Car Corner Archive

June 2018 - Scott takes a deep dive into how many cars we need... as a nation. Click for some interesting math on how few cars a really needed if was want to maximize efficiency and have as few cars as are really needed.

May 2018 - Scott never quits. He has only had his 68 Camaro for 2 months and he is already scoping out his next car. He thinks it's finally time to get a convertible again.

April 2018 - Scott goes into a lot of detail on the goals for his 68 Camaro, including listing a lot of parts, and links to many of those parts. See how he plans to to accomplish those goals.

February 2018 - Scott takes a very fast look at the cars he is most interested in... if he gives up on getting a classic.

January 2018 - Scott starts thinking seriously about the car (or cars) he would like to buy in 2018. See what modern or classics are piquing his interest at the moment.

November 2017 - Scott does a quick recap of the cars he is most interested in for his next daily driver. Hoping to go shopping in Spring 2018.

July 2017 - Scott does the math on financing a classic car. Can you finance a classic that is appreciating in value so that when you sell it you break even? Essentially Scott asks can you drive a classic car for free.

May 2017 - Scott looks backs in time and reminisces over the single car that was truly the one that got away. The car he really should have bought. What was it? Well, you have to click to find out.

April 2017 - Next year Scott will get a new Daily Driver. See what he is thinking about. Some you have seen before, but some you have not. Just click to see his current choices.

March 2017 - After looking at whether a working class person could afford a Ferrari, Scott now looks to see if you (or he) could afford any Super Car. Your answer is one click away.

February 2017 - Scott tries to see what it takes to buy and own a Ferrari. Can you afford one. Click to find out.

December 2016 - Scott takes a look at the real possibilities for the car he wants to get... next fall.

August 2016 - Scott takes an in-depth look at a few issues you have not thought about regarding autonomous cars. See how many of these topics you have thought of. I guarantee you will be surprised by at least one.

March 2016 - Scott gets informed how easy (and beneficial) it is to get a loan for a classic car. What does this do to his plans for his next car? Click to find out.

February 2016 - Scott saw $$$ when he did his taxes. Is it time for him to go shopping for a car?

November 2015 - Scott wraps up his long series of looking for a another car. It does not end well. 

October 2015 - Scott is preparing to get a car. Money is the biggest concern as he sees his home equity going up in debt smoke. What cars has he narrowed down his list to... and what 2 budgets is he looking in? Click to find out. 

September 2015 - Scott has to change direction on his next car. Check out his four possible plans for getting 1 or 2 cars.

August 2015 - Scott has the list narrowed down, let's see what big surprise there is to turn the whole thing upside down... just before looking at cars.

July 2015 - Scott narrows the list down to 5 candidates for his next car. Have a look at the finalist.

June 2015 - Scott takes a quick look at the CPO programs for the German cars, especially Mercedes-Benz new unlimited mileage.

April 2015 - Scott starts to narrow down the list of cars as he looks for an affordable car that is also a photography model, one that he can drive everyday.

March 2015 - Scott is on an all new search for a car. And he wants one that makes good eye candy, to be a photography model.

February 2015 - Scott tells a little about his automotive photography. And uses that to contemplate the future of this site.

December 2014 - Scott's annual Affordable Future Classics tightens up. This is becoming a one stop shopping list... which Scott is less than 2 years from using for that exact purpose.

November 2014 - Scott does some work for the Ferrari Club at the San Antonio Auto Show.

October 2014 - Scott photographs two sports cars and creates a poster for each... a Porsche Cayman and a Ferrari 599 GTB. Check them out.

August 2014 - Scott gets the chance to do a photo shoot with a very nice Boss 302 Mustang. Check out the main photo and how it was done.

July 2014 - Scott goes down memory lane and tells you all about his early experiences working on cars (mostly bad). Enjoy!

June 2014 - Scott has a plan to have two cars by summer 2016. See how he plans to do it, and what cars that might involve.

May 2014 - Scott tackles his annual look at cars worth waiting for... to get to the $20,000 price point as used cars. See how the list is shaping up, and why this is coming out in May instead of September.

April 2014 - Scott tells how he first got into cars... back in 1980. Hint: it has to do with magazines.

