Scott's Column
New Job, New Domain, The House & The Car

October 1, 2001
By Scott Lewis

This has been a very busy month. The best thing that happened was my best friend visiting from New York for a week to help with the house. I also have a job after two months of searching. I have some other news, so read on it will be a pleasant read this month.

New Job

Like I said last month, I wanted to detail my searching the Internet for a job. However, the job I got was not one that was even listed online at all. I found out about the position from a job fair. I have always said that you never get a job from a job fair. You go to job fairs to network. So I break the rule and get a job from a very small job fair.

The job fair I attended was sponsored by the local oldies radio station. I heard about it the first day I hit the pavement visiting human resources departments at companies. The fair was held in one of the malls here in town. When I showed up I did not expect it to go anywhere. There were maybe 12 companies. One of them mentioned they had a Programmer/Analyst position. I gave my resume to the representative, and went to their office the next day to fill out an application. A few weeks later I got a call from them and it was downhill from there. My experience was not exactly what they needed, but my enthusiasm and ability to learn was the kind of person they were looking for.

I will start working on October 1st. Since I write this column the month before it goes online I will not have had any time in the position to write about for you to read. As those of you that follow this column, I am deliberately vague about my work details, but can provide this much so far: The position is a heavy Visual Basic programmer/analyst position. They use Visual Basic for most of their clients and Oracle's RDBMS for their databases. They also use ASP and SQL Server for their web site.

I will report more in the future. Now I am just glad to have found a job before I received my severance package from my prior employer. Now I can spend it... as I have to some extend.

The Bet

I bet my best friend on the Championship series between the San Antonio Spurs vs. the New York Knicks. If the Spurs won he would come down here and help me on building my house. If the Knicks won... like there was a chance of that... I would go up to New York and help him move. He was looking at houses at the time of the 1999 NBA Finals.

Well the Spurs won, and I had the wonderful time of working side by side with my very best friend for 8 days. It was not all work, but it was productive to have him here. And I really enjoyed his company.

Thanks Chip!

The House

By the time you read this the brick is done... or almost. When I wrote this they finished all but the arch between the two columns on the front porch. Insulation, roofing and drywall are all scheduled to get going. I am trying to get the house wired before the drywall gets started.

I am putting CAT 5e in almost every room. I am putting speakers in the the master bedroom, master bathroom, study, back porch, balcony and the garage. All will be driven by a stereo in the closet in my study. I will alos eventually put a server in that closet. I am running conduit between the study, master bedroom, family room and the game room for future wiring needs.

The family room will get a full surround sound system. I purchased a set of 5 skealer from a high end electronics store. I am putting the wiring in for those speakers and for rear speakers. I am planning for the possibilities of a Dolby 7.1 system with two rear channel speakers.

I will better be able to tell you how all this works out when I start buying speakers and have things working. For the moment lets consider this overkill for wiring.

New Domain

I finally bit the bullet and registered my name as a domain name. My web site was part of a dial-up ISP account that I use to have and had setup for my brother-in-law and in-laws to use. Well my brother-in-law's wife got a free account through her work and my in-laws decided to get DSL after we move out of their house. They have gotten so spoiled by it while we have been living with them.

This meant that the dial-up account would be going away. So I needed a place to put my web site. I quickly checked out some free web page services, but quickly rejected them. I stumbled on as a place to register a domain name and they would host it for free if you registered with them. So for a mere $65 I have a domain name, 20 MB of web space, and 500MB of traffic per month... all for two years.

I'll have to wait until I see how well it works out before passing final judgment. Stay tuned.

Car Care

The part of my severance check that I spent was on my car. I gave my 93 Camaro Z-28 the waxing of a lifetime, and a full tune-up. I also bought new wheels and tires for it. But all this is for my Car Corner column... so read more about it next month.


That about covers it. I realize everything is more vague than usual, but that's just the way it is this month. Hopefully next month will have more concrete information.