Classic Car Watch Archive

June 2018 - Next year Scott wants to get a convertible. What classic convertibles does he see that interest him. 

March 2018, #2 - Scott gives you some background on his new 68 Camaro and goes over the plan he has to modify it. This should be a fun read for anyone thinking about modifying an older car. 

March 2018, #1 - Scott test drives a couple of cars, and a surprise comes up before he can test drive 4 more. Is the search over? Click to find out. 

February 2018, #9 - Scott whittles the list of cars to the 10 Finalists... from Texas. Of course, there are still some exceptional cars from other states that could force him to pay for an inspection. Just click and see which cars have a chance. 

February 2018, #8 - Scott does his best to compare apples to apples with classic cars for sale in Texas vs. cars for sale around the world. Click and see some surprising information. 

February 2018, #7 - Scott takes a long drive to look at cars from 4 dealerships in the Dallas - Fort Worth area. He comes away with a few gems. You should click and take a look. 

February 2018, #6 - Scott compares two car he has seen and driven locally. Which one will move on, the Monte Carlo or the Grand Prix

February 2018, #5 - It's time to tackle the best possible starter classic car... The Mustang. The beauty of the Mustang is that they made a million of them (literally)  and there is a consistent demand for them. You should be able to maintain your value in a Mustang if you had to sell it. Plus there is tons of support for restoration parts and modifications. Let's see what Mustangs are on Scott's radar. 

February 2018, #4 - Scott visits a classic car dealership just up the highway from his house. He goes there with a list of 10 cars to verify if the cars match their web site descriptions (they did). He likes his experience their. Click to see which 2 cars he is seriously considering

February 2018, #3 - Scott does another hard look, this time at the 1969 Camaro, his favorite year. He still only narrows it to about a dozen cars, but some of those are sketchy. So he is making progress. Click to see what he likes in a 69 Camaro.

February 2018, #2 - Scott takes a deep dive into the 1st Generation Monte Carlo (1970-1972). He manages to narrow his choices down to 12 cars. Is that an improvement? Regardless, he also visits one of the cars to see if the Monte Carlo is even a car he wants. Click to find out what he is learning.

February 2018, #1 - Scott shows you his top 15 classics... to give you an idea how out of hand he is at narrowing his selection of cars. He plans to start looking at cars with the intent to buy, and even reached out on a couple of these. Get ready for a great ride as we see what cars he likes, and how he will narrow the list over the coming weeks and months.

November 2017 - Scott shows you his top 10 cars on his radar for a possible classic. This should give you an idea what he will go shopping for in the Spring of 2018... assuming he gets a classic and not a daily driver. Maybe he can do both. 

July 2017 - Scott takes a look at some outliers, car he would never normally search for. There are some nostalgia cars in here, and some very unusual cars as well. Have a look at cars that would generate serious phone calls come next year when Scott is ready to buy a classic car. 

May 2017 - Scott takes a serious look at what's out there. If he buys a classic next year he hopes it's one of these. Click to see his Top 10 Choices for a classic as of right now (all cars are for sale as on 5/1/2017). 

April 2017 - Scott does a deep dive into Bring-A-Trailer. Grab a cup of coffee and see what cars he likes to follow on their site. 

March 2017 - Scott looks around to see what he can find for under $10,000. After all, you can get into car collecting at any budget. He does break the budget for one car... a Shelby with only 15k miles, for under $15,000. Check it out. 

February 2017 - Scott outlines what could be done as a Day 2 Build on a very original 1969 Camaro.

December 2016 - Scott is still hoping to get a classic, but does not know if he can do both... a classic and a replacement daily driver. Here are some of the cars he would like to inspect if he can get a classic.

May 2016 - Scott has a setback (buying a house), but he is still looking at possible classic cars. It's just a matter of time before he re-saves a down payment.

April 2016 - Scott attempts to narrow the list of cars he is looking at... as he prepares to buy a classic. Unfortunately, that means he found more cars. Yikes. However, a new twist came up. Read to the end to see what is happing. And remember, it is a great time to be alive.

March 2016 - Scott learns there is a much better way to get a nice classic. Don't buy a project you are likely to lose interest in.... get a loan and get what you want, and enjoy it now. Scott's looks at what's out there in the $20,000 - $30,000 price range. He finds a lot.

February 2016 - Scott is laser focused on the $6,000 - $10,000 price range. If only he could stay as focused on what cars to look at as he keeps it real in his searching.

January 2016 - Scott is staying serious and looking at a few cars that are affordable. Everything is $10,000 or less. This time a few strange cars.

December 2015 - Scott gets serious and looks at cars in a very real budget. See what he find for under $10,000.

October 2015 - Scott takes a look at what he feels is needed to build a serious daily driver classic. Check out what he would do to "resto-mod" a classic for daily driving.