March 2014 - Why do we love and hate convertibles? Scott takes a look at this dichotomy of the automotive world.

February 2014 - Scott does some reminiscing and tells about the first few cars he owned... all back in New York.

January 2014 - Scott takes a look at as many cars from 1989 as he can. Are they classics now that they are 25 years old? What do you think?

December 2013 - Scott takes his third annual look at future classics... this time renaming it to Affordable Future Classics. See what still qualifies and he tries to refine the list to be a true shopping list he will use in a few years.

November 2013 - Scott tries to capture some of the essence of a relatively new style of car show... Cars & Coffee. See what this trend is all about.

October 2013 - This year's Car Worth Waiting For list includes a few cars I actually started shopping for. See why I could not buy something... and what makes up the list.

September 2013 - This year's Car Worth Waiting For list includes a few cars I actually started shopping for. See why I could not buy something... and what makes up the list.

August 2013 - Continuing his pursuit of cars in the $25-32K price range, this month Scott looks at toys... cars that are more about fun than getting to work every day.

July 2013 - Continuing his pursuit of cars in the $25-32K price range, this month Scott looks at used cars... still under warrantee.

June 2013 - Scott wonders what new cars he would shop for if his wife sold their house and gave him his $35,000 equity. See what he finds for $25,000 - $32,000.

May 2013 - Scott looks at how we can use current technology to track traffic patterns in real time... to do a better job of routing and re-routing you to your destination.

April 2013 - Scott takes a look at self driving cars. Not the way you might think. He looks at it from the side of drivers... that may not want self driving cars. How will this work?

March 2013 - Scott misses the chance to tell you first about wireless charging of cars, and misses the chance to tell you about charging from the road itself. But he still has an idea around this that has not been thought of. See what all this wireless charging is all about.

February 2013 - No column this month.

December 2012 - This is Scott's second year at trying to build a list of Future Classics. Let's see how the list is progressing.

November 2012 - Scott gets a chance to drive a 2012 Mustang Convertible and a 2013 Mustang Boss 302. Click to get his take on these two very different cars with the same name.

October 2012 - Scott takes a quick look at Flipboard on the iPad. What does that have to do with cars? You'll have to click to find out.

September 2012 - Scott does his 4th annual Cars Worth Waiting For. His list is getting more refined. See what he will likely be shopping for next year.

August 2012 - Scott give a quick overview of his son's first car... a 1995 Lexus ES 300.

July 2012 - Scott continues his quest to find a first car for his son.

June 2012 - Looking for a first car for a teenager? Then follow along as Scott goes shopping for his oldest son's first car.

May 2012 - A friend inspires Scott to look for user coupes for under $30K. See what he found.

April 2012 - Scott looks at how he wants to arrange his personal transportation in the coming months. Can he get a classic, or a sports car. What about the need for a practical sedan.

March 2012 - Scott takes a look at the upcoming Dodge Super Bee. What did they get right... and more importantly... what did they get wrong. See how Scott would build a Dodge Super Bee.

February 2012 - The Chevy Volt seems to be stumbling out of the blocks. Is it a success, or a failure. Click to get Scott's opinion on the matter.

January 2012 - Scott has to replace a piece of trim and the struts for the rear hatch on his car. Of course, there is a story to go with that.

December 2011 - Scott starts a new trend with a yearly column reserved for fun cars... or Future Classic Cars.

November 2011 - Scott finds a hidden option on his car stereo... an Aux Level.

October 2011 - Scott looks at the most affordable way he can have a sedan to share with his son... and a fun two seater as a daily driver.

September 2011 - Scott does his annual Cars Worth Waiting For. This time he shows you examples. Check it out.

August 2011 - Scott takes a quick stab at trying to remove a car from its background... in preparation for making his own Car Calendar.

July 2011 - Scott drives a Prius for a day in New York. See what he thinks.

June 2011 - Scott did not have time to write something for this month, but feel free to click the link to get an idea what is coming up.

May 2011 - Scott looks over the pictures of cars he has amassed with his new camera... to see if he can use them to create a car calendar.

April 2011 - Scott enters his car in a show... for charity.

March 2011 - Scott takes a quick look at the new interest in small cars. Not just any small cars... those that offer a significant premium aspect to them. After all, small cars don't have to be cheap.

