Scott's Column
Life 2.0, Photography Projects, Star Wars Celebration V

July 1, 2010
By Scott Lewis

This month we are going to keep it simple. I am spending way too much time watching podcasts on photography and Photoshop. I am this close to buying Photoshop CS5 & Lightroom 3. But I need to save my money for Star Wars Celebration V.

Current Topics:

Life 2.0

If you have been reading my columns and blog for the last couple of months you are aware that I have separated from my wife, and am now living in an apartment. I would like to make this change in my life part of my online writings. Toward that end I hope to cover topics relevant to my situation.

I don't know where this is going, but I hope to flesh it out over the coming months. I don't know if I will have time to get started on anything before the end of summer. I am taking my sons to Celebration V in August, so that will occupy most of my time and all of my money.

I recently bought a camera, and plan to take a lot of pictures at C-5. I also hope to get back into photography as a hobby. I am contemplating a photography podcast. This will be very ambitious as I know nothing about creating a podcast, and don't have money to invest. If this happens it will concentrate on digital photography for beginners on a budget.


Photography - Project A Month

Armed with my new camera I want to make sure I keep using it. So I have started something called Project A Month. I am going to plan out at least one project every month that will require me to use my camera. I plan on doing things as cheap as possible. Creativity over finances.

I am thinking about creating a blog for photography. I understand camera technology and think I can put that into a blog for beginners. I would also like to create a podcast. The general theme of the podcast would be getting the most out of a dSLR camera once you have one. After the initial purchase we would try to do things as inexpensively as possible. I would spend time on many of the episodes explaining the technical aspects of a camera and showing how to put them to use.

I am just spit balling this in my own head. To emphasize the low cost I would try to make the podcast as inexpensively as possible as well. I have a point and shoot camera capable of recording video. I would just need to create the videos, edit them with possible screen capture software for Photoshop and other software tips, and create a web site to hold all the videos and hook in into iTunes. I don't know how to do any of that at this time, but that would be part of the challenge.

If anyone has any suggestions for [cheap] software to put together a reasonably professional looking podcast that will allow me to take video of myself and overlay that with still photos and screen-cast output I would appreciate it if you could drop me a line.

It may be a few months before this gets off the ground. I still need some equipment... like cheap lights and a tripod. Hopefully with those I should be ready to start filming the video segments.

Ultimately I want it to be a podcast that people can learn with me as I learn for the podcast. I also might have to create a forum/web site to allow interactivity. Or maybe the web site that hosts the video could just take comments. Lots of this is up in the air... inside my head. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Preparation for Celebration V

I am taking the biggest vacation I have ever done. 8 days in Orlando, Florida. The reason for the trip is to take my two sons to Star Wars Celebration V. We will plan to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

My sons plan on going in costume to C-5. I am doing something completely different. I got back into working out back in January. Once I knew C-5 was a for sure thing... I started training. I bulked up as much as possible. Until the now. For July and the beginning of August I changed my workout and diet to lose as much weight as possible in 5 weeks.

My Goal is to look large and lean... and wear Star Trek T-Shirts to the Star Wars convention. Let's see how many Star Wars nerds will pick on me in my Trekkie shirts.

One shirt I am planning is a spoof shirt. I found an image of the case of the Star Trek 2009 movie. I then downloaded a Star Wars font. I used the Star Wars font to spell out Star Wars. Then I displayed the cast of the Star Trek movie coming through the letters. Here is what the graphic looks like:

I just need to print it on iron-on transfer paper and put it on a plain white T-Shirt... about two sizes too small... for that muscular look. He he!



That's it for this month. I really don't know what's coming up. Life 2.0 has me making this up as I go. I am getting very low on disc space. Since I cannot afford a Drobo yet (as part of my plans for the new computer eco-system) I ordered an external hard drive... with USB 3.0. I will write about it next month.