September 2015 - The third in the series of Back To Basics columns, Scott takes a look at alternatives to mainstream Muscle Car era cars.

August 2015 - While Scott continues to get back to basics on searching for classic cars... he revisits "the short list."

July 2015 - It's time I did a good old search of Auto Trader and Auto Trader Classic. So this month we care going back to basics.

April 2015 - A different before & after auction. This one was a private collection of 230 cars all at no reserve. Can you find a nice car on a $20,000 budget at this type of auction. Click to find out.

February 2015 - Another before & after car auction. Off to Austin, TX for a Mecum Auction. I learned of this only two weeks before the event, so this one will be less detailed than my usual before & after auction coverage.

October 2014 - Scott does another before & after car auction. This time he takes it to the next level and includes the real price of the cars he would have purchased.

September 2014 - Scott gets back to basics and looks for cars on his short list.

August 2014 - Scott gets asked by a reader about a car selling at the Mecum Auction in Indianapolis. So... he uses that as an excuse to do another Before & After.

July 2014 - Scott takes a serious look at Mecum's Houston Auction.... to see if he would buy anything. He did the research before the auction, and reported the result after the auction. You will like this one.

June 2014 - Scott prepares for owning two cars and looks at his favorite Lexus to help with that plan.

May 2014 - Scott looks at Mecum's September 2013 Dallas auction results to see if it is possible to get a bargain as one of these high end televised events. You might be surprised. Have a look.

April 2014 - Scott visits the Goodguys Lone Star Nationals and looks at what is available for sale. What would he buy if he had the money on hand, and what should everyone avoid.

January 2014 - To compliment his article on whether a car 25 years old is a classic, Scott finds examples of all the cars he listed. You be the judge. Are they classics?

October 2013 - Is it better to drive a slow car fast? Scott takes a look at some slow classics. But are they fun?

September 2013 - This month Scott finds a bunch of oddballs. Yes, even odd for Scott. Click to see what it so far off the radar.

August 2013 - Scott does a cross-over column and looks at classics priced between $25-32K to going with the toys from this month's Car Column article.

July 2013 - Scott is inspired by a car similar to his first new car. What does a late 80's CRX Si inspire? Click to find out.

June 2013 - Scott looks for a car he could take on the Hot Rod Power Tour.

May 2013 - Scott stumbles on a nice red Mustang. It inspired him to see what other Mustang he could find... all in one day of looking, and all below $20,000.

April 2013 - I'm back. I have not had much time to look at classics recently. I was building up to possibly buying a replacement for my 2004 Mini Cooper S. I decided it was time to look again, and see what 2013 was bringing. I decided to start off with affordable cars in Texas, affordable being $5,000-$10,000. Take a look at what I found.

March 2013 - No column this month.

February 2013 - No column this month.

January 2013 - Scott liked last month's Grand Prix so much he went looking for more... and it's GM cousin the Monte Carlo.

December 2012 - Scott stumbles upon some unusual cars... after he stopped trying to search for unusual cars. See what he found.

November 2012 - Scott sees some cars for sale at a couple of cars shows. He likes what he sees. Have a look.

October 2012 - No column this month.

September 2012 - Scott goes in a different direction this month. He looks at cars that were show cars before they were production cars.

August 2012 - Scott is inspired by a BMW 2002... so he goes looking for some German Classics.

July 2012 - Scott spends his $6,000 budget on a car for his son. Take a look at some of the leftovers he was interested in before spending his cash reserves.

June 2012 - Scott lowers his budget to the minimum. What can he find for only $6,000?

May 2012 - Scott shows you a couple of cars he would not consider... because he doesn't thinks his sons will think they are cool.

April 2012 - Scott takes a hard look at the cars for this list... with choices he would call about... if his savings account was a little bigger.

March 2012 - Scott finds three real Split Bumper Camaros within a few weeks of each other. Throw in some Mustang and Cougars and you have a handful of Pony Cars.

February 2012 - Scott found a few cars that were so plain. 40 years ago they all would have been passed by because they were boring. Not today.

January 2012 - This month Scott finds three cars... all cars he has owned before. Take a trip down Scott's Memory Lane.

December 2011 - Scott finds a couple of reasonably priced Cudas... right in Texas.

November 2011 - Scott keeps up his serious approach and finds Two Pony Cars right here in Texas. Both are worth a long Saturday to take a look at.

October 2011 - Scott revisits why he is looking at classic cars... to eventually buy one. That day is on the horizon... though a bit far away. Scott looks at cars he really would call about if he had the cash now.

September 2011 - Cars & Coffee Collectibles. Scott takes a look at modern classics that would look good parked at your local Coffee shop on Sunday morning.

August 2011 - Scott looks for good starter cars for getting into the collector car hobby.

July 2011 - Scott just does a quick browse of some dealer web sites. See what he finds that he would not normally search for.

