Feature Article
No Topic

August 1, 2002
By Scott Lewis

That's right, I don't have a topic this month. I have been so busy this month I have not had time to come up with a topic. So I will just ramble for a couple of minutes then leave you until next month.

Not Writer's Block

My first chance to sit down and do some writing this month was July 27th. It was all I could do to get something out for my Car Corner and Scott's Column articles. I have not had time to think about what I want to write about. However, this is not writer's block. If I was getting paid to do this, I would obviously have had more time to find a topic worth discussing.

Too Busy

I have been too busy this month. A lot of it has fallen off from the previous month. We had a major server crash toward the end of June that threw our digital printing timeline out the window. I am the acting Oracle DBA, so it feel upon me to do a lot of work to keep our Oracle database up and running no matter what. At home I had to replace the A/C compressor on my 93 Camaro. It took me a little more than 4 hours to get the old one out and the new one in. Then the transmission on my 67 Camaro went south for the winter... in the middle of Summer. Oops!

All of these things have taken up so much of my time that I just don't have time to find a topic and start writing about it. Once the digital printing process is in production I should have a much better chance of working regular hours, and have more time to look for topics. So next month expect something.

Future Topics

Here are a few ideas I have I have been toying with, but nothing definite as of yet:

  • Living with Windows XP. Since my laptop has been running with Win XP for a while, I thought I might tell some of the things that we do that are because it is XP and not a previous version of Windows.
  • Outlook Express on two machine. I run OE on the laptop and my desktop. However it has not been easy. OE won't let you store files on a shared drive, so I have to trick it. Unfortunately it still tries to revert back to not using the shared drive. I was thinking about programming a way to force OE to always use the share drive.
  • Print vs. Online Magazines. I have been toying with an idea on an article that compares print magazines to their online counterparts and whether the print versions have to worry about going out of business if so much of the information a magazine prints is online for free.
  • eBooks. This would be an article on what is good and what is bad about electronic books and why they won't make it (and they won't, but you'll have to read the article when it is written to know why).

Maybe you will see one of these topics in an article soon. If you have a preference let me know and I will move it to the top of the stack.

Until next time...