Feature Article

June 1, 2002
By Scott Lewis

Why do I have this web site? I have been wondering if writing all these articles is worth it. I get very little feedback anymore. I seem to be doing it just for myself. Should I continue, or should I just fold up my tent and pack it in?

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

I have been considered giving up on this site with its three monthly articles. I was hoping to have much more than a dozen subscribers by now. Especially with clean, simple ad free content. This makes me assume one of three things. 1) My content is not good enough, 2) people just don't want to subscribe to my newsletter (click here then click send) for any number of reasons, or 3) my site is not getting initially viewed by enough people.

I don't delude myself. I am sure the first reason is the predominant one. Of course, I do this at least as much for myself as for you, so don't feel too bad for me. I enjoy writing these articles as much as I enjoy reading the works of other people. Jerry Pournelle is still my inspiration for this site. I could only dream of having his readership... and I would still be willing to do it for free.

I believe I could do a much better job of writing if i could do it full time, for a living. But I am not good enough a writer to make a living at it. Oops! I only get a few hours a month to write these articles. If I had more time I could spend far more time researching the content and polishing my prose. If I get particularly busy one month I may be lucky to find time to wip out a rough draft and re-read it once before posting it. This is hardly professional. Then again I am not a paid professional.

As it stands now I must get my facts (or opinions) at a free cost. I also do not have large sums of money to purchase all the technical products I would love to write about. This means you have to wait until I can buy something myself before I can tell you much about it. The problem with that is I have probably done my research to make my buying decision. If I do a good job of research before buying, I should only provide good reviews. I have written bad reviews, but they are far fewer than favorable reviews.

What Should Stay

I have wondered many times if I should drop one or more of my three monthly articles; Feature Article, Scott's Column, or Car Corner.

My passion for cars would be my first choice to keep, even if I dropped the rest of this site. When I get rolling I can be over 6 months ahead on articles. I almost thought about switching to a weekly automotive based column. But without dedicated time every week to write, I could easily fall behind. Also, I would be afraid I would end up writing about crap, or boring topics (like this article). I would love to review cars for a living. I would love to write about cars for a living.

When I was growing up I always thought it would be a cool to work for Car and Driver or Hot Rod magazine. Back then I couldn't even write at all. But over the years I have had to develop writing skills. How much formal training would it take to get my writing skills up to a professional level? It doesn't matter. Even if I was up for a career change, I can't afford to start at the bottom and work my way up all over again. Besides I love computers, and enjoy my current job just fine. For me, writing about cars for a living is kind of a dream, just like when people dream about being a movie star or a professional athlete.

I have spent a lot of time doing research on buying cars. I have scoured the Internet many hours a week. I used this research to write a number of articles on cars online, and prices. It has paid off for me. All that research helped me find a great 67 Camaro RS Convertible in magnificent condition at a fair price. To the average person on the street my 67 Camaro could pass for a show car. I know better, but it is close to the level of cars I have seen at local car shows.

I am hoping that I can continue finding automotive topics and time to write them. But now that I have a project car, I think I would prefer spending time with it instead. That is why I have picked this time to formally think about stopping this web site. I started writing this article about a year ago. I have blown it off because I was getting plenty of ideas, and I thought I could go on for a long time with all three columns. But maybe it is time to quit. Maybe I should just have a basic home page like everyone else and just detail the work I will be doing on my 67 Camaro.

What do you think?


Clearly I have a passion for cars. I still love technology. Maybe I just need an infusion of ideas to write about. Obviously I didn't have anything else to write about for this column so I am ranting about the situation. Maybe I just need to get my pool setup and the car in the garage. That should provide me more time to write.

We'll see.

Until next month. Or maybe there won't be a next month.