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September 2003
August 2003
Airlines Suck! Well, we all know that, but find out why Scott hates them.
July 2003
Scott has another laptop go on the fritz... and he is sure glad he got the extended warrantee when he bought the first one two and a half years ago.
June 2003
Scott take a quick look at Apple's new iTunes Music store compared to free file sharing programs.
May 2003
Scott finally goes wireless.
April 2003
Scott takes a look at Dish Network's PVR. Is it good enough to change the way he watches TV?
March 2003
Scott talks about music this month. A little about online streaming music, downloading music for burning to CD, and a couple of other nuggets.
February 2003
Scott shows you how he took a 5 year old PC, added a few parts and came up with a new computer and a true home server.
January 2003
Scott takes a look at eBay's Proxy Bidding and determines it is mostly a scam.
December 2002
This month Scott takes a look at Lindows. It is touted as an easy to use version of Linux and an affordable alternative to Windows. Let's see.
November 2002
As a follow up to last month's article comparing Apple's offerings to Dell, I will compare those Dells to home Built systems. Should you build or buy?
October 2002
Scott contemplates an iMac for his next computer. Does the Apple computer stack up against a Windows PC? He will take a look at cost as well as features.
September 2002
Scott has to jump through a few hoops to do what they say can't be done... run Outlook Express from two computers and have all my e-mail available on both computers. Check out how Scott did it.
August 2002
There is no topic too small for Scott. As you'll see by this month topic-less topic.
July 2002
Scott buys and builds an above ground pool. Was it worth it to do it himself. You'll have to read to find out.
June 2002
May 2002
Scott is getting bored with PCs. Why?
April 2002
Scott takes another look at Linux as he contemplates building a mini-server for his home.
March 2002
Scott ran Windows XP for a little more than 5 weeks. He tells what it was like to live with Windows XP, instead of just a feature laden review. Read on to know how it worked for him and get his recommendation for yourself.
February 2002
Scott takes a huge step back in time and opens his slotted race car set from when he was a kid. You won't guess how much track he saved up 20 years ago. What's the name of that auction site?
January 2002
The House Project is over. Scott takes a look back and details the last couple of weeks as his family desperately tries to move in to their new house in time for Christmas.
December 2001
Scott takes another look at the MP3 market a year after getting a Rio 600. How has the market changed? Is it time to buy another player? Read the article to get all the answers.
November 2001
Scott takes another look at Sony's eMarker... now that it is history.
October 2001
Scott takes a look at the failing economy and wonders what broadband Internet access can do to improve things.
September 2001
With Windows XP and its mandatory registration Available on request, Scott contemplates what it would take to build a free Windows PC. Just look what it would take to topple Microsoft and its World Domination efforts.
August 2001
Scott is thinking about running Linux on his next computer, but doesn't know if it will meet his needs or which distribution to use.
July 2001
Scott put Sony's eMarker through its paces. See what he thinks of it... and more importantly who this device is for.
June 2001
Scott starts to plan his next computer. But he is torn between building a gaming machine or a server. Maybe he needs to build both. See what you think.
May 2001
Scott takes a look at interface design, and wonders if we shouldn't just teach computers to read our minds.
April 2001
Scott takes an in depth look at SonicBlue and their Rio product line only to determine they they are not providing the products their loyal customers want.
March 2001
As promised, Scott tells all the trouble he had sharing his ADSL connection over two computers. It is possible without a router/hub, but be prepared to deal with a lot of headaches... mostly from your ISP.
February 2001
Instead of buying a small footprint PC, a Portable DVD Player and a TV for the Suburban... Scott gets all three in a Hewlett Packard Pavilion n5190 Notebook Computer.
January 2001
Scott gets a Rio 600. Of course, he has to tell you all about it. But what may interest you is his recommendation for a MP3 player... and it's not the Rio 600. Also, Scott tells you how to make the most out of any MP3 player's memory.
December 2000
Scott takes another look at the Napster subscription issue. With the settlement negotiations between Napster and BMG Scott sees more questions than answers for the future of music subscriptions.
November 2000
Which do you prefer, scrolling or paging? This month Scott takes on this topic. See if you get the the end, wherever that is.
October 2000
Scott reviews Mitsubishi's WS-65807 65" Wide Screen Rear Projection HD-Ready TV. While at it he gives some background helpful in your search for an HDTV and debunks HD-Ready TVs in general.
September 2000
Scott writes his most ambition article ever. He analyzes the MP3 phenomena in more depth than has ever been posted in an Internet article. Every aspect of MP3 is covered from technology, legal and moral issues to the recent battle with Napster. Everything you ever wanted to know in one place.
August 2000
Scott takes a look at TiVo & Replay TV as they can be merged with the programability of a PC, and gives his next great idea for a get rich slow idea.
July 2000
Scott gets a Kodak DC280 Digital Camera & HP P1000 Photosmart Printer. As usual he tells you what's good and what's not good about them.
June 2000
Napster is all the rage, but is sitting in a mess of legal troubles. Scott proposes a great business solution with his own application, Scottster. Scottster is a fair and legal solution to the Napster Problem.
May 2000
With Internet radio stations popping up like crazy, Scott reviews five of the larger Internet only radio stations. See what features he likes and dislikes as he tries to find the ultimate Internet radio station.
April 2000
With the upcoming release of Star Wars Episode I to video tape, Scott contemplates why Lucas is holding back the DVD version. He suggests piracy as a way of protesting greedy movie companies that are only in it for the money with no care for their customers.
March 2000
The MPAA has bandied about on how the DeCSS program lets people pirate DVD quality movies an post them on the Internet in an instant. Scott puts the numbers to the test and determines why it is completely unlikely anyone will download a true DVD quality movie for some time.
February 2000
Scott looks back at the Y2K disaster with a humorous take at what happened and why.
January 2000
Scott takes a look back at past twenty years of computing, and does the math to project what computing will be like in another twenty years. But what will we be able to do with all that computing power? Read on to see Scott's ideas.

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