Car Corner
San Antonio Auto Show - Ferrari Club of America Presence

November 4, 2014
By Scott Lewis

OK, So I thought I would not put anything out for November. And this only happened today... November 4th. So it came out a little behind the main column.

I am working with the Alamo South Texas Chapter of the Ferrari Club of America at the San Antonio Auto Show.

They moved the cars in yesterday, and today I help the detailer (I did all the tires, and they are shiny). I took pictures of the cars and came up with this poster on the left. I am having it printed at 24 x 36 and will put it in a frame I have, and display it at the show with all the Ferraris.

I previously create the poster on the right (24 x 30) for a client. I brought it down in a frame, and it is on display as well.



Thanks for indulging me in a little Certified Car Nut fun.