February 2011 - Scott gets ready to install an auxiliary input in his Mini Cooper S.

January 2011 - Scott takes a break from real cars and looks at Need For Speed Hot Pursuit.

December 2010 - Scott looks for some affordable two seaters. By affordable we are talking under $12K. Can Scott get a two seater in the near future. Read to find out.

November 2010 - Scott takes a look at what he can do if he has to get a sedan for his son to drive.

October 2010 - Scott actually enters a car show... the Texas All British Car Day, which was really two days with a Gumball Rallye and a Car Show.

September 2010 - Scott takes his second annual look at new cars worth waiting for. See what he would like to buy when they get below $20,000.

August 2010 - Scott takes a look at how long the venerable internal combustion engine will be with us. When should we star planning on retiring our cars for good?

July 2010 - Scott continues his list of cars he was thinking about before his separation. Had he gotten the paid off vehicle these are some of the cars he was thinking about for secondary transportation.

June 2010 - Scott shows you what cars he was thinking about for when he got separated. The selection had to be reliable for daily transportation. What was he thinking? Just click to find out.

May 2010 - Scott completes his trade down from a 2007 BMW 335i to a 2004 Mini Cooper S. Read all about it with one click.

April 2010 - Scott is trying to make the trade down work. It is more complicated and stressful than imagined.

March 2010 - Scott takes an unorthodox approach to clearing up foggy headlights... that really works.

February 2010 - This month Scott takes a look at his choices for trading down from his BMW 335i. The list is short, only three cars. What is he looking at? Click to find out.

January 2010 - Scott is tired of high car payments so its time to trade down. Scott takes you through the math to see what is possible in trading down. If you are upside down on your owe car loan you need to read this.

December 2009 - Scott gets to take you through the troubleshooting process for an unusual brake light/shifter problem.

November 2009 - Scott takes a look at the auto landscape and tells you why your car doesn't get 50-70 mpg. And then he tell you what it really takes to get 70+ mpg.

October 2009 - Scott gets 4 days in the new 2010 Camaro. What does he think of this car? You'll have to click to find out. What a hint? How about style above all else.

September 2009 - Scott looks at the new car market and wonders which cars would be worth waiting until they became nice used cars.

August 2009 - Scott looks at the used car market and sees what cars are available for close to the average price of a new car. Of course, Scott does not look at typical Camrys and Accords. Click to see what interests Scott, both with and without a warranty.

July 2009 - Scott looks into the new Cash for Guzzlers law. Is it worth it? Will you trade in your gas sucking SUV for a government voucher? Click to find out.

June 2009 - Scott takes a look at GM's plan to eliminate brands to save itself. How many brands should GM have? Just click to see what Scott thinks.

May 2009 - This month Scott revisits the used car marketplace. This time he looks for cars that could be bought for less than $300 a month and have a warranty. Are there any cool cars out there that are worth looking at in place of the cheapest of new cars? Click to find out.

April 2009 - Scott takes a look at the new Honda Insight and updated Toyota Prius to see if they are worth it compared to other cars that get pretty good gas mileage. Scott also considers a couple of things everyone else forgets. See what they are.

March 2009 - Scott tries again to find some cool used cars. This time he cutes the price limit is half. What cool cars does he find for less than $7,500? Click to find out.

February 2009 - Scott takes an unusual look at some recent cars and creates what he calls The New Millennium Collection.

January 2009 - Scott takes a break from real cars to cover his HO slot car collection, and prepare for a rekindled interest in slot cars as a hobby.

December 2008 - Scott gets into a discussion about older Porsches that could be affordable. So he goes on the hunt for a bunch of cool older cars to see what can be had for not a lot of money.

November 2008 - Scott goes to an unprecedented 3 car shows in one month. As his picture taking and battery power reduce he takes few and fewer pictures, but there are enough to enjoy.

October 2008 - Scott looks into all the practical alternative fuels and technologies that could help reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

September 2008 - Scott researched Water 4 Gas and other devices that make hydrogen and help improve your gas mileage. How do they work. Do they work? You are going to have to click to find out.

August 2008 - Scott takes a look at the past to see how much of the current gas price situation is a repeat of things from the past.