June 2011 - Scott shows you two nice looking... black cars.... he found in Texas.

May 2011 - Scott goes to a car auction to see if there is a chance in the future he could buy a car at an auction. You will like what you see.

April 2011 - Scott just happens to find a few cars all from Texas. The first car has a special place is Scott's heart.

March 2011 - Scott takes a look at some "late model" Muscle Cars in GM's mid-eighties intermediates. Oh, and he finds a nice Fiero while trying to find something to represent the Pontiac brand.

February 2011 - Scott has little time for searching, but does com e across a couple of affordable Chargers.

January 2011 - Scott does a quick search and finds three cars from his short list, and all are under $10,000.

December 2010 - Rather than look at cars on web sites... Scott looks at cars for sale at the Lone Star National. What can you find at a car show... just click to find out.

November 2010 - Scott takes a look at a couple of overweight cars. One has a long story... don't miss it.

October 2010 - Inspired by the Texas All British Car Day, Scott looks at some little British cars if he went classic at the next British Car Show.

September 2010 - Scott was too busy to look for classics this month, but he managed to find a few worthwhile examples at the last minute.

August 2010 - Scott finds one very affordable Corvair while seeing quite a few Pony cars... and a numbers matching big block Caprice.

July 2010 - Scott sees a couple of cars from his short list, but he ends up with a few unexpected convertibles.

June 2010 - Scott finds a few cars he would not search for... as he looks for Mustangs, Monte Carlos and Corvettes.

May 2010 - Scott shows a new direction for this column, with a more focused approach to finding his next classic car.

April 2010 - Scott put one and only one car in this month's list. He liked it that much.

March 2010 - Scott takes a break from cars and looks only at trucks. Be sure to check out the unusual Corvair Pickup.

February 2010 - This month we take a look at Resto-Mods. These are classic cars with modern drive trains, and other items. I concentrated on cars with fuel injection for this search.

January 2010 - Scott is taken by appearances this month as he finds cars with cool factory or aftermarket wheels.

December 2009 - Scott does a simple search and sees what can be found for $12,000 in one day of searching AutoTrader Classics.

November 2009 - Scott takes a look at some very plain cars. How plain, some you will have to see to believe. Click to see them.

October 2009 - Scott takes a break to show you some of the scams in the classic car marketplace.

September 2009 - Scott wonders what he could find if looking for a Mustang to be a Father & Son project car.

August 2009 - Following the theme set by Car Corner, Scott takes a look at the classic car market and sees what cars he finds for the same money as the average new car. All cars have air condition, but what cars does Scott find. Click to find out.

July 2009 - Scott goes into the slightly more expensive world of Corvettes. He raises his typical target budget to $20K. Can he find any nice "chrome bumper" Corvettes?

June 2009 - Scott's find a few Monte Carlos, but also finds a few cars going down in price. See what he found as the economy hits the classic car market.

May 2009 - Time for something different. Scott takes a look at foreign cars. What classics come from across the waters.

April 2009 - This month Scott takes a look at Late Model Muscle Cars. Well, they were late model in the 80's

March 2009 - Scott starts with a resto-mod Mustang and then looks for a few other cars.

February 2009 - Scott is bound for time and throws out a few cars.

January 2009 - Scott finds an all original, right down to the paint, Camaro.

December 2008 - Scott starts from scratch this month so he finds a few oddballs. Check them out.

November 2008 - Scott clears out his list of slightly older ads and lists them here. Let's see what bunch of cars he could not fit into a convenient category.

October 2008 - Scott finds some economical six cylinder cars to go along with the article on alternative fuels in Car Corner.

September 2008 - Scott comes across a few Muscle Cars that seem affordable. Let's see what he finds.

August 2008 - Scott finds a perfect pair of Dusters, one the perfect car and another a perfect (and affordable) project car. He also comes across a special Road Runner that blows him away. Check them out.

July 2008 - Scott loves the 69 Camaro so much he tries to find the perfect example. Of course, he can't afford that, so he also looks for more affordable alternatives just for fun.

June 2008 - Scott is inspired by Jay Leno's method of acquiring unusual cars. So he decided to look for some odd-ball cars that would never fit in a normal list of desirable Muscle Cars.

May 2008 - Scott finds a really nice looking Mustang GT/CS. It is a bit pricey, so what can he find for a project to eventually look like a GT/CS.

April 2008 - Scott looks for the goal of a car and also finds a project that can turn into the goal. See what all this means.

March 2008 - Scott does a quick search for some Mustang project cars in Texas. See what he finds.

February 2008 - Scott does a quick search on some ordinary cars. Well, they were ordinary 30-35 years ago. What are they like today? Click to find out.

January 2008 - Scott finds a series of cars that by themselves would have made a great choice. So he looks at them one car at a time.

December 2007 - Scott discovers a new dealership and it inspires this month's cars.

