Scott's Photography
Introduction to Scott's Photography

January 1, 2012
By Scott Lewis

I keep coming back to this topic... Photography.

I have thought about creating a podcast, a web site, etc. In the end I am not talented enough to do either properly. But I still love photography and want to showcase some of that. So here is the deal... starting in 2012 I am adding a Photography column to this site.

However, unlike my three current columns... this one will be done "once in a while." That means I will not do a monthly column on photography. I will work on a column.... and when it is finished it will be published with the regular monthly columns. If it is not finished it will wait. No rush. No Pressure. Most importantly... no compromising of quality to meet a deadline.

The topics for this column will be from the following general areas:

  1.  Camera Technology - I was inspired by the Lytro camera. It is so different that I want to comment on it. It also led me to want to take a picture of a bunch of cameras. Articles will cover aperture priority, lenses, exposure bracketing, etc.
  2. Photography Techniques - These articles will be about using a camera. Aperture Priority, HDR, Panorama, Photo Projects, etc.
  3. Post Processing - I am not sure if this is the right topic heading, but basically this will be about what you do after you take the picture. Photoshop tips, display options, printing options, etc. Obviously there is overlap with photography techniques since some topics cross the line, such as HDR and Panorama
  4. Everything Else - This is basically a catch all. Anything else I can think of that does not fit into the categories above. This would include just showing my own photography. If I did a special photo shoot and wanted to display the results... that would be a viable column.

I hope you will enjoy this little foray into the world of photography. The best thing you can do is to subscribe to my newsletter. It is only used to notify you when articles are published. That way you will know if there is anything out on any particular month dealing with photography.

Until next time (not necessarily next month).