July 2008 - Scott takes a look at old Corvettes versus new Corvettes. Which would he prefer.

June 2008 - Scott gets help from his son on an advanced form of cruise control. Scott calls it Speed Control. See how advanced it is... all with today's technology.

May 2008 - Scott installs a Passport 8500 X50 radar detector in his BMW 335i.

April 2008 - Scott test drives a BMW 335i... and buys it. Get the info on the car and the unusual way it was bought.

March 2008 - Scott takes a couple of BMW 328i cars for a test drive. Get Scott's opinion of the car with and without the Sport Package.

February 2008 - Scott watched an episode of American Muscle Car where they put 5 legendary engines on the dyno to see how much power they really have. Of course, Scott has some pretty strong opinions on some of the results. If you know anything about Muscle Cars you need to read this article.

January 2008 - Scott takes a look at an interesting way to put together a bunch of current technology to create the on-demand Electronic-Turbo for better mileage and better performance.

December 2007 - Scott builds on last month's look into trading in vs. selling your car and covers the entire buying, selling and trading process. Be sure to read about the government scam that traps you into being ripped off by dealers.

November 2007 - Scott answers the age old question, should you trade-in or sell your old car when buying a new car. This has nothing to do with if the hassles are worth it. Scott's looks at the financial transactions involved and determines which is the best choice.

October 2007 - Scott takes a look at some cool cars in the used car market place. These are cars that would have been out of Scott's price range when he dreamed about them new. How do they hold up when they are two years old and and slightly used?

September 2007 - Scott jumps into part 2 of his Mustang/Camaro predictions by telling what he expects, or hopes, we will all see with the new Camaro in 2009.

August 2007 - Scott starts a two part article where he revisits his past predictions for the 2005 Mustang and then makes similar predictions for the 2009 Camaro.

July 2007 - Scott takes a year's worth of notes and counts how much he has used his convertible the right way... with the top down.

June 2007 - Maybe a SUV is not the next "car." Scott tells of an alternative possibility for the next family car.

May 2007 - Scott takes a look at SUVs with 3 rows of seats. What will replace the family SUV?

April 2007 - Scott coins a new term, Deceleration Management, to tell the secrets of getting better gas mileage. And no, this is not an article on filling your tires with air. Scott give real tips for drivers... to improve their mileage.

March 2007 - Scott didn't want to pick on Ford last month without picking on GM this month, so Scott takes a look at GM's plug-in hybrid, the Volt. What's wrong with it? Read the article to find out.

February 2007 - Scott thinks Ford is making a huge mistake with its latest concept cars. What cars? What mistakes? Well, you'll have to read to find out.

January 2007 - Scott looks at the pictures that beat him out in Motor Trends "no limits" photo content.

December 2006 - Scott takes some creative pictures of his Mini Cooper for Motor Trend. Check them out.

November 2006 - Scott visits the Lonestar Nationals with his new camera and comes away with pictures and videos.

October 2006 - Scott explains the calendar he has been displaying for the last couple of months

September 2006 - Scott reveals his two month surprise with his new Mini Cooper S Convertible. Scott gives it his own unique road test. Read and see what's good and bad about the MCSC.

August 2006 - Scott goes back to an old topic... new cars. He makes a list of all the cars on his new car radar. Expect a huge variety, and a couple of surprises.

July 2006 - Scott reviews the Acura RL and the Chrysler 300. He had the chance to drive both while in New York. How do they stack up?

June 2006 - Scott gets the unique opportunity to drive a Dodge Charger SRT8. How? Read the article.

May 2006 - While in New York I managed to see some of the International Auto Show.

April 2006 - Is the Pony Car back? Scott takes a look at the Camaro and Challenger concept cars and tries to determine if they have a chance against the new Mustang.

March 2006 - Bush says we're addicted to gasoline. Are we? What can we do?

February 2006 - Scott's brother-in-law gets a screaming deal on a new 2005 Mustang Convertible. How good was the deal? How did he do it? Can you do it? Read on to find out.

January 2006 - Scott ponders GM's decision to close its Lansing Craft Centre assembly plant where they manufacture the SSR.