November 2007 - Scott checks out the car corral at a couple of car shows. What does he find in this unusual venue? You'll have to click to find out.

October 2007 - Scott stumbles across a real Road Runner that inspires a different direction for this month. Click to see some very drivable and very real Muscle Cars.

September 2007 - Scott couldn't find inspiration this month, so he picked a bunch of blue cars.

August 2007 - Scott comes across a clean, low mileage Slant-6 powered Scamp. It inspires him to look for more 6 bangers. See what he found.

July 2007 - Scott gets back to the roots of this column and looks at intermediates, the basis for Muscle Cars.

June 2007 - Scott tries to show a few late model Muscle Cars. What are late model Muscle Cars? Well, click and you'll find out.

May 2007 - Scott is inspired by a Dodge Dart. Can he find something more appealing?

April 2007 - Scott starts a new search trying to find something completely different. But he comes across a Camaro he can't resist.

March 2007 - The Anti-Mini. This month Scott looks at cars that are "the opposite" of his new Mini Cooper Convertible.

February 2007 - Scott takes another look at Pony Cars. How many does he find that are not Mustangs.

January 2007 - This month Scott takes a different approach. He doesn't look for cars for sale as much as he shows you examples of the quality of pictures as he make it clear that a picture is worth a thousand words.

December 2006 - Last month was Muscle Cars, so this month is the cars that Muscle Cars are based on.

November 2006 - Scott has been looking at Muscle Car era vehicles for too long... without looking at enough real Muscle Cars. This month is dedicated to real Muscle Cars.

October 2006 - Scott takes a look at sports cars. Mostly Corvettes, but he finds a couple of Datsun Z cars, a couple of Porsche 911s and even a few Fieros.

September 2006 - Scott lives in Texas... so it's about time he restricts his searching to Texas. See what the Lone State State has to offer.

August 2006 - Scott decides to take a look at convertibles. Even though it is hard to find decent convertibles in his price range.

July 2006 - Scott finds a couple of cars that just don't seem to fit into any convenient category. See what he does with these two special Monte Carlos.

June 2006 - Scott went into the unusual territory of four doors a while back. This time Scott really goes alternative. What kind of classics does he find. The answer is a click away.

May 2006 - Scott's goes back to the dark days of performance in the mid-seventies and looks at Vegas and Pintos.

April 2006 - To really shake things up Scott takes a look at some four door classics. Is there such a thing?

March 2006 - Scott takes a look at all the other Pony Cars to compliment his 65-69 Mustang search from a couple of months ago.

February 2006 - Scott takes a look at stale cars. Stale cars being cars on the market for over 6 months.

January 2006 - Scott takes a trip down Pony Car lane and looks at nothing but 65-68 Mustangs.

December 2005 - Bargain hunting. What is a bargain? Can you really find bargain classic cars out there? Scott searches for bargains, and finds quite a few. Have a look.

November 2005 - Chrysler's fuselage cars are the subject of this month's column.

October 2005 - Popular Hot Rodding's 9 Cars You Must Build. This month's cars are all inspired from this article in the October issue of PHR.

September 2005 - Raising the bar. Scott decides to raise the bar and look for cars in the $15,000 - $20,000 range.

August 2005 - Scott takes a different approach this month. What if he "just went shopping."

July 2005 - With gas over $2 a gallon, Scott takes a look at some "economical" classics.

June 2005 - Scott takes a unique look at a bunch of cars before its too late.

May 2005 - Scott takes a look at the car/truck icon that was the El Camino. Don't worry Ford fans, he looks at the Ranchero too.

April 2005 - Scott was inspired by a really nice Dodge Dart GT. This inspiration drove Scott to see what other cars inspire him.

March 2005 - Scott looks for a good project car. Her tries to stay under $10,000, but a few went over this. No car went over $12,000 and Scott thinks he found a very economical project car. Check it out.

February 2005 - Ready to drive. That's this month's theme. Cars that look to be ready to put into daily driving as soon as the car is bought.

January 2005 - To go with this month's Car Corner column, Scott looks at a few clones. He also looks at a few "regular" cars for those that want to do the "cloning" themselves.

December 2004 - Scott looks at some alternative cars. Lesser versions of the cars he actually wants. But he manages to keep the price limit under $11,000 and every car was still for sale at press time.

November 2004 - Scott takes a look at a few personal luxury cars this month.

October 2004 - This month Scott takes a look at big Chevys from the 60s. Impalas mostly. See how the big dogs do.

September 2004 - Scott has an all Mopar month. See what cars he finds. You won't believe what car gets the preferred status.

August 2004 - This month Scott looks at Pony cars. Camaros, Firebirds and... of course... Mustangs.

July 2004 - Scott tries something new, a column dedicated to looking for his next classic car purchase. This month a 73 Road Runner catches his eye. See what other cars are worth calling about.