Scott's Column
Pool Table & Bad News

January 1, 2004
By Scott Lewis

Things went from bad to worse for December. However, there were some good points so I will try to provide something (I was close to providing nothing as I did last month).

Pool Table

I turned 40 in December. No, this was not one of the things that made December worse than November. I have never been one to put much weight on age. I reached the absolute best physical shape of my life at 35. If I had the time to go to the gym I could beat that and be in my best shape today. Regardless of the fact that my 9 year old son calls me "old man," I am not feeling old by any means.

In fact, I prefer the Big "O" birthdays as they usually bring big presents. And this turned out to be the case. My wife surprised me with a pool table as a birthday present. She also planned an awesome surprise birthday party. She managed to invite all of my very closest friends from the last decade or more of my life. Since most of these people were out of town this was quite a feet.

My very best friend (you know who you are) could not make it due to an illness in his family. But he will still be down in January to watch the Spurs whoop-ass on the Nets. See, my best friend and I bet on the Spurs vs. Nets NBA Championship last year. The loser had to visit the winner to watch the teams play on the winner's home court. Since the Spurs won last year my friend has to come down here to watch the Net lose again... in San Antonio. The only time the Spurs and Nets play in San Antonio this year is in January. I already have the tickets.

One other friend had to miss the party because he was receiving an award that same night. However, he came to town just after his award for a class, and we did get to spend an evening playing pool.

My brother was one of the out of town guests, as was a good friend of mine from Houston. Overall I was very surprised, and thrilled to have all my closest friends trying to make it for my birthday. My wife was a little miffed at the Billiard place, as they called me at work. I hung up on them assuming it was a wrong number. About a half second after I hung up I knew what I was getting. I assume now that they were calling to arrange delivery of the table, or just to get into the house to set it up.

Thanks to all those that came, or tried to come.

Now my wife and I want to properly decorate the game room. In fact, this pool table is going to be a money pit. When I am playing up there I think about how I want a small refrigerator to hold beer and soda. But the entertainment center is where the mini fridge would go. So I need to get the entertainment center out of there. That means I need a flat panel TV on the wall. I already wired the wall for just such a TV when we built the house. In place of the entertainment center is supposed to be a walk-around bar. I already bought a book shelf style stereo with 5 disc CD changer. I am getting the itch to put speakers in the ceiling to have the sound be more balanced throughout the game room. Of course we need pool room style furniture. Bar style stools and a couple of tables would be nice. I could see spending thousands making this room perfect. But it will all have to wait until I get a really big raise.

Bad News

Now for the bad news. My sister passed away due to complication from Leukemia. We have known about the Leukemia since April, but her passing was still sudden. She was in remission until early December at which time they put her back on Chemo. Unfortunately she developed an infection that caused complications that she could not overcome.

My sister and I have gotten much closer over the last few years, and I really wanted her to have the opportunity to see her nephews again. Time was not on our side. I must say that my sister was on excellent terms with everyone. We all knew exactly how much we meant to each other. This is a small blessing, but certainly better than if there were unresolved issues in her life.

I will miss my sister very much. My life will be a little less complete without her. My sister was also a subscriber to my news letter. So I am losing a reader as well as a sister.

Good Bye, Denise.