December 2005 - Scott takes his second trip to GM's Auto Show In Motion. See how it has improved, and not, from last year. Are any of GM's cars good enough for Scott to consider for his next vehicle purchase?

November 2005 - Scott visits a local Mopar car show, and takes a few pictures. Have a look.

October 2005 - Scott takes a look at gas mileage (again). This time he looks at some of the new cars he would consider in a world of $3+ gas prices, and one thing he can do right now to improve his mileage by 2 mpg.

September 2005 - Scott takes a final look at the new car/classic car possibilities. See what his latest option is and whether it makes any sense.

August 2005 - Scott looks at GM's Employee Discount for Everyone. With Ford and Chrysler following in their footsteps... again, is this program as good as it seems?

July 2005 - Scott takes a look at future classics. Will there be any?

June 2005 - Scott continues his lust for a new (or slightly used car) by looking at sedans. After all, he might have to grow up someday.

May 2005 - After looking at new cars last month, Scott takes a look at what the used car marketplace will hold in 2007.

April 2005 - It has been too long since Scott took a look at the new car market. What should he plan to get when the time comes.

March 2005 - This month Scott does another cross column article. He looks for a project car in the Classic Car Watch article, and here he tells in exacting detail what he would do to it and how much it all costs.

February 2005 - Scott was able to attend General Motor's Auto Show In Motion. Basically a chance to test drive a lot of GM cars along side their competition. Scott tells you about the event, and about as many cars as he can.

January 2005 - Scott takes a look at clones. Don't know what a clone is, then read this article to find out, and to see some real examples of clones. You will be surprised, I promise.

December 2004 - Scott tells you what it is like to drive a Porsche 911 Cabriolet.

November 2004 - After years of looking at cars, and some experience buying and selling a classic car, Scott is going to tell you all his secrets. This month Scott is going to tell you how to buy a classic car.

October 2004 - Scott tries to take a look at driving a car for free. No, he is not going to plaster ads all over his car. Read the article to see an interesting idea that could make a viable alternative to driving a new car that depreciates in value.

September 2004 - Scott comes up with a new idea for a Continuously Variable Boost Supercharger. Read on to understand how this could work. Scott thinks it could make a revolutionary change in engines.

August 2004 - Scott slips into a BMW/Mini dealership for a quick test drive of a Mini Cooper S. Does it have what it takes to keep Scott's interest for his next new car. Read the article to find out.

July 2004 - Scott takes a look back in time. He looks at all the classic cars he ever liked before in light of a 911 in the garage. How picky has he become. Hint: less than 10% of all the cars made the final cut. Check it out.

June 2004 - Scott takes another look at his most recent classic car search to see how they stack up now that he bought his wife a 911.

May 2004 - Scott has a surprise for his wife that will ultimately effect what his next car will be. What could the surprise be? Read the article to find out.

April 2004 - Scott revisits the classic car search. This time he is really inspired by some of the cars he was able to find on a reasonable budget of $14,500.

March 2004 - As promised last month, Scott compares the new Mustang, due out in the fall, against what the rest of the world has to offer. You may be surprised at some of the Mustang's competition.

February 2004 - Scott takes another look at the new Mustang now that the car is in production form. He compares it to the concept car from last year. See what's different.

January 2004 - Scott takes another look at the classic car search.

December 2003 - The new car bug is biting Scott, so he tries to narrow down his choices.

November 2003 - Scott takes an unusual look at Chevrolet's new SSR pickup. Will this exciting and new roaster be a success or will it be a failure. Read on to find out.

October 2003 - Scott's 93 Camaro reaches 100,000 miles. But what else happens? Is it fate?

September 2003 - Scott starts to take a look at his next new car. It's time to check out the BMW 325Ci Convertible.

August 2003 - It's that time again. Scott is looking at cars. This time he is making a real effort to look at cars that will eventually be his next daily driver. He doesn't plan on buying a car until late 2004, but the hunt is on. Check out what his current short list includes.

July 2003 - Scott takes a look at manual shifting automatic transmissions, and wonders if the new style of manual transmissions, without a pedal, is as good as a conventional manual transmission.

June 2003 - Scott tunes up his 67 Camaro in preparation for selling it.

May 2003 - Retro. Scott take another look at retro in car design. Will retro last? Read to find out.

