Scott's Column
Web site ready to go to production, and yet another sinus surgery

September 1, 1999
By Scott Lewis

Sinus Surgery

For long time readers, you will be shocked to know I had another sinus surgery. This is the fourth surgery in 1-1/2 years. The doctors seems confident that this would be the ;last one. This is better than before the surgery. She wasn’t sure this wouldn’t be a contnuing problem. But the results of the biopsy revealed that the polup removed was just a stray that showed up, not a reoccurance of the aggressive polup that had already been rmoved twice.

Hopefully she it right. Although recovery was quick, it is still a major pain to go though surgery. Oh, and this totally defeated the purpose of my double workout over the summer. Oh well, I didn’t think it would last.

The Web goes to Production

I managed to solve all the problems I was having. In fact, some of the solutions can be incorporated into the client/server application to improve performance. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I will bother taking the time to do it.

We have a huge push to see what can be put into production before the end of September. My company has set a hard freeze for any projects to move to production in the last quarter of the year. This has to due with Y2K. We have a significant effort in this matter. Since our system was developed with Y2K in mind from the beginning we have not had to "fix" anything for Y2K. However, we have gone through two full batteries of testing to prove that we could run in 2000.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they make us test again. My company is a pain when it comes to this.

Back to the point... we want to make sure that we get our web application ported to production during September. Since this will provide access to our data for all employees (we are not implementing security within our company) we may no longer need to put development into the client/server environment.

This is a double edge sword for me. On one hand the client/server application has more functionality, and can be given even more with some time. But the client application is huge. I once printed all the code, and it was over 100 pages. That is a lot of code to maintain, and it has grown some since that printing.

With the web tool, we have much less information to worry about. Since the web environment has so few capabilities to save information from one page to the next, we don’t bother trying. So I only have to worry about building each page stand-alone. Then just write the necessary programs to manipulate the data on that page. Basically it is a lot less code. I would guess that I could print the entire code in under 30 pages, and have of that is repetitive code that is the same for every page in our site.

That’s the double edge sword... I can’t provide as much functionality, but I have much less code to maintain.

Cable Modem Status

Read the Feature Article. I got my cable modem. It is great. The speed is fantastic. I have never seen less than 190Kbps from this speed test, and normally see 600-800Kbps. I have reached download speeds up to 1.55Mbps over the entire length of a 54MB file (downloaded in 4:40).

Lag in games with other cable modem users has been non-existent. Downloading MP3 files is a joy. It takes less time to download that it does to lessen. Streaming audio through Internet Explorers radio stations and is great. I have not had the chance to find decent streaming video yet.

I also did a little testing of throughput uploading. I have reached a peak of 320Kbps uploading to an FTP site, and a couple of friends we able to download files from my machine at a rate of between 140 - 230 Kbps.

I am going to try and build a web site out of my house. Here is the first page. I don’t have anything worthwhile yet, but that’s because I haven’t thought of what to do. Any ideas? Please send them to me.

Stay tuned!


Last month I told you we got water run to our property. The work was completed, and we got a bonus. A fire hydrant was placed at the end of our property. This may not mean much to most people, but when your father-in-law is a retired Captain from the fire department and your brother-in-law is a fireman, it makes a big deal.

Our timeline to build is changing again. Since my brother-in-law is a fireman that works nights, his wife wants to wait until we build so there will always be someone around for safeties sake. I am still pushing for starting in March 2001. I hope I win this, but I don’t know. My wife is anxious to start building as soon as possible. Don’t mark my word on this one.

We still plan on hiring a designer by the end of the year. When I have the floor plans I will post them here. As usual... I will keep you informed.


It seems like I didn’t have much this month. Well, getting the web site production ready was a big deal at work, and the cable modem was a very big deal at home. So I don’t need much else.

See you next month.