Feature Article
Traffic Jam. This site sees too much traffic.

July 1, 1998
By Scott Lewis

What? Too much traffic? I know, you must think I am crazy. But it is true. This site (including the small traffic generated by the owner himself) generated enough traffic to shut down.

The ISP that hosts this site has a 2 Gigabit a month limit for standard accounts. They change an extra $239 for 5 Gigabits a month. I assume the steep increase in cost to go to 5 Gigabits is would be because they would assume you were running a business, or generating enough traffic to be able to get paid to advertise.

What I find amazing is how fast this happened. The site set off the traffic flow limit in less than half a month. I find this a little surprising. I have heard from another person maintaining a site with this ISP. He thinks that people have been exceeding the limit in the past. It is just that they have started enforcing the limit.

I haven't started the math yet, but will be spending the next few weeks to determine the exact rate at which I am using up my limit.

I am also using this opportunity to redesign this site. That's right again. For regulars of this site, you are aware that I just finished redesigning this site. I was using frames. While using frames my individual pages were small, and the navigation frame only loaded once for complete navigation of this site.

Without frames, each page contains the navigation. Since almost all of my graphics are in the navigation, I may have cause a large increase to overall traffic.

The redesign will be as graphic free as possible. In fact, I may even try a no graphics site. While I do this, I am putting off the release of Web Design - á la Carte, my web site on designing web sites one piece at a time. I don't want to increase traffic more with another site on the same account. Once I have complete the math, and have a new design set, I will rethink the web design issue.

I will be posting information on the redesign and the traffic information over the coming months. If there is enough information I will write an article for this column. You can follow the smaller discoveries in Scott's Column.

Until next time.

Note: I have made a completely text version of my Starcraft Strategy Guide. This page generates the most hits on this site. With the text format the page has been reduced to 4K from a little more than 50K. This should go far to elevate the traffic on this site.