April 2003 - Scott reads a history of the Mustang and tells a little about the plans for the next Mustang. Will this be his next car?

March 2003 - It's time to plan for goodbye. Scott will be selling his 67 Camaro Convertible. Find out some of the reasons why.

February 2003 - Scott looks into the new car crystal ball to see what he would want... if he was in the market.

January 2003 - With the Convertible running, Scott looks at what it needs for a new Spring of driving.

December 2002 - This month Scott goes over all the details of swapping in a TH-350 3 Speed automatic into his 67 Camaro. It was a lot harder than he thought.

November 2002 - After a couple of months of deliberation Scott makes up his mind on what transmission to put in his 67 Camaro.

October 2002 - Scott goes through some trouble with a lifetime warrantee on his brakes.

September 2002 - Scott has to decide between a 3 speed and 4 speed with overdrive transmission to replace the 2 speed in his 67 Camaro.

August 2002 - Scott has some costly repairs to deal with. The A/C on his 93 Camaro and the transmission on his 67 Camaro.

July 2002 - Scott briefly revisits the subject of gas mileage.

June 2002 - With Scott's resent investment in time to find a project car he analyzes the reasons why he thinks the Internet is raising the price of classic cars. Of course, Scott uses his usual zest and has plenty of real examples to back up his claim. Check it out. It should be both informative and entertaining.

May 2002 - Scott takes an new look at the project car idea. You may be surprised at the direction he decides to take. And conveniently this coordinates with the real start of his search for a project car.

April 2002 - Scott takes a detailed look at gas mileage. Yes, the taboo of the car enthusiast. Scott shows how driving style and type of gas can effect your gas mileage.

March 2002 - Now that Scott has seen what it would take to revive his old engine he searches the Internet for a project car to put the engine it. See what potential project cars Scott finds for a budget of $5,000.

February 2002 - Scott reminisces about an old small block Chevy 350 engine he built many years ago. He still has it and wonders what it would take to make roadworthy again.

January 2002 - Scott takes a last look at the Camaro as it enters its final year of production. See what he thinks it could take to revive the Camaro.

December 2001 - We trade in our Suburban on an Acura MDX, but the real fun was test driving the S-Types at the dealer.

November 2001 - Scott gives his car a full tune-up, gets new wheels and tires, cleans his car to within an inch of its life, and makes his first performance upgrade.

October 2001 - Scott visits the 13th Annual National Dodge Charger Meet, Boerne, TX... and yes, there were General Lee Chargers there.

September 2001 - Scott decides he would rather get a classic car instead of a new one. So he searches the internet to find the perfect car. This is his Classic Car Search.

August 2001 - Scott decided to have some fun with his memory of Muscle Cars and come up with his own Top Ten list. See which cars made the grade.

July 2001 - Scott finally makes it to a Super Chevy Show. He loves the cars, but wishes there were more. Check out the cars Scott liked the most.

June 2001 - Scott takes another look at his next car. Trying to decide between a new car or a classic old car, Scott comes up with what will become Scott's Classic Car Wish List.

May 2001 - Scott takes a trip to visit a Kruse Car Auction. He learns that good deals can be had... if the sellers were willing to sell their cars.

April 2001 - Scott looks at Consumer Reports Annual Auto Issue and finds some interesting information.

March 2001 - Hot Rod & Car Craft magazines go online. Scott has been anticipating this for a long time, so uses his web development skills to review the sites.

February 2001 - Scott takes a close look at the mileage rating of a few diverse cars. The investigation will surprise you. Check it out.

January 2001 - With Scott's house plans underway he starts thinking about what it will be like to build a project car in the third garage bay of the new house.

December 2000 - Scott visits the San Antonio International Car & Truck Show and finds that it is mostly a huge waste of time.

November 2000 - This month Scott contemplates electric cars and answers two important questions: 1) Why we don’t drive electric vehicles, and 2) what would be a better electric vehicle to drive.

October 2000 - Scott wonders why GM is asleep at the wheel and can't build a decent performance, luxury sedan.

September 2000 - Scott takes a look into the crystal ball to see what his next car should be, old or new. The choices may surprise you.

