Feature Article
A Bid Farewell

September 1, 2003
By Scott Lewis

I have mentioned in the past that sometimes I feel like I am wasting my time writing my three articles a month. Well, it's time to do something about it. I am retiring this column.

I started this column a while back because I needed a place to "review" items that would take up too much space in my main column. I am a technology sponge, and love this stuff. But over the past couple of years I have been content with the technology "toys" I have, and I am not spending much money on new toys.

From now on I will incorporate any topics I would cover here in Scott's Column. I still can't get enough of cars, so that column will stick around at least until I purchase my next car.

I will leave the archive to this column up for posterity, but it is time to say farewell. I hope my regular readers will continue to enjoy my two remaining columns.

And feel free to subscribe to my monthly newsletter. It is still the best way to be notified when my articles are posted online and ready to read. I find this better than having to come back to a site again and again to find updates. Remember, I will never use your e-mail address for anything except my newsletter... ever.