Even some with the background changed, special borders, etc.

Those pictures he could buy from me directly.

I would have my contact information printed on the back, so he can always contact me for any other photos, such as portraits and such.

I have a friend and his wife both own Harleys. I will be taking pictures of them first (yes, they get everything for free as they are my guinea pigs). I will setup my portable backdrop, take a few poses of them, and then process and print some out. They get some and I get some. I will take my copies of them to the dealer to pitch the idea. And even give them to the dealer to display so the people buying bikes know what they are getting.


Wish me luck. I am hoping to be fully ready to do this as soon as the cold weather breaks. In South Central Texas that is going to start if late February, early March.