August 2000 - I visited Vintage Air's send off for the Rod & Custom Americruise with digital camera in hand.

July 2000 - This is a month to do a couple of follow-ups on previous columns. So that “I’ll keep you posted” at the end of previous articles is happening now.

June 2000 - Searching for a large outdoor car show worthy of the Street Machine Nationals of years gone by.

May 2000 - A worthless warning light, "Service Engine Soon," plagues our author.

April 2000 - Scott takes another look at car detailing with a new product in tire protectant.

March 2000 - 2000 Mustang GT Convertible test drive, and why people won't let you drive their cars.

February 2000 - Scott wonders why we can't buy cars on the Internet directly from the manufacturers, and proposes how it should be done.

January 2000 - Scott looks for a classic automobile with two planned purchase budgets, $10K & $20K. He finds almost a hundred worthwhile cars before he has to stop himself. Check out the kinds of cars that are for sale around the country.

December 1999 - Mothers Clay Bar System and Car Detailing Tips.

November 1999 - Scott takes a look at new cars. What cars does Scott like? What car should he get next? The answers to those questions are just a click away.

October 1999 - When is a 60's Chevy better than a new car? Hint... modern electronics could make your car "spy" on you. Read the article and see why cars are getting too smart for their own good.

September 1999 - Scott's trades in his Ford Explorer for a GMC Suburban, conveniently nick-named The Burb. Check it out.

August 1999 - Scott compares the Ford Expedition with the GMC/Chevy Suburban. Which is better and why. Use your mouse on that link to find out.

July 1999 - Scott talks about buying a new car. No, this is not a look at the cars, it is a look at the buying process. Scott even has some tips for buying a new car.

June 1999 - Scott's friend has a new Mercedes-Benz C280 Sport. Scott's gets a chance to drive it. Let's see how good the Baby Benz is.

May 1999 - Scott visits two cars shows in one day. It wasn't easy, but it was interesting and one car gave Scott an idea for a possible project car.

April 1999 - Scott takes a look at the current Pony Cars and wonders if the Pony Car market is dying. Check it out.

March 1999 - Scott notices how low gas prices are. Can you image premium gas for less than a buck?

February 1999 - Scott reflects on Texas' choice to remove the helmet law for motorcycle riders. Plus Scott tells his views on motorcycles themselves.

January 1999 - With all the press about air bags, Scott asks the question, "do they work?" Click to find out.

December 1998 - Scott looks at the current car marketplace to see what cars are available that qualify as Babe Magnets!

November 1998 - I get the change to drive a good friend's Acura 3.2TL. He had to wait for it, is it a car worth waiting for?

October 1998 - Texas implements a "left lane for passing only" law. Will it have any effect on highway driving?

September 1998 - Scott has to do a brake job. Find out the easy way and the hard way to perform a rear disc brake job.

August 1998 - My brother-in-law gets a new Escort ZX2. See what Scott thinks of this fancy looking economy car.

July 1998 - The Tire Rack has the coolest Internet application for car nuts, and a note about a Prowler.

June 1998 - What do to when you have a 350 small block without a car. Scott wonders what cars would make good project cars for an old engine he has.

May 1998 - Dumb luck has me repairing my car and garage door opener.

April 1998 - Scott makes a plan for modifying his 93 Camaro Z-28. See what modifications plans to make in the future.

March 1998 - Scott pays off his 93 Camaro Z-28. What is next. Well, a new family member may be the key.

February 1998 - An insurance company wants to charge more for bigger cars. See what Scott thinks about this insurance scam.

January 1998 - ABS is still a bit of a mystery to many. Scott takes a look about what ABS is and does it really work.

December 1997 - Scott takes a 97 Z-28 SS and a new 98 Z-28 for a quick test drive. See what he thinks of the newer versions of his own Z-28.

November 1997 - Scott gets a little car envy and takes a spin in a 98 Trans Am. Is it good enough to trade in his 93 Z-28?

October 1997 - Scott looks at the new wave of Factory Big Block Crate Engines. How much horsepower can the factory stuff in a crate? How much do they cost? Have a look.

September 1997 - Scott reminisces about his second project car. He also talks about mechanics.

August 1997 - Scott starts a new column about cars by reminiscing about his first project car.