Scott's Column
Scott has to load workstations for a series of classes, and finally takes a vacation

August 1, 1998
By Scott Lewis

Well I finally took a vacation. But I didn't go anywhere. If you read last month's column, you are aware that Jury Duty cause me to cancel our plans to go to Rockport, TX for a three day weekend.

We rescheduled the trip for this month, but as luck would have it, we still didn't go. The day before we were to leave, my youngest son, E.J., came down with a stomach virus. The doctor said it would last up to 10 days. The last time my son had a stomach virus it lasted exactly 10 days. We went through more diapers in those 10 days than we normally do in a month. Also, we had to wash linen, clothes, and car seats about 5 times normal for the mess that was inevitable.

We decided to cancel the trip since there was no way would be able to successfully care for E.J. without the cleaning facilities that one has in their own home.

Alas, he got better the day after we were to leave. However, I came down with a terrible cold at the same time E.J got well. My cold left me laid up for two full days. I am still suffering the after affects of the cold as I write this. In fact, I am having a little trouble with my sinuses, and am going to visit the doctor that performed my sinus surgery to see if something is wrong, again. I'll let you know next month the results of the doctor visit.

I mentioned that I still took a vacation. All that means is that I took a week off work. It turned out to be a good thing I did. We found our dog in the next door neighbor's yard. He got through a bad section of fence. Since we were planning on fixes a major section of the fence, we took this opportunity to take care of most of the repair job. I replaced 31 ft. of fence. This required me to set one post in concrete and set another post into an existing concrete hole that was in perfect condition. Perfect except for the rotted would I had to dig out.

I spent $210 on materials, and have almost enough wood left over to fix the fence on the other side of the house. The side I still have to fix includes the gate to the backyard. I am around 10 slats short in the lumber department, and still have to buy the hardware to build the gate. I expect to finish the job in a week or two.

I spent a fair amount of time configuring workstations in a couple of classrooms. This was a pain. The instructors were brought in to teach the class, and they didn't send the proper information or software prior to their arrival. So a lot of last minute rushing around took place.

To make matters worse, we were using a different version of the software than they normally use for the class. This caused us to reload each workstation (with the same software) between classes. Since the class software corrupted the workstations. The finally class (one I actually took) was done in another room. We had to load those, and the instructor didn't get the information to us on configuring the server. It took some trouble to get everything working, and we had server problems though out the class.

Work itself is slow. A good thing when you take time off. I have redesigned this site again. Due to my bandwidth restrictions, I decided to create a web site almost entirely graphics free. I did the best to keep the pages aesthetically pleasing, but with only 3K in graphics (the logo at the top left of this page). You can read more about is in the Feature Article for this edition.

We are in the process of evaluating a new product for use in our project. The product is called Aclue (as in get A-Clue). It is a third party product that interfaces with Oracle Express databases. It is supposed to make creating and managing Express MDDBs (Multi-Dimensional Databases) easier.

To give their product a fair shake, we will need to install the product and test it with some of our existing databases, and try to create (re-create) some of our databases from scratch. To due this, we would need to send two people to Colorado Springs for a three day training class. I will be one of the people going.

So it is possible that I will be getting a few days to look at the mountains. It still hasn't been decided if this will happen, but if it does it will be in the first week of August. I will report anything newsworthy next month.

I went to Houston to be best man in a wedding. An old roommate of mine from my Air Force days got married. It is about time. I have known him for a dozen years. He is in a partnership with a couple of other people to start doing some freelance web development and hosting. I asked him to host this site, but he has to clear it will his partners first. Maybe you will be reading this on a new server next month.

Enjoy the rest of the summer. Until next time.