My Vacation - Scott's Column for August 1997

Scott's Column
My Vacation

August 1, 1997
By Scott Lewis

I am writing this as I sit on a peer with my family. We are on a small vacation in the Corpus Christi/Rockport, Texas area. For the most part we are relaxing, but we have different opinions on relaxing.

My family is fishing off the peer, while I am writing this. I am also setting up the basic Java applet and graphics for the navigation of this site. I am relaxing, but my family thinks I am working. I think they take their fishing too seriously. As a group, four adults and one child (5 adults if you count me) only one keeper has been caught. Probably 3 dozen non-keepers have been caught in a 3 hour period of time.

My brother-in-law just lost a fish. It broke his rod getting away. It was a red fish, probably about 18 inches, maybe less, you know those fish stories. My mother-in-law caught the only keeper. They get so wrapped up in it. I prefer to just sit back and relax. Playing on a computer is also very relaxing for me. So the fact that I was able to use a laptop from work on my vacation is a bonus.

I just finished the graphics for the navigation. I kind of like it. It is simple to create and easy to implement. It uses one very small Java applet. The applet was a freeware thing that someone in the graphics department of my company pulled off the web. I am using it until I can learn to write my own. I will be attending a beginning Java class on Aug. 11, so a change may be coming soon. Some people say I shouldn't bother learning Java. That I should just find existing applets on the Internet. I still want to try and write some Java applets. The class is actually on Visual J++. It is one of the Microsoft classes. It should get me started, so I am looking forward to it. When my company does the Microsoft certified classes, they usually do it with an outside company (even though we have a fairly large training department, we don't have MS certified trainers). Bottom line is that I get to take the class off site. So I get out of the building for a week, get free donuts, and learn a new language. What more could a computer geek want?

Well, it is about time to pack things up. I am at 18% battery power, and this is the second battery I have used this evening. So I will bid you a fond farewell